Whar's Aunty, Redux


Big Shamu said...

Could it be a place recently shown on Ken Burns wonderful series on National Parks? A place where Ansel Adams perfected the Zone System?

fishy said...

Aunty Belle, I think you have more than a bit of wanderlust in you. My thoughts on that? INDULGE! as often as possible. Hope it's a great journey from beginning to end.

h said...

Did Uncle bring his rifle? Mmmmmmmm, Bison!

Jenny said...

youse in high plain country?

chickory said...

wow wow wow!

Doom said...

Yellowstone? Gee you move around a lot. Or are there foxes in Yellowstone. I didn't think there were. Your killing me. :p

Kymical Reactions said...

I may be wrong, but my best guess is somewhere in beautiful Colorado.

Regardless of where you are, it sure seems like a place I would like to be right now.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey y'all!!


Yes!! The Ken Burns documentaries were fabulous! Doan know nuthin' 'bout the Zone System, but AA was displayed ever'whar'. Natcherly I has more photos to share, but they shure ain't AA quality. heh.


thanky fer the good wishes--we did have a fine time, but short-- would ya believe, Granny Cracker has had a bit of a hitch an' is back to the hospital--clan folk stood guard over the situation, but we has to hustle on home. seen her.

Aunty Belle said...


heh. OH ya can bet poor uncle was a groanin'...not really though. He jes was mesmerized seein' the buffalo roam and the antelope play. Stay tuned--more pics will be uploaded directly.


YES yes yes!! We's in YELLOWSTONE.

Chickory, you and Mr. Chickory need to come out heah--chile' youse gonna faint wif' delight. Animals like ya cain't believe. (an' ya gits to wear boots to breakfast!...I'se tempted to upload a pic of rough hewn Aunty, but that would break mah rule. Heh.)


Sugar, lemme tell ya! Git on up thar'--not so fer from ya...we wuz snowed in the first weekend of October?? What is that?? Beautiful.
I think that critter is a coyote, not a fx, but I ain't sure.


It's WYOMING!! an' it is tuggin' at mah heart now that we's on to other parts. Uncle fell slap in LUV! HE would move in a day iffin' he could rustle up the clanfolk--but since we's a tribe it is hard to move so fer from the kin. I was deliverin' mah talks in a WY city that was so charmin' I could near about make them honorary Southerners.

R.Powers said...

Rough Hewn?
Be bold!

Great pictures Aunty. Hope Granny is feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

"Yet, reflecting on this experience, this is what I learned: to be a man in Wyoming, you needed to be able, without boasting, to ride a horse, shoot a rifle, fish, hunt elk, ride a horse, repair and drive a truck, build and rebuild a house, know how to drive in snow drifts, wear a cowboy hat and western boots, dance in them, think, pray, speak softly and, as St. Paul said, obey your wives in all things. "

Godspeed Aunty

h said...

Aunty, stop by TTR. I profiled a GATOR and wanted to see if you and Uncle remember him.

moi said...

Northern Wyoming/Southern Montana area is way, way cool. Looks like you're enjoying yourself!

darkfoam said...

i originally thought montana .. but that's cause i've been there ...

i understand how people can fall in love with the area. it took several weeks for my soul to return after my body found itself back home .. ;)

glad you had a wonderful trip, but am disheartened to hear about your mama again ..