Mute Monday: (northern) LIGHT(s)


Joanna Cake said...

So beautiful! Im not surprised Philip Pullman wrote his Northern Lights saga as a result. Those pictures really bring his words home. Happy MM x

TROLL Y2K said...

Beautiful pics and great theme. I was in Alaska for the BIG SHOW in 1859. Unfortunately, I hadn't yet invented the digital camera.

Happy Mute Monday!

Ree said...

Another dream - to see them live and in person. Too bad I'm such a wimp about the cold. But really, we're not that far away.

Beautiful pics Aunty.

Happy Mute Monday!

kmwthay said...

One of my life goals is to see the Northern Lights. Le sigh. Happy Mute Monday, Auntie.

Boxer said...

On my list of things to do in my lifetime. These are magnificent. Looks like I'm not alone!

Beautiful. Happy MM.

Doom said...

I doubted if I would ever see them. Then, in northern Iowa, I saw weird things in the sky. I did not put it together until a friend, in southern Iowa while I was living there, asked if I wanted to go along while he took pictures of the northern lights... clear down in southern Iowa!

Well, then I knew what I had seen. And, when we went out to look, we did see lights, but they did not seem colorful and they were difficult to trace. He decided to take pictures anyway. Oddly, the pictured northern lights were both more plentiful and very colorful than what we could see with our naked eyes (four of them, each :p ).

All I am saying is, on rare occasions, even mid-nation at least, if you are willing to brave some cold and stay up late, you can see them right were you are. You also have to track the local news, or have some other source. I did a quick search so I might be able to post a watch link, but could not find anything.

moi said...

Absolutely stunning! I saw them once. Yes, all the way down here in the desert southwest. I woke to a reddish glow in the skies all around me and thought, "Damn, someone dropped a nuke." It was 2:00 in the morning, we lived in the middle of nowhere, and when I woke S.B., he was singularly unimpressed. But I spent the rest of the morning sitting outside, looking at the sky. Thanks for reminding me of that and Happy Monday!

fishy said...

Aunty Belle,

One day I have just got to get myself where I can experience theses Northern Lights. Great take on the theme but this doesn't look like "Lite Brite" to me ..... was that your idea of a checkmate? Huh! Well, I am up at the Pond with a light of a different genesis.

K9 said...

definitely on my to-do list. happy MM aunty

kerstin said...

hi antie

thanks for the betiful pics
maks you want to pack your suitcase and see it in real
happy MM

Anonymous said...

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