Raining. Again. No, really

I will NOT complain.

We have had drought so long....rain is good.

The lettuce is ruined now. Beat down by hail.

Tomatoes split their skins overnight.

Morning glories hang in tatters.

I will not complain.

Ducks are happy.

Last night there was a tree frog as big as Uncle's hand plastered against the French doors.

The water bill will be less.

I will not complain.

I may build an Ark.


darkfoam said...

yeah .. my sentiments exactly ..
today school was canceled due to all the rain and consequent flooding ...
are basement has flooded ..
but some folks lost their homes ..
i'm counting my blessings ..

darkfoam said...

'our', i meant to type ..

SophieMae said...

Chile, I'm so tired of all this rain! This afternoon, we had a cottonmouth in the front yard. And over the weekend, Duller and I both got bit by lone star ticks... mine's a lot worse. Thankfully, they aren't lymeys. Howsomever, the STARI notion is unappealing enough. So I'm begrudgingly taking antibotics, coz I'm not so sure echinacea & golden seal will do this particular job. Ò¿Ó

Reckon I complained enough for both of us? 8-}

Anonymous said...

Hey Foamy!

Sog sog soggy...soon our city fathers will
Consult with Venice fer management
Ideas. Y'all have a getaway boat up


Yikes, Sugarn youse scarin' me

Anonymous said...


Take good care...worrisome thang, tick botes


Aunty has connection troubles..
Doan know if it is rained out or what
But postin' notes usin' the phone thang ain't
Same as computer...reckon I'll get back

moi said...

We're getting a lot of rain, too! An early Monsoon, they say. Ugh. My lettuces are happy, but not my tomatoes. It's always something. But I'd love to see a big ol' bullfrog! We don't get them around here . . .

sparringK9 said...

same here. planting gets pushed later and later. i may have produce, oh, sometime in october. and boy oh boy does everything get overgrown. well, youll need two rotties on the ark....

MamaHen said...

I'm trying not to complain either!
Wonderful memorials, btw, unfortunate that it is that we need them. I've still been stopping by but missed a few days lately.

fishy said...

Aunty Belle,
You looking as green as Ireland in yore parts?
Too bad about the rain bashed veggies but it is a good idea to keep them aquifers topped off.

Hope you gotch urself some good rain boots for meandering around your patch? Last time I was in your part of the world in heavy rains with light flooding...well lets just say floating fire ants are ornery creatures. God knows you don't want to find no cottonmouths or poisonous frogs or awful ticks calling into the Porches, but like SophieMae mentioned, them critters go to wandering in rainy weather. The good news is the gators should stay put .

Sorry to learn bout your connection troubles.
Isn't it interesting how often the hardwired services have difficulties but the wireless ones less so? Kinda makes me a bit nervous to have essential services be at risk.