Mute Monday: (Men in ) WHITE

Econ 101 on BACK Porch


fishy said...

So very my impression of you Aunty!
With the week you've mentioned i spect you have seen lots of them white coats while seeing to Uncle and Granny. ( I hopes they is improved). As for good guys, brave guys, spiritual guys... yep they is the best of the best. There is way too much darkness in the world , we need these beacons in white to help us carry on in the tough times and to be grateful in the good times. One tiny little quibble, some of those science guys in white? They be scarry. Great job Aunty, hope you have a good news Monday.

Buzz Kill said...

The white knights - great theme take. I had to laugh at the Mentos guys. The monsters and I did this a while back with one bottle of coke out in the middle of the street and we got completely hosed. And that stuff is sticky. We had bees the rest of the day.

Best wishes to Granny and Uncle.
Happy MM!

h said...

These were really excellent selections in my opinion. Especially the dress-white pics and the Patriot.

Happy Mute Monday!

Karl said...

Good morning Aunty Belle,

Just because they wear white coat doesn't mean they're all good guys, luckily most are.

Hope you get a chance to take off your white nurse's uniform soon. Speedy recovery to granny and uncle.

Pam said...

George Nigh made your list? Wowza. I see him around some still. Probably the most uncontroversial person we ever had in politics in Oklahoma.

Joanna Cake said...

Now I would not have thought of that! Although I did originally try doing White Knights.

Im loving the Star Trek Doctor :)

Happy MM x

Aunty Belle said...


All guys in white not good, jes' posin' as such to foo ye.

BuzzK !!

ha! The mad scientist in every kid comes out about 10 years ole....

Troll !!

love them dress whites! Somethin' about that makes me have hope.

Karl !!
ain't it the truth--I put in some of the creepy ones as contrast--how good shines in the presence of evil.


He is fer you!C I put him in in yore honor, Okie girl!

Cakey Pie!!

I knowed youse gonna chuckle to find yore Trekkie in white. Heh.

Thanky to all y'all fer good wishes to Uncle and Granny--Uncle is on the mend. Granny is at least not in too much discomfort.

Unknown said...

Fabulous choices as always, but your missing a very important man in white... WHERE'S SEAN CONNERY IN HIS WHITE TUX!!!! 007 my dear!!!!

Happy Mute Monday!

sparringK9 said...

the sacred and the profane with one common, er, thread. grrrrrhehahahaha great collection! happy MM!

オテモヤン said...
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Jenny said...

My BIL is a "man in the white coat" who is called when family/etc think their family memeber is ready for the Hospital. And when "we" say hospital, we usually mean; lock down. Anyway, we have many family jokes so I was happy to see there are other white jacket professions. Clever pick.

Happy MM!

darkfoam said...

i want doc brown's (back to the future, isn't it) goggles! besides that, it's a great theme!

Aunty Belle said...


oh no! Youse so so right--an' I fixed it!! Thanky!!! (smart merwoman)

Heh..well, folks can figger out they own good an' bad white coats and hats...ain't nobody gonna agree thas' fer shure.


Kudos to BIL fer bein' a good white coat fella. (ain't we all got SOMEbody who needs lock down onc't in every few years? )


Yep, thas' Doc Brown. Ha! Youse gonna look smashin' in them peepers.

R.Powers said...

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his faithful lab assistant Beaker.
I love it!

Kymical Reactions said...

Auntie darlin, excellent MM post. I can't believe George Nigh is on there! It's like an Okie shout-out!

Hope Uncle's feelin better. Happy MM. x.

Anonymous said...
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