It's Time

It's time to git to deckin' the halls. We has a slew of thangs over the weekend, an' I doan know how or when I'se gonna git up to the attic an' haul down all the pretty Christmas fa-la-la-la-la.

But this heah angel who stands guard at a window all year is lookin' wistful to me--I reckon she knows it's time, too.

What one thang "makes" yore holidays--other than the people ya love?



fishy said...

Aunty Belle,
I get out all the Christmas books from Mermaids childhood and even one or two from the childhoods of both Blowfish and I. I actually read them, not just set them around as seasonal decor.

I try to do an Advent calendar or wreath in a central location so we are reminded to be grateful and prepare.

I pick one night to load the car with my favorite Christmas CD's, make a thermos of hot chocolate and drive around to look at Christmas lights in all socio-economic neighborhoods. I put all the windows down and crank the heater and the radio up high and
hope the CD is loud enough so no poor unsuspecting soul will be subjected to my voice. Joyful as it may be, it is not a fine instrument.

On really special years, I get to visit my scattered loves and be there to enjoy decking their halls , or their trees, with them.

Expressive angel by the way, I know exactly how she feels.

Buzz Kill said...

I always like getting the tree from the local Little League (although I don't know if there selling them this year) and setting it up in the living room along side of a Christmas village that the kids set up. That looks and smells like Chritmas.

Years ago my brothers and I would go out into some woods that were not far from the house to cut greens for wreathes. There was holly, pine, spruce and laurel in there and we'd wire together wreathes for our's and mom's houses. The last few times we even took the kids with us. The woods were developed several years ago so the tradition stopped. I really miss that.

Boxer said...

I wish I could celebrate every OTHER year because I'd be much more enthusiastic. *sigh* This year I'm hosting, so my glitter tree will be up soon (I could only buy that after my beloved Mother died, btw) and my ONE thing?

Watching WHITE CHRISTMAS. I love it and we watched it growing up every time it was on TV.

Floridacracker said...

Watching "Muppet Christmas Carol" and "A Christmas Story" with my family EVERY Christmas Eve while we eat our Christmas turkey.

Big Shamu said...

Going home to Virginia, eating both my mother's and brother's cooking. Watching A Christmas Story and laughing every time at the Bumpbus Dogs.

TROLL Y2K said...

The Christmas Cactus in full bloom (it's already started). And "The Lemon-Drop Kid" starring Bob Hope.

I might add Glen Beck's "The Christmas Sweater" to the tradition after I see it.

Pam said...

We have a little British movie that we watch every year. Our family has had a lot of losses (of loved ones) over the last several years so I try not to get too traditional any more. This year, we are having a pre-Christmas brunch for a few cousins and Sister Carole, no pressies, just food and good cheer!

LaDivaCucina said...

Hi Aunty! I've been a scrooge for years and finally broke down and bought a Christmas tree again last year for the first time in over 15 years. I've moved from Sydney to L.A. to Miami and had no where to store all the decorations so never invested in any.

For some reason, I feel extra good in spirit this year and decided to invest in even more Christmas decorations and bought some flashing stars and put them up over the windows and some blue LED and silver garland for my balcony. My little tree is all blue, purple and silver, like the sea, and I have only one enamel sea horse on it. (Anyone know where I can get some mini fish ornaments let me know!)

Christmas to me is not about exchanging presents, in fact, that makes me very uncomfortable and I think me and hubby are going to volunteer for the morning. But, I MUST always watch "It's a Wonderful Life" with my husband to remind us how lucky we are! (and how also how some things, like human nature, never change!)

By the way, here's a reminder if anybody wants to participate in the culinary challenge for Dec. 9!

Click here for info

Have a wonderful weekend!

Kymical Reactions said...

awww, Auntie! Love this angel. We watch this hokey British movie every year. I know it sounds silly, but it's just not Christmas without it.

Happy weekend!

Aunty Belle said...

Hey y'all!


I have a whole collection of advent calendars--love them Some is secular (Victorian them, forest animals in snowy woods ) but mah favorite is the traditional manger version.


I hear that! Uncle's famiy done the same--get into the woods fer a dazy of tree huntin'. He still ain't got over buyin' trees nowadays from the local Boy Scout troop.


hows the gym sessions comin'? Heh.
Ain't it fun how many folks have a favorite Christmas movie tha is a MUST afore it feels like Christmas?? (Yore MIL din't like glitter trees?)


Heh--Uncle is on yore team--the Christmas Story is mandatory! What man-boy doan completely identify wif' that story?? Does ya smoke that turkey?


what? Ya dona have a version of that leg lamp? What do Mama and Brother make that is REQUIRED?


Youse RIGHT--I ran out ter look, an' glory! The white Christmas cactus is showin' color on its tips--yaaaaY!!


Whas' the name of the Brit movie?? I likes the idea of no presents-- good cheer IS a present. I'se sorry to learn of the losses--but ya know they's smilin' on ya from afar.

La Diva Cucina!

I'se thrilled youse in the spirit fer Christmas this year! AN' gracious, chile', shurely in Miami thar's an emporium what carries fish ornaments?? I applaud ya fer the urge to volunteer...two years runnin' Uncle served Thanksgivin' at the Salvation Army. He said it kept his heart humble about what a blessin' it is to have family. Kinda dovetails wif' It's A Wonderful LIfe, doan it?


Welcome back online --mercy but ya's had a time of it. Yore Mama mentioned the movie too--so we's all curious to know the title of that movie??

Pleased ya like mah angel--I has a plenty of them. Mebbe I oughta do a post of all the angels that are in residence.

Well, Sweet Thangs--Aunty is off to a rea real flurry of family comin's and goin's--I'll poke mah haif in heah and theah, but fer now I has to git to mushing some huskies. (It takes a dawg team to keep up wif me this weekend!)

moi said...

I get a tremendous amount of joy from decorating our tree, something S.B. and I have done together every year for 15 years. We even have the same tree - a medium-sized fake we found on clearance at the Home Depot. It's filled with ornaments my brother and I made with my mom as children, and with ones that we've purchased on our travels, and ones that were given as gifts, like the funky shoe from Boxer and the one K9 made of Ivan last year.

Boxer said...

I'd love to know the name of the movie Pam/Kymmie watch. My Mom hated silver fake trees, but I love mine and it's going up next week at the beach house with mostly sea-themed ornaments. Maybe one of us should host a "show us your tree" post? Hmmmmm... maybe I'LL do that? Troll's cactus is even welcome.

Kymical Reactions said...

Auntie/Boxie: We watch "Bernard and the Genie." It's totally ridiculous and full of that painfully dry British humor. Lenny Henry, Alan Cumming, Rowan Atkinson. It's completely stupid, really. But I love it.
Sit ye, sit ye, and enjoy!

Big Shamu said...

REQUIRED? Whatever they want, they are both passionate cooks so whatever they make I know will be good. My mom does a killer standing rib roast with Yorkshire pudding. Talk about good eatin'.

Floridacracker said...

No Maam, I rub it with salt, pepper, and basil. Then I oven roast it and baste it repeatedly with cheap wine.

Somewhere in PF, there's a post about that.