Blackberry Season


Granny is in the hospital--yep. Again. Poor Dear! Doc's workin' on thangs, so we'll jes' have to see what they can do 'bout her troubles.

It keeps me hoppin' to have Granny in the hospital, so the fabulous entertainin,' world class story I was gonna tell y'all will jes' have to wait up a bit. Sorry.

As a place holder, I'll simply mention that Uncle is takin' clan folks (minus me an' Granny) out to the huntin' camp tomorry to pick blackberries
--they woan keep even to the weekend now that the rains have stopped and the heavy heat is upon us.

We likes to make blackberry cobbler and some jam too... Uncle doan like the seeds so we cain't make preserves. But heck, wif' th economy so bad, mebeb we oughta put us up a blackberry stand on the side of the road!

It ain't easy as ya think to git them berries. Other critters will challnge ya for 'em.

Long time ago blackberry wine was considered medicinal. Ain't never made none meself. But I does like roast venison wif' blackberry glaze.

Does y'all go berry pickin'? What does ya make wif' yore berries?

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chickory said...

i made blackberry ice cream last summer. it was goooood. enjoy the time at the camp. many prayers for granny.

Dani said...

Hope granny gets to feelin' better!

We love blackberries! Eat em like little candies around here.

Boxer said...

Blackberries already? I am jealous. It's a weed in this part of the world and they are EVERYWHERE, but don't ripen until August... we're just now getting the blooms. I make a killer Blackberry Cobbler and serve with vanilla ice cream. Chickory has given me an idea... but it will have to wait a few more months.

Sorry about Granny - I hope she's home soon.

Gnomeself Be True said...

I was going to suggest wine as the best possible use.
Give a touch to Granny and you may improve her outlook.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Pup,
I think I'd love some real blackberry icecream. Thanky fer yore prayers.


Berries as popcorn--jes' eat em straight--nuthin' more needed.

Boxer Babe,

post the killer cobbler recipe!!


youse off to Louisiana? Sugar, kiss a Cajun fer me! AN Granny would kiss Yore OWNSelf fer the suggestion.

Thanky al fer yore sweet care fer Granny. I akshully took the computer to the hospital room an' read to her some--she had a real kick from it.

NYD said...

Blueberries here in Lilliput.

I just sprinkle them into yoghurt or bake 'em into rolls.

fishy said...

Hey Aunty,
You and Granny sure nuff are having a right trying season what with all these hospital stays. I'll add my prayers to all the others for Granny and you both.

Just this weekend Blowfish and i were out by the horse fencing tying up our bountiful thornless blackberry bush. Last year, the severe drought status made the berries dry up before they matured. This year, we have had a good bit of rain so the growth rate of the bushes had been impressive, the berries bountiful. It is probably another 7-10 days before we go out with the picking baskets .

At the Pond, getting those blackberries is somewhere between a promise and a hope. I haven't seen snakes over there ( thank the good Lord!) but we have plenty of critters that do a pretty good job of getting to the berries before we do.

When Blowfish and I were out doing the supporting ties for the long branches heavy and bending with berries, we got to disagreeing. I am like Boxer, i think those berries are made for cobblers, and a bit like you as i love fresh blackberry jam. Blowfish has other notions.... he is like Dani, just eat em like popcorn and a bit like Gnome... let there be blackberry wine!
Trouble is there won't be enough berries to do them all so how will we choose?

pamokc said...

I think I still have the scars on my arms from picking blackberries as a kid on my grandpa's acreage! But what a treat it was to eat them fresh, we probably ate more than we put in the bucket. Alas, we do none of that kind of stuff now. Maybe I should plant some. But I don't want to share with a snake.

Floridacracker said...

Nice garter snake!
I just came in from picking a collander full of blueberries from my patch.
I haven't had the first black berry yet, but they have been reddening up out in the woods.

Love that cobbler and ice cream thought!

Floridacracker said...

And forgive my lack of manners, somehow I clicked publish without wishing your dear Granny well.
I hope she's home again soon.

moi said...

Wish we had some blackberries around here - I love them the best of all berries. A friend has some wild blueberry bushes, but the birds seem to get everything first. I don't think she minds :o).

My thoughts and prayers for your granny's speedy recovery, and I look forward to your world class story at a later date.

Aunty Belle said...

Thanky all y'all fer the good thoughts
An' prayers fer our clan's Granny--who
Is mah own sweet Mama. (Though I will
Say that Uncle is real tight wif' her on
account of Granny buckin' mah daddy somewhat
So me an Uncle could see each otehr we we
Wuz teens. Uncle takes fine good care
Of Granny)

..................... said...

i make pie of course ..
with whole wheat pie crust ..

it's been quite a few years since i've picked blackberries though ..

..................... said...

and i certainly hope your granny feels better soon.
having a beloved elderly one can be very worrisom.

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