Mute Monday: Eastern


h said...

Unique take and great pics. But there are SOME people who shouldn't expose their boobs in public, JACK!

happy Mute Monday!

Buzz Kill said...

Yeah, there's apparently a lot of man boobs in the eastern caribbean. I've been to Aruba, so there are even more man boobs than you thought. Would loe to go there again. Thanks for the nice dream.

Happy MM!

Gnomeself Be True said...

Leave Jack Alone!!!

E-uwe to the brown skeleton with plastic boobs.

The Caribbean was one of the best parts of being a squid. Lots of great diving and beaches and tourist women with loose vacation morals. Ahh, the good old days.

moi said...

Um. Daniel Craig shouldn't take his shirt off in public unless he's in training for a Bond flick. I loves me the Eastern Caribbean, but oh lord, there's a reason beach cover ups were invented.

Pam said...

Evidently in the Eastern Carribean, old goats get young chicks! Happy MM!

Jenny said...

why do I feel the need to buy some sunscreen after looking at these pictures?

*shudder* some bodies weren't made for the beach.

actually, MOST bodies weren't made for the beach.

Happy Mute Monday!

Kymical Reactions said...

Auntie, I enjoyed looking at all of these. Except for leather lady. Happy MM and come on over for some pretty.

Aunty Belle said...

Troll K,
Oh the Jack Nic photos I saw--ha!

Buzz K

Hope ya make it back to the EC soon!


Yeah, that brown skeleton is Donatela Versace. She thinks she's stellar. Thar's another shot of her--wif' a toy boy about 1/3 her age-- from the rear, what thar' is of it. Frightenin'.

he was crunchin' potato chips? PUHleeeeze. James Bond will never be the same to me now. (an ya saw response to Gnomey above?)

yeah, really--whas' that about? Oh we know....

Boxer Babe,
akshully, youse SO right. Most bodies is better COVERED up. But ain't it weird how much airbrusin' does fer a fella or a gal?


I love yore new moniker--cool.

Yep, the leather lady is a fright--ga!!

HappyMM folks!

R.Powers said...

At least Jack's are real, unlike the bikini-fied woman in the picture above him.

Blowfish said...

Aunty Belle,
I get it now ... God creates a place so beautiful it infuses visitors with a new love of beauty which they them perceive themselves as being a part of sooooooo
they SMASH the vision for the rest of us by mistakenly believing they are beautiful enough to become one with the vision. ICK!

You would think someone as appearance savvy as Donatela Versace would KNOW better than to display her used luggage on the public beaches!

fishy said...

Sorry ... that was not Blowfish on our MM blog.....that was me.

Joanna Cake said...

It all looks lovely but it would be far too hot for my English rose complexion :) Nice take Aunty. Happy MM x