Istanbul 2011!!

At Pamokc's blog whar' Troll's Haiku is carried on, Fishy suggested that our bloggers carry on both Troll traditions, Mute Monday and Haiku Thursday by combining them--Fishy gave us an example of her idea wif' ISTANBUL as her theme--an LO! Behold! an idea were born --folks is tempted to plan a BLOG SUMMIT in Istanbul FER 2011

Aunty loved Turkey, an' I needs an excuse to go back-- an' can tell ya you will LOVE IT too! As mah offerin' to hep lure all y'all to such a summit, may I introduce ya to:

Jason Goodwin, A Cambridge educated writer of history and historical fiction whose fascination with Istanbul drenches his Yashim the Eunuch stories: The Jannisary Tree, (winner of 2007 best mystery) The Snake Stone, an' The Bellini Card. ( his personal pilgrimage, On Foot to the Golden Horn is also HIGHLY recommended.) Yashim is a detective in the employ of the Sultan. He is also a phenomenal cook (are ya' thar' Shamy??) I assure ya that youse gonna love Yashim and his adventures--1800s Istanbul, harems, murder, intrigue, politics, food, history and dern good prose--what else does ya want in a book?

Heah is Goodwin is describing his inspiration for Yashim in Istandbul

Aunty would like to make a modest proposal--let's all read a Yashim book, an see iffin' that doan make ya wanna git to a blog summit in Istanbul in 2011!

Oh! this is a wild idea, but why not? I is savin' mah pesos... sell yore stuff on ebay, hawk yore garden veggies from a cart, do some overtime...or hop aboard yore magic carpet!


darkfoam said...

now i know what to read during the summer!
thanks for suggesting these.

a blogging summit in istanbul sounds exciting.
maybe i can fit it in between plans to go to germany and cuba next year.

fishy said...

Aunty Belle,
So glad you are on board with the idea of the Visual Haiku's. I does like your notion of calling this new game MMHaiku especially since our hostess, PAM, said Mondays are a better day for her to do this game.
WooHoo, I am looking forward to this.

Istanbul 2011 ... Oh Yeah! Saving my money now.

Buzz Kill said...

Well, I'm not big on travel (I'm pretty boring that way) but I'd like to do the visual haiku so count me in.

Aunty Belle said...


CUBA? wow--can I go wif' ya? I has somethin' I wanna say to Ole Fidel.
Foamy, come go wif' us'uns to Istanbul.

MM Haiku? okaaaay--but uh, where / who is the theme administrator?

aw....traveling wif bloggers might have a whole new unboring dimension-- but so happy youse on board fer the continued Haiku--since youse a winner so often, we need ya!

fishy said...

Last I had a handle on things,
PAM is our host and BOXER the judge. Still unsure what day of the week.

Pam said...

Hi Aunty!~ Thanks for the book suggestion, I will definitely look it up. As re MMHaiku day .... I have posted several themes for upcoming weeks. Once the Monday/Thursday things gets settled we will have a more specific day. However,r ight now it will work as a weekly thing, me thinks. If it takes Monday to Thursday for everyone to post, fine by me! I'l get with Fishythis week.

moi said...

Haven't read Goodwin's books, but I will now. Oh, I would so love to Blog Summit in Istanbul in 2011. It's one of my favorite places of all time.

SophieMae said...

GAD! I JUST got that song OUT of my head! Can ya guess what one I mean?

Karl said...

Good afternoon Aunty Belle,

I may be missing something, but what good is having access to a harem for a eunuch? I mean gee whiz, all the gossip and none of the glory.

Istanbul is an ambitious destination, I'm not sure I would make it though.

LaDivaCucina said...

Hi Aunty, what a beaut suggestion! I have a new friend from Turkey,I think she is even from Istanbul and raved about "home." She married a dear friend of ours and we met and became fast friends on my last trip to Australia.

LOVE Turkish food and would love to get there one day....but I think Paris for my 50th might be first! (however, one never knows, I just might have to start playing lotto!)

sparringK9 said...

im in. you know i speak a fun language i use in places like turkey - great for out witting carpet peddlers.

Anonymous said...

Aunty why not have the blog summit where
more can join?,