Death Came Callin', RIP Will


Jes' a note to y'all who read heah on a regular basis--Will Markham died.

I reckon we ain't surprised. But so many of y'all responded wif' deep sentiments to "Ole Men and Li'l Baby Ducks" when his an' Livvy's story was posted on the Front Porch last spring (click here to refresh yore memory) so I thought ya' might want to know.

Granny is gonna git surgery on a bad wrist tomorry, an' when I'se past that I'll be back to tell what thar' is to tell of the end of Will's saga.


moi said...

Oh, gee, Aunty, I'm so sorry. I remember the post well. Rest in Peace, Will.

moi said...

And, of course, well wishes to granny on her surgery.

Jenny said...

I remember that post and just went back to re-read. *sigh* Life moves us forward.

Good thoughts to you and Granny with that surgery. It sounds complicated for a woman who's already gone through so much in regard to her health this year.

fishy said...

Ahhh Belle, you is Southern to your core. So kindly of you to offer up a peaceful rest for ol Will Markham. As for the original post, I've read it a bunch of times. I think it must be the best thing you have ever written.

I'll say a prayer for em all. I hope Will gets to hang out with Livvy and his daughter and, I hope the boys learned how to forgive their Dad before he passed.

Odd, but I'm hoping one of them boys keeps the truck his parents courted in long after the aisle walk and the babies.

Poor Granny! She must come from some stout stock cause she has had a tough year for any age, never mind old enough to be a granny. Lord knows what a Granny thinks of the blogger world, but do be sure to mention lots of us bloggers are praying for success and healing. It don't matter none at all we know you and Granny in this electronic neighborhood and not from the Garden Club.

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R.Powers said...

Oh sorry. That was a fine post.

Saying a prayer for Granny.

Pam said...

Aunty, thanks for the link back to the post. I'm sorry for your loss. And good luck to granny on the surgery too. You have been called into action lots in the recent past so peace be with you also.

LaDivaCucina said...

So sorry about your friend, Aunty. That sure is a beautiful truck.

Hope your granny comes out of surgery FIGHTIN' FIT! Is Uncle's back better? Hope so. x

h said...

Hope Granny's wrist surgery is a success.