Uncle's back in the bed

Class warfare post on Back Porch


Sorry, but I ain't got time to visit. I barely sat down to the feces fling in K9's yard when I heered Uncle a hollerin' upstairs. So, I set the lemonade out on the porch an' y'all jes' hep yore selves--
discuss what's on yore minds, tell a story, or tell me what's happenin' at yore place, what movie ya seen, what youse plantin' in yore garden come spring, who ya chunk a brick at cause youse so mad, secret purchase of 2009 that ya still feel guilty about--whatever's in the frontal lobe.

Me? I gotta tend to Uncle who is comin' out of his morphine an' robacxin cocktail at the ER. His back done stove up on him so bad even he was willin' to git some hep.

P.S. Granny's surgery went OK --she'll be in a cast/splint fer 10 weeks!



Aunty Belle said...

Oh..an' I wil be back to tell the story of Will Markham.

Kymical Reactions said...

Auntie - sending prayers and well wishes to Uncle.

If he runs out of pain meds get him some vodka. :)

Pam said...

Hi Auntie, hang in there! Get yourself a cocktail too. Best wishes to uncle and granny.

fishy said...

Blowfish and I went to see Extraordinary Measures. I have got to tell you the Brandon Frasier character is THE depiction of a hero. of a brave man. of a man with faith and resolve. A story of two men who just don't have the will to quit. Blowfish wasn't too keen to go to a movie with a known path, but even he said he wouldn't have missed it.

We saw the new Sherlock Holmes a few days after Christmas and it was right smartly done. I never really enjoyed reading the Sherlock Holmes books because I found the SH character very annoying rather than eccentric. Downey's SH portrayal was really very fine.

Do you get HBO? I'm thinking it maight be a spell before you make it out to the theatres for new releases. On HBO I liked the true story movie about the Canadian geese ... I think it was called Fly Away Home but am not positive.

Hope you can get some time for one of those spa day activities you blogged about. Seems like between Uncle's back and Granny's surgery you'll be needing all the comfort and pampering you can squeeze into the schedule.

I am sending prayers aloft for you each and every one.

Anonymous said...

Ouch to Uncle.GWS

I want a man just like your back porch
Man. He speaks the truth but what do his
Brothers say of him?

R.Powers said...

Prayers and good wishes for the big guy's smooth recovery.
And relief that Granny is okay.

Take care of yourself too Belle, seems like a lot of people are dependin' on ya right now.

Planting some lettuce today, even though it's late. ... and three baby longleaf pines too. They's REALLY late ... 200 years to maturity.

Gotta finish painting a shield for my boy, the Hogtowne Medieval Faire is coming up and he needs that shield to complete his persona.

Take care.

Jenny said...

Aunty! Who's taking care of Aunty?


sparringK9 said...

tell uncle i am so sorry! i hope he is doing better. what are you feeding him for comfort?

LaDivaCucina said...

Oh MAN! I thought Uncle was getting better! BOOOOOO! You can only take so many pain meds...before one gets too reliant on them. Or, in La Diva's case, get really nasty on them. After my foot surgery two years ago, I abused my poor hubby while on percoset, nasty stuff and couldn't wait to get off of them. I hope the big fella gets some help from the doctors.

Also, glad that Granny's surgery went well and wish her a speedy recovery. Dang, girl, you got your hands full!

Aunty, don't understand your comment on my post: BOC? Sorry for being ignorant?!

ON a "what's on your mind" note: La Diva is DYING to get to her beloved ocean today and its rippy out, so not even sure if I can swim. I'm like a fish outta water when I can't swim in the ocean for long periods of time and do it year 'round, even as the tourist and locals think the water is too cold. Even a walk down there will clear out the cobwebs and do me good.

Aunty Belle said...


Uncle likes yore way o' thinkin' chile'!


heh. BUHlieve me, a bandy Alexander is mah bedtime drink. Thanky fer the good wishes.


as soon as Uncle can unhitch his gitalong, we's gonna go see then movies!


UNcle 'preciates all get well soon thoughts.

As for Brothers? heh. Well, some say this candidate is a sell out...yeah like Bill Cosby is a sell out? or a stand up fella?
Lt. Col. West is all the braver fer it--is thar' ANYbody takin' a bigger risk than a Black Man who wants to run on conservative principles?


Hogtowne Medieval Faire? Oh my, I sued to visit that an the one in Sarasota at Ringlin' (does they still have it in Sarasota?) What persona is junior? Uncle thanks ya fer wishes of wellness--Granny too. Is the cold over or does ya take them lettuces inside a barn iffin' things get chilly?

Boxer-Babe?? Honey, ya had mah heart wif' yore own fambly needs. Bless ya fer visitin'.


Has ya recovered from that yard rumble? Heh. Tonight Uncle will chow down on Moussaka made wif' lamb. Now I'm tellin' ya, that fella doan suffer in the kitchen a'tall.

Oooh...I would come wif' ya...a walk on the beachline heals what ails ya" I'se near Mousetown so the coasts are about an hour either way an' I'se been known to jes' git in the buggy an go sit in the sand an let the salty sea wsh over men. Le Sigh.

BOF? Oh, thas' Moi & Pirate's
BOFashion Blog.

All y'all:
Granny had the drain removed from her arm yesterday. We's makin' progress on the surgery, but she is in late stage congestive heart failure which the docs battle wif' meds, an'renal failure is on the horizon too ...but they tell us the time can be soon or later, but one o' these days we'll lose the battle. When she is feisty, I'se happy--means enough energy to keep rollin'.

Love yore mamas and daddies while ye may.

Jenny said...

Time is precious, Aunty, I understand. xoxox.

darkfoam said...

i do hope that uncle gets to feeling better soon.
and as far as granny ...
my heart goes out to you.