Push That Button Elmer


Ya knows I doan know nuthin' on computers, Elmer. Reckon how Aunty went from porkers to 'puters?

"Ruby, that doan worry me so much as why she done left the house open fer weeks on end. Folks could jes' come in an squat. Take her thangs. It ain't right that we's in heah. Doan feel right to me, Ruby."

Hush up Elmer. All we wants is to hep thangs along--keep somethin' on the blog in case whenever Aunty do come home thar' ain't some black screen death or whatever gits inactive blogs. Whas' that? whyn't ya push that button? No this one....

Oh! looky, somethin' is happnin'!


Pam said...

Wonderful green barns! Am glad Ruby & Elmer are keeping up the Auntie side of things. Reminds me of my great uncle and great aunt - never heard them referred to as anything else but "Fat and Ruby". Don't know why they called him Fat, he wasn't. I wonder if his name was really Elmer? Must go find out.

darkfoam said...

green barns! beautiful..
as squaters, rubie and elmer, y'all seem to be putzing along rather well in aunty's abode.

Pam said...

Okay, my relative's name was Ector. Ruby & Ector. No wonder I was getting confused.

R.Powers said...

Perhaps she is off barnstorming.

fishy said...

Well I'll be tetched!
R&E, mebbe our missing Aunty is sending messages to her 'puter from her phone thingy and this is a message bout fizzin off to a green barn retreat. You got any green barns round them parts? Can ya fetch Aunty back? Ya suppose she needs a rescue? Lock Aunty's door afore you go off a searchin ya hear?

Karl said...

Good afternoon Ruby & Elmer,

Nice of you two to take your the place. Those are some fine looking barns. Around here, they're either painted red or not at all.

Try to remember to keep both porches swept clean, till Aunty Belle returns.

boneman said...

if it was, it was a fine collection of same.

OK, well, let's just say I "borrowed" it.
But here's what I found.
Yeah, grind up that coffee good, and fresher coffee also tastes better than older (8 o'clock, or other brand names were packed last month or so. Any coffee house that doesn't have canvas bags on the floor, just walk right out of unless you don't mind older coffee. Canvas bags mean they roast the beans right there in the store, way better than any Juan from Columbia) and with the pork roast, a table spoon of salt, couple of pepper, three or even four of brown sugar, and a splash of apple cider on the bottom of the pan after searing.
Toss in a couple onions for the roasting, 350 about an hour, pull it out, stab it with deep stabs, poke whole or sliced in half lengthwise garlics, go another 45 minutes or so.
I actually cover the pan while it's still smoking and I put it in the oven, but I uncover it about 30 minutes in.
Seems to set that coffee smoke up onto and in the meat.
brought it back, all cleaned and some new attachment on it, too.

Anonymous said...

Auntie you are late with this Mute Monday
but it broght a smile: rebel souls paint
Barns green.and aren' you a bit of a rebel?

SophieMae said...

Ruby Begonia, 'sat you?
I's merely 'stablishin' m' presence. M' gumption done rolled under the bed an' I's too drained t' roll over'n look fer it.

Meanwhile, FC's campaign HQ has opened up over on Follow That Dream Parkway an' volunteers is flockin' in by droves. Posters'll be poppin' up any time now.

Jenny said...

maybe Aunty ran away with Uncle to Costa Rica?

Maybe Aunty ran away with Ardlair?

Maybe Uncle ran after Aunty and Ardlair.

Maybe these green barns are just a ruse to confuse us all.

But they're very pretty all the same.

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