Into the Heartland


pam said...

I would love to know what it is you are up to! Meanwhile, those pics are fabulous. I think you are north of me, though we are considered heartland too down here in OKC. Let me guess. Nebraska?

Floridacracker said...

Free range white turkeys?
I love visiting places that have real fall during fall.

Aunty Belle said...

PamOKC, Indiana. Not too far. heh
Yes I thinks Okies are Heartlanders!!!

Meanwhile, I did not make it to St. Louis to speechify , had to cancel cause Granny took a turn, so I rushed home.

can you imagine Uncle's neck swivilin' fer all he's worth??

K9 said...

buff orpingtons ond RIR's! does china own our poultry yet?

beautiful countryside. its our best destination.