Mute Monday:Science (of cloning)

Cloning projects unbound


fishy said...

Oh Bother ! Now I will have these images floating around in my brain today. Maybe tonight causing nightmares .... oh NO! Not a nightmare, but a nightmarish reality.
Great example of making good choices...because you CAN do a thing does not mean you SHOULD do a thing.
Science used for evil ... just makes me ill.

Buzz Kill said...

I can't wait to make a clone of myself so I can harvest body parts. I'm living forever...Bwwwahahahahaha

Happy MM!

AL GORE said...

I invented cloning.

Doom said...

I resemble that remark, remark, remark. Sorry, in a goofy mood. This time you have the troubling MM. But it is interesting.

Now we have an infamous politohollyeco trailing us. Ruh-Rho...

Happy MM!

Lt. Colonel Maximum Damage said...

why bother cloning when ya have incest? why heail we're light years ahaid of youren.

seriously disturbing though.

lighten up aunty belle. theres HOPE. and a peace prize and all that!

happy mm

pam said...

Ooooh, interesting take. I'm with Fishy -- don't think anything good can come of playing God in a petri dish. However, my question is, why do those cloned guys have ...uh.... breasties?

Jenny said...

only humans and their incredible ego would believe making copies of ourselves is something we need to be wasting our brain cells on.

Science isn't evil. People are.

Pat Benatar said...

My clones sleeps alone. Along with my career.

Gnomeself Be True said...

"But where are the clones?
Quick, send in the clones.
Don't bother, they're here."

Lt. Colonel Maximum Damage said...

Ive converted to Catholicism. Cloning is wrong. Sois Islam. im sorry Aunty. YOU were right. About Everything!

fishy said...

I agree with Boxer ... ie my comment
"science USED for evil", not science
IS evil.

Nephew, Ardlair, K9 is disturbed today while Gnomes is clevah.

sparringK9 said...

grrrrrrrherhahahhaha! now ardliar is YOU.

Kymical Reactions said...

I have mixed feelings about this cloning business.

I believe in the necessity for stem cell research after hearing some local researchers speak about what they can do with such things.

happy mm. I finally made it around to get something posted.

ree said...

Argh! That pug face on the chimp made me jump.

Happy Mute Monday Aunty.

Aunty Belle said...
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Aunty Belle said...


Now now, jes' sayin' we'un s need to think it through, ya know?


Heh, well now, that has near bout been done. Remember that poor girl born to a California couple whose first daughter had leukemia an' they had another baby so they could git the right blood and marrow fer the sick girl? Ain't checked it out, mayhap it is urban legend, but I has heard that body part snatchin' is more lucrative in some countries than kidnappin'.

Al Gore,

Of course ya did--an no wonder thangs is amiss now.

Doom, mah Dear,

youse hilarious today!!


howl!! Everbody knows incest produces the best. Doan worry, be happy, have some hope in the change.


Agreed--looky, ain't it pretty simple?

I mean, science is value neutral. Like fire, ain't it? Fire can cook yore food an' keep ya warm, or it can burn yore house down. Science is what we make of it--iffin' we use it wisely, we prosper, iffin' we use it fer ill, we destroy ourselves.

Amen, sistah!!

Pat Benatar--hidy do, an welcome to the Porch. (is ya kin to an Ardant poster we all knows?)

Youse funny an' thas' a shure fire asset on this porch!


Ha! ain't the dern truth. (doan be such a stranger--I miss ya when youse scarce)


Oh, mercy, mah wanderin' discontented one, that dry humor amuses me...ya tryin' to be mah clone?? What a fate:

ch'i' vidi per quell'aere grosso e scuro
venir notando una figura in suso,
maravigliosa ad ogne cor sicuro...

Do you not worry we might unleash Geryon, che tutto il mondo appuzza?

Karl said...

Good morning Aunty Belle,

A very good example of science gone awry. Just because we can do something doesn't mean we should do something. Specifically when it comes to cloning humans. We need to be working on ways of reducing the population, not making extras.

Aunty Belle said...


science should be "free" but men should be free first. Free of science used to oppress free men.
Stem cell research that uses adult stem cells is enormously exciting and has brought astounding successes.But there is not ONE case of *embryonic* stem cell applications to humans that has been a cure.

We do not need embryonic stem cells to uncover the marvels of what science has in store for us--Aunty absolutely favors usin' science to heal an help mankind achieve the destiny that lies ahead IF we use it morally.

I reckon I sees it like nuclear science--use it fer medicine and to heat and light millions of cities, but doan drop it on nobody (even Iran). Stem cell resrach is the same--iffin' we use it morally, it will be amazin!

R.Powers said...

Clever of those afghans to clone the oriental lab guys. This could solve the stray pet problem.

Joanna Cake said...

Scary science! Great take x

moi said...

Creepy. That is all. Happy tardy Mute Monday!