Tardy Tuesday

I missed Mute Monday.


An' dang it all, I wuz even a psych major!

Sorry to have missed all y'all. Granny had a wee touch of woe an we's been back to the hospital. Bit of a fire drill round heah.

Be back when the creek stops risin'.



Anonymous said...

In other newthe temp in Copenhagen fer the Global Warming conf is --
Wait fer it---

2 degrees farenheit.

Aunty ,not signed in

Boxer said...

your label made me laugh in spite of the seriousness of your post.

xoxoxo to you, your family and Granny.

foam said...

my thoughts are with you and granny ..

Pam said...

God bless Granny, I know how tough it is but you will always be glad that you are able to do the running with her in the hour of need.

Floridacracker said...

Thinking of you and yours. Hoping things improve.

Aunty Belle said...

thany y'all.
I does appreciate yore kind words.

Granny Cracker is stable. She is perfectly alert an' sharp witted...it's jes' her poor ole body is givin' out.

She remains in the hospital, so I'se hoppin'. Will be around ter visit y'all when I can.

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