Picker's return wif' the goods!

I'se makin' a blackberry --er thas' a BRAMBLE BERRY--sorbet today. I found a recipe here.

The idea of alternatin' the sorbet wif vanilla ice cream will appeal to Uncle (who doan like the seeds so thas' why I ain't makin' a good ole cobbler.)

Granny will get sprung today too. See? In jes' one week, thangs is lookin' much better.


sparringK9 said...

i dont like the seeds either. but i love the flavor. i food process mine and then blend with heavy whipping cream lemon juice sugar and apple juice. i have an auto ice cream maker. sorbet sounds good too.

great riches! and yay that granny is better.

Aunty Belle said...

Pup, thanky fer the good wishes on Granny--she is feisty again, thas' a good sign.

Yore recipe sounds real real good! I'se usin' a auto ice cream machine too. I reckon the servin' of the sorbet wif' vanilla sorta makes a blackberry-sicle taste--like creamsicles were wif orange?

But I'se findin' I ain't got enough leftover fer more than a mere taste of jam!

Aunty Belle said...

Folks, this is what I learnt 'bout the berries:

They's kin to roses--reckon I knew that since they have similar canes and thorns. The resemble a climbin' rose.

Blackberries is anti-oxident, wif a high ORAC count ( best is black raspberries, cranberries and blueberries) anti-inflammatory, full of Vitamins A,C and E.

They's real good fer the followin':

* pleurisy and lung inflammation

* anti-thrombosis (inhibition of blood clotting)

* several types of cancer

* endotoxin shock

* cardiovascular diseases

* diabetes

* age-related cognitive decline.

sparringK9 said...

*whew* i was worried youd think it was cheating if it didnt have a hand crank and rock salt. grrrrrherhahaha hey ive got a neck to protect here.

Big Shamu said...

I'm a picker ( and a grinner, usually at the amount of berries I eat vs. the berries I pick). LOVE blackberries, fight the snakes, turtles, beens and poisin ivy just to get to them. Back when I lived in Virginia they grew wild on road side right of ways. There's nothing better than free pounds of blackberries.
Here in MO and KS, I have yet to find a free patch.
The seeds don't bother me so much so I make either pie or cobbler. I just tell folks that there's extra fiber in both.

Big Shamu said...

Ha, that should be BEES...

fishy said...

Hey there Belle,
glad to learn the berry picking was a success. I like the sounds of that blackberry dreamcicle !

I'll have to look when I get home if there are any berries left at my place. Big storms yesterday, even broke the top our of one of my giant Natchez White crepe myrtles. I reckon if the storm can break a tree those berries didn't have much chance of survivin.

Glad to hear y'all got Granny Cracker through another spell . They got a room with her name on it up to that hospital yet?

Hope yore weekend is a good one.

R.Powers said...

Hooray for Granny!
Those berries look wonderful ... cold blackberry pie for breakfast with a glass of milk!
Now that is living.

darkfoam said...

glad to hear about your mama!

oh .. and i'll be right over for some blackberrysicle!!!

NYD said...

berry seeds are a bit of a nuisance, but if the flavor is rich then I can usually ignore them.

Ice cream makers?!? If I had an electric ice cream maker I would be eating dessert three or four times a day!

Meems said...

Ahhh, Aunty, your berries look delish. Brings back memories of picking wild ones behind our house when I was a wee child. Haven't done that in years. But I do make a mean cobbler- seeds and all.

That sorbet sounds fine too.

I'm saying more prayers for granny.
Meems @ For the Love of Florida

SophieMae said...

I'se so tickled to hear Granny's full o' vinegar again.

Duller mowed down our biggest blackberry patch when we had the place for sale a while back. But they keep coming back. They're like kudzu and lantana. You can't get rid of'm no how. All this rain's brought out ticks and cottonmouths and who knows what all kinda vile critters, so I haven't even looked to see how our berries are doing this year. Duller says they're comin' along right nice, so maybe I'll pick a few if ever the sun comes back.

Pam said...

Yummmm, but you fix a cobbler and I'll come right on down and enjoy it withya. Yay for granny gettin' sprung. My sister got sprung from the horse-pistol this week too. Things are looking up all around.

h said...

I made granita. Let Farmer Gib do the picking though.

Gnomeself Be True said...

Yay for Granny!

I'm starting to hate food posts. All the food food I eat, I have to cook and I'm ready to start visiting and begging for treats