I'se still in mah nightgown
at 11 am 'cause' it's been a busy week. I'se plum tuckered out.

So I dew-danced in mah nightgown an this is what I seen:

The porch has jes' had it's spring pressure washin' so it makes me happy to sit out thar' now in the early mornin' .....

begonias are so reliable ...

Granny give me this fig tree--it survived the cold snap, an' is comin' back--but doan y'all love that shape of a fig leaf? No wonder Adam found it serviceable.

The gurgling fountain is music to birds--it draws them to the feeders..........

The back forty is under the canopy of two massive live oaks-- the calming blues an' lovely drapery of the plumbago extend that welcome cool palette fer these hot summer days......

In the dawg-pen garden, this flaming vine that climbs the trellis seduces humming birds

I adore the "beautiful blue bean vine" whose seedlings are carefully watched over in this iron basket...its improbable botanical name is Clitoria Ternatea.

I once thought I had lost mah blue bean vine seeds--oh the horror! (thas' waht ya git iffin' ya clean out yore buggy barn --ya might throw out somethin' treasured.) So I went lookin' online to see wahr' on earth I might find some seeds other than New Zealand. Can ya beleive I found a source in a small ole Florida town about an hour from me? Check out Onalee's Seeds for a fun look at a lady with sheep and turkey's and seeds of good thangs.

The green peppers are thriving--still flowering despite the heat...

our tomatoes are soldiering on as the heat threatens to overwhelm them--but the herbs are productive--this morinin' I harvested basil and cherry tomatoes. Uncle can expect pesto-somethin' fer dinner.

Thanky all y'all fer takin' a st


Jenny said...

I'd still be in my PJ's if I could get away with wearing them at work. It's been a long week for me too and it's only Wednesday? Oh, do we all need a three day weekend.

LOVE your photos, Aunty. Often, it's enjoying our flowers/etc that can bring a little peace into a hectic life.


SophieMae said...

Deja vu all over again! This post is twicet on this page. You muster posted this today before yesterday. Now I's wishin' I had anudder Amy's pesto pizza. Nigh too hot to turn on the oven, though. And you have inspired me to get on with the begonia clippin'. Can one ever have too many begonias?

I'd be in my nightgown, as well, but I was so tired last night, I fell asleep in my clothes. (*;^)

moi said...

Don't feel bad; I only just recently got out of this morning's running clothing, I'm that buried.

Next to apples, figs are my favorite fruit :o)

Big Shamu said...

Can I get some clarification? You were "dew dancin'" in your nightgown around your yard? I'm liking the visual if that's what we're talking about.

Pam said...

You and me three on the busy week. I need this one to just be OVER! Hope you are well Auntie, I will have to research your blog summit guy-to-read some more when I have more time. And if we're gonna blog summit, we might as well do it up right and go somewhere over the top, right?

R.Powers said...

Purty porch.
Lovely lawn.

I love trumpet creeper vine, but made the mistake years ago of planting it near my blueberries.

It's just a little AGGRESSIVE.

LaDivaCucina said...

I'm in my PJ's right now! The garden looks beautiful and I'm trying so hard to think of the name of the pink flower vine...I think it's called mandevilla.

Aunty, I've announced the new theme for the culinary throwdown. Please tell your friends, hope you can participate! Cheers!

Karl said...

Good afternoon Aunty Belle,

If I were to go walking around my garden in my night clothes, I would likely get arrested. I sleep in my birthday suit. Maybe if I tried the fig leaf;)

You're peppers are about a month ahead of ours. They look great.

Take a long weekend and get some rest.

By the way, what's in my backyard. Fish

fishy said...

I love that arrangement of hydrangeas on that pretty Frenchy looking green tablecloth. Is that your Porch? Are those heart shaped chairs?
Being a Southern Fish, I know about dew dancing. I take my morning cup of tea out strolling in the walled garden bare footed so I feel that dewy grass underfoot. Bliss! Reckon that's why I can't live with Buzz. Did you see all that snow he had this year.?
I am a tad jealous. The Pond is lovely but we don't have a Porch.