Steppin' out wif' another Gent

I had a date last Saturday. Not wif' Uncle.

A fella I knows kindly squired me around an' ole Floridy town on the gulf coast. We had us the finest time--despite the fierce heat.

Heah is some of what we seen.

I cain't recommend this place-- best that I can tell ya is that it is shure colorful.

Birds will be birds...........

from War days.....a once busy lighthouse

Can ya' spot a resident?

Y'all, FC over at Pure Florida gave me a hint: Check his site fer a great few posts on clam farmin' near or at Cedar Key (Click here). The third post down is real good. Lots of photos!

An' wait til ya read what the clammer gits versus what ya PAY fer these juicy jewels!!


Aunty Belle said...

Y'all, I ain't been heah since a coon's age. That'd be since mah 20s. (eons back in time)when I wuz a young'un in Hog Town Creek (50 porch points fer the first somebody who knows what the name of Hog Town Creek is now.)

They ain't got no franchise eateries an' no Walmart.

We never made it to the close-by winery. Savin' up fer next pass thatway.

TROLL Y2K said...


Floridacracker said...

Well, the pics are Cedar Key and you drove within 8 miles of PFHQ maam.

And yes, Hogtown is Gatortown now.

Aunty Belle said...

Ho ho! You fellas is on the money--G'ville it is! Troll, youse rackin' up points--but I ain't tradin' 'em off fer Troll points!

FC, no kiddin'? Well, iffin' we's that close I apologize fer not payin' respects.

Ain't CK a hoot? Did learn they make they money now via clam farmin'--who knew? As un-franchised as it be, it still ain't quite like I remembered. Not shure jes' why that is.

fishy said...

Aunty Belle,
Well now, a fine gent to squire you around an ol Floridy town sounds like a good outing to me.

I think that resident is a pelican. They's sure messy birds and have you watched their water landings? They isn't the picture of grace. They manage a pretty smooth glide path then SPLAT.

I'm wif the others in believing they changed out hogtown for gatortown.

Boxer said...

more pictures! more pictures!

K9 said...

nice aunty. i see dat pelican

moi said...

Loves me some pelicans. They're extremely patient hunters, too. Glad you had such a lovely outing! Does Uncle know :o)?

Floridacracker said...

Search Pure Florida for clam farming and you can get a hands on view of the process!

Aunty Belle said...

Ha! Fishy, , being icthy, you'd love it at Cedar Key!

Boxer-Babe-- I done added a link in the post--please go click the link to see what our buddy FC at Pure Florida done wrote up and all his photos on clam farmin' at Cedar Key--very good info, great photos.

But Aunty has more photos comin' soon of all sorts of stuff. Stand by.

Rottie Pup!!

ya see him?? heh. Oh, you'da had a blast on this jaunt.


eh, well, yup, Uncle do know, an were glad of it--meanin' it freed Uncle to git down to nature in another part of Floridy wif'out mah fussin'.

WOW and WOW! yep--very worthwhile look a tyore wunnerful clammin' forays. I put a link to yore posts at the bottom of mah account of the day. Thanky fer the heads up!

fishy said...

I went to yappin on my blog today, come on over and laugh a bit about the difficulties of the dog days of summer.

Boxer said...

I love pelicans. We only have seagulls here.