Does fashion define a culture?

SO I'se been dabbling in fashion- yak over at Moi and Dread Pirate's fashion blog

An'...I'se wonderin' what the culture would be like iffin' women dressed like this onc't in awhile?


R.Powers said...

I'd be happier.

R.Powers said...

Is there a post missin'?

Jenny said...

just the idea that dressing before you leave the house is something that should be seriously considered, instead of sweat pants and flip flops.

Aunty Belle said...

ya would? Yea!

An' yep, the missin' post was deleted on account of one somebody whose comment displayed serious maturity issues.


ain't it the truth?? Thar's the matter of charity toward others. I has always admired those men and women who are not physically pleasing to the eye, but whose attire indicated great respect for themselves. The very fact of their careful appearance made them attractive.

I cut slack to folks who dash out in grubbies to the corner market fer milk and cookies --but iffin' youse headed to the dentist, the bank, a flight, a dinner, a ballgame--please...puh-leeeeeeze, do the rest of us a favor.

I propose a dirty laundry-ain't picked-up-the-dry-cleanin'-doan have-a-clue-what-to-wear-feel- dawg-sick-but-the-dawg-has-to-git-to-the-vet-and the kids to school-the tires-need-air-my buddy-needs-bail uniform: khakis and a knit a shirt with collar and sleeves, a pair of loafers. Keep it on standby.

Can I get an' AMEN?

Jenny said...


I never see "JUICY" on the backside of a woman again, I wil be a happy happy person.

sparringK9 said...

i tend to behave better when i am better dressed. i try to never be sloppy. even for a studio day i have my shirt pressed and clean...they have paint stains but it still looks crisp.

i have long thought it is charitable to turn yourself out nicely...greasing the wheels of civi. as you know, i think the airport is the place where the worst and the most slovenly attire can be seen. thats why i drive if i can.

moi said...

What K9 said. And the words of my father ringing in my ear: "The world changed for the worst once men stopped wearing hats when they left the house."

And he wasn't talking about the ones they wear backwards.

Aunty Belle said...

Hmmn--with the exception of FC, the comments are all us wimmen--

The question begs, how does we git the people to dress as if civilization depends on it??

darkfoam said...

i adore wearing dresses ...
i've been trying to figure out how to keep wearing dresses all winter long without wearing stockings though .. ugh ..

oh, and yeah .. there is a post missing .. lol ..

Jenny said...

my mother told me that it didn't matter what I wore, but to just make sure it was clean and pressed. K9's comment reminded me of advise that given to me a long time ago.

fishy said...

Aunty Belle,
Now that most of our clothing is manufactured in Asia, more and more items are looking like the Mao uniforms. Shapeless, sizeless, unflattering . Demeans appearance, demeans self respect , so the demeaning behaviors follow.

h said...

I guess I'm in the minority, but I like today's fashion standards. At least in Troll County. I can wear deck shoes, khaki slacks, and a polo shirt most places I have to go. And just a shirt and tie everywhere else. And that suits me and the climate.

Aunty and K9 are old enough to remember when Northern Style 3 Piece Suits were routinely worn down here for the same things for which I dress as above now. Because Men control most AC devices, it was routine to see Woman office Workers wearing a friggin Sweater indoors over their dresses in August.

To me, it's better now.

Gnomeself Be True said...

Hot damn that's a fine, fine looking woman!

On the other hand, I'm not going back to a shirt and tie for anything.

Anonymous said...

Now fellas, relax--we ladies ain't sayin' y'all has to git back to ties--no, jes' a pair of slacks and a good shirt, decent shoes.

moi said...

Troll, deck shoes, khaki slacks, and a polo is actually a well put together look for a man. But what I see mostly in warm climates is what I have come to call The Federline: baggy shorts that hit mid calf, baggy tee shirt with some stupid slogan, and baseball cap on backwards. Not only teenage boys, on grown MEN. That is inexcusable, I don't care what the climate.

Funny, that most men decry the monkey suit and yet have no idea just how hot a man looks in a well cut suit and tie.

Aunty Belle said...

what Moi said.

Gentlemen, truly, thar's a reason
007 never sported the slouch/grunge look.

Doom said...

That reminds me, I have really been hankering for a suit or two. Seriously. I would love to have a coat and tails top hat and spats gig too, but that is way out. Hmm, maybe a decent tux? It is not just women who have lost the drive to dress.

Oh, and if women dressed like that a little more, I think I'd be in trouble. But the good kind. I miss the 30's and 40's. You can miss something you never had, can't you?

h said...


I agree that's a horrible look and standards have declined. But, again, I LIKE that because it's easy and inexpensive to stand out now.

As a Troll, I've always had to dress a tad nicer than others in order to make a good first impression. Now, I can do so in comfort!

Federline would actually be a good looking human guy if he showered once-in-a-while, right? I'm glad he and his ilk dress like slobs!

Lt. Colonel Maximum Damage said...

most men dont look good. for one thing, they dont have pretty feet, as i do. have you ever seen such pretty feet? on a man? most men's attire is dreadful. pink should be worn more often. an ascot. and a bit of eyeliner too, yes i think thats best.

Huckleberry Friend said...

My father tells me of the days when he was a boy and he and my grandpa dressed in SUITS for games at Ebbets Field to see the Brooklyn Dodgers.

I think I would be happier dressing more lady like each day, but not a dress every day. Honey, pantyhose can itch and heels can hurt. ;)

Aunty Belle said...


Show me the REAL Doom in a Tux--oh yeah!


Darlin' Trolly, we knows youse head an shoulders over the rest of the population of bridge-sitters.

REAL Housewife,
Thanky fer the pink poop. An' I KNOWS if ya really tried ya could squeeze us out a pink egg or two.


jes go git a pair of them pretty tights to wear under yore winter dresses--warm and stylish.

I propose a return to petticoats too! No kiddin'--happened to be in Anthropologie an' ladies--gracious, ya cain't believe how many frocks has a pretty petticoat underneath. Heh.


Sugar, why does I suspect ya doan need the tie? Bet'cha look good enough to wilt a girl's heart iffin' ya's turned out in a pair of fresh dark blues and white shirt.

Huckleberry Friend!!

Oh Sweet Thang, I'se tickled Tiffany Blue to see ya! Kiss the Bull fer me.

Anonymous said...

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