Good Riddance Project Runway!


(bad hair day? doan miss the scarf under the hat routine wif' some amazin' shoes at 14:40 an up)


Caroline said...

OMG! Just what I have been looking for for school clothes!
Where do they get some of these ideas, pray tell??

Aunty Belle said...

Caroline--did you ever watch Project Runway? On some other blogs there is a weekly deconstruction of PR--and the finale wus jes' the worst thang ya ever saw.

So this heah is the hair of the dawg....hooowwwwl!

Caroline said...

Are you kidding, I have a teenage daughter! She still wants the green and white striped dress from about 3 seasons ago! Where do they find these folks???

Jenny said...

Project Who?, Aunty.

Why, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Pffffttt. I really hope to NEVER wear diapers.


moi said...

I wasn't impressed with either Spring 2011 collection.

Anna Molinari, the founder of the Bluemarine brand, calls its aesthetic one that caters to, "that brand of Italian miss for whom no dress is too small nor any diamond too big."

I would agree. I loves me an animal print, but the spring 2011 collection was a wee over the top. And the only thing I liked at Moschino were the black dresses and that one white boho number.

Gah. I must be getting . . . conservative :o)