Mute Monday: Custom (s)


Bear said...

Using a BEAR as a courier!!! Some people have no shame.

I travel the world quite a lot, and for some unknown reason I always get very nervous going through customs.

Great job, Aunty. Happy MM.

TROLL Y2K said...

They're looking for heirloom seeds now, I hear.

Happy Mute Monday!

fishy said...

you ever get on the wrong side of the customs folks? They are very serious! I'm with Bear, the process can be intimidating even if you are not the target. I've seen them pull folks and it is serious! Nice theme.
Happy MM.

K9 said...

coming to a mall or work place near you soon! customs: training module for tyranny. grrrrerhahahaha "whats this? chocolate!??! you cant keep this ....happy MM

pamokc said...

Great take on the theme! Bears and beer cans for contraband. Some things are sacred and those people deserve all the jail time they get ;)

Joanna Cake said...

Loving the bear and the customs and exercise :) Happy MM x

NYD said...

There is nothing "Mute" about customs agents.

Have you ever been strip searched?
Hello Mr. Jelly finger... Make that fist!

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Bear!

Yeah, c'mon! Some thangs is jes' off limits! I see we's on same page this week...heh. Travelin' folks know the score.


no kiddin'--that'll be next!

oh yeah, dahlin' I been on wrong side of it--onc't comin' from an island idyll they put mah orologio under a microscope to see iffin' it had scratches and human skin or iffin' I wuz trying to escape some duty...an' onc't they grabbed some Spanish sausage from me, an' an half eaten apple too.


uh-huh, youse seen it comin'.


can ya believe it? I did hear of a local fella who got on wrong side of customs trying to sneak car parts into Brazil by sendin' them hidden on tractors. OOOH, they buried that fella.


heh, them customs boys can git a mite friendly iffin' youse lookin' suspicious.


uh-huh...ain't been stripped seached , but will say that last year at a D.C. airport a muslim woman ahead of me in the line was allowed to go through wifout takin' off her clothes down to the skin.

When the kid-cop asked me to take off mah shirt, I declined as the onliest thang under it were a tank top an I ain't into showin' that much skin. He said "it's the law", an' I said that the lady ahead went in her full regalia, more covered than me an' had he ever heered of "equal under the law"?

So he called in a supervisor who was a lady 'bout mah age an' we eye-balled each other, me wif' that pleasant but firm look...she waved me on.

Kiki said...

Nicely done.

I'm thinking about signing up to be a Customs agent. Not sure if I could handle all the weird stuff people do to bring drugs and whatnot into the country. I'd probably hit the person that used a baby in a diaper.

Ree said...

Happy Mute Monday! I have the receiving end of customs up.

kmwthay said...

You have got to be kidding me. I must be living under a rock, because I had no idea that people will go to such extremes to smuggle in drugs. yowza!

Happy MM Auntie! xo