The Idiot List

I'se sorry, but somebody has to say it.
The idiot population is growing.

Jimmy Carter (need I say more?) is a peanut head who thinks them that oppose Obama policies is "racist". The man ain't learnt nuthin' since 2006 has he? 'Member when he was branded as an anti-semite on account of his defense of the Palestinian cause--yeah, he denied bein' antisemitic based on his foreign policy views, then he turns right 'round and does the same thing to us'uns who oppose the O's policies. Idiot.

Dr. Rob Henry of a Washington state mental hospital permitted a criminally insane inmate with a homicide record to go on a field trip to the fair. Ain't that niiiice? Yeah--The last time the fella was out an about he burried a lady in her flower garden. The nutty killer is on the loose again--watch out Boxer!!

Lane Kiffin foolish football coach of the year. It's one thang to call another coach a cheat in a national forum--but it is idiocy to do so based on a rule youse made up the mornin' after one too many ( one TWO many?). An' it's double dawg dumb to call Urban Myer a cheat when ya gotta play in the swamp. See next entry, Lane-O.

And this guy? ain't no hep for this degree of idiocy.

Nominations for additions is open. Feel free to add to the list.


foam said...

me! .. add me to the list..
i've been feeling doofusy (see? how the heck do you spell that) all week long ..

fishy said...

Ditto re Jimmy Jerk Carter. The man views hisself as some sage elder statesmen who was a see the light progressive on racism. The sad reality is all his assessments start from the premise of then rather than now so he's always out there sounding like the old fool he is.

puerileuwaite said...

Sadly, the last idiot can now legitimately put "gator experience" on his resume.

Heff said...

I call him "Jimmah Kottah", but that's just me :)

Doom said...

Number one is number one in the number two business, as far as "elder statesmen" go. Eh, on our side of the ponds. Overseas I think he would be rather typical, if too those have little or no voice.

Floridacracker said...

It's not right to paint all opponents of Pres Obama's policies as racist, but it's also blinder city to think racism is not a part of some of the protesters stand.
You can pick them out by their placards.

Carter should retire and take it easy.
... and we should have listened to his energy speech back in 1979.
If we had, we could be telling the Mideast to go suck sand.

Aunty Belle said...


youse a riot!


Carter is always oversteppin' his analytical ability, ain't he?


so pleased to see ya' Sir. Hehe--what a silly fella to think a gator would be anything other than a gator??


howdy do. Yessir, Mistah Kottah. THe word that always occurs wif' him is INEFFECTUAL.

I am sure thas' the case--in fact the whole EU Parliament is filled wif' such.


I hears that -- some racism out theah--sure. Jes' particular to Carter's comment, that warn't called fer, an the reality is that the health care plan is so faulty in the view of many good people, that they feel bound to oppose it.

Opposition to the policies of the administration ain't based on
racism, it's based on the horror of gubmint control of health care. After all, many in the president's own party won't vote fer it --else it would be done already.

But, FC, how is we to have decent discussion of policies and plans an problems if ever' time opposition is voiced somebody reflexively shouts down debate by yellin' "racist!" ?

SophieMae said...

Dawg! Kinda hard to top the gator goober and the eejit what took an insane murderer to the fair... then waited 2 hours before reporting him missing! How about the guy that drove his dead (apparently of an overdose) friend around for hours before notifying the police? Carter is in a class by himself.

Floridacracker said...

"But, FC, how is we to have decent discussion of policies and plans..."

That is the point isn't it? Where is the decent discussion? It's not present when proper decorum is abandoned, when fear and misinformation is used to foment opposition/support(both sides of this issue), ... or when the vitriol is aimed at a person and not a policy.

Too much vitriol, TOO much football mentality ie our side vs your side, instead of discussion.
The left doesn't get this simple fact and neither does the right.

Everybody needs to step back and take a deep breath of American air.

edifice rex said...

not to mess up the thread of thought going on here, but I didn't get that link in the last comment you left on my site Aunty! would like to see this lady's blog.

K9 said...

mark sanford.

first, he was a moron.
second, he wouldnt shut up.
three, one and two together.

everyone on network MSNBC

ACORN workers who didnt bat an eye when told of a plan to import underage salvadorian women to be prostitutes -housed in a home financed by taxpayers no less. hey jimmah cotter? heres a bone fide case of racism right here.

moi said...

I know this is going to sound totally un-PC, but every time I hear Jimmy Carter's name now, I pronounce it in my head like how that disabled kid in South Park pronounces his own name, Timmy, as Timmuh!. So . . . Jimmuh!

I know. I'm awful.

Boxer said...

Now, Aunty, are you saying that crimnals aren't allowed to have a nice day out at the fair? It's sooo hard to be in prison all day and we all deserve to eat funnel cakes and pet the animals. Why, I believe that makes you a Fair Racist. Shame on you. bwahahahahahah.