Mexican Coke


I turned mah back so Uncle wouldn't hear the conversation, an' walked into another room.

When I got back to the stove an' give the skillet a shake I seen how Uncle was lookin' crosswise at me. I shook the skillet again, deftly wif' a jab of the wrist, jes' so, flippin the contents an' releasin' them good aromas.

"Who was that?" Aloysius demanded.

"Who, who?" I replied.

"Doan even try that, Belle. WHO was that on the phone?"

"Oh....jes 'a supplier."

His eyes was squintin'.

After dinner Uncle declined a second pice of pie and put his elbow on the table signalin' that dinner were done and somethin' serious was to be discussed.

"Supplier of what?"

I turned mah back, plates in hand an' moved off toward the sink.


After a moment Uncle said, "Coke? They run out of it at the Jitney Jungle?"

"Ain't been no Jitney's now fer 40 years, Aloysius, " I chuckled at him. "Yore mama shopped thar' but I ain't never set no foot in a Jitney Jungle."

"Belle, doan try it. Keep to the Coke. Why ya need a supplier of Co-Cola? Does we buy so much youse lookin' fer a discount?"

"Mexican Coke. They doan 'xactly sell it a Publix."

I din't need to turn around to see the shock on his face.

"Mexican coke?" he roared, "What in the *^#! does ya mean, Woman?"

Well, iffin' youse a regular reader on this Porch ya know I detests bein' called "Woman." Natcherly, I declined to answer. The tension bounced along the rafters.

"Belle?" The voice was flat.

"I notice how ya seem to want to put a bad connotation on what I'se doin'. Why is that? Ain't I been 'bout the squeekiest clean thang ya ever knowed? " I turned around, hands on hips, chin poked out a wee bit, glint in eye, ready fer a rumble.

Uncle's shoulders dropped a millimeter an' he got that look of deviltry in his eyes.

"Mebbe I was jes' hopin' youse loosed up some ."

"Well, thar ain't no use in that, now, is thar? We done danced around that pole a few times an' the result is always the same."

Iffin' y'all ain't figgered it out yet, when me an Uncle got hitched we wus young'uns. (That were a l o n g time ago) He thought he was gonna show Miss Starry Eyed Innocent a few ropes, an' I thought I'd clean up his Ain't I Cute When I'se Bad act...it's been a Mexican stand-off all these years.

But its the Real Thang I'se after. Coke, that is. Mexican Coke, not Atlanta's Coca-Cola.

They make Coke in Mexico wif' cane syrup, not corn syrup. It's different. The ole time Real Thang was made with Southern cane syrup. In the 1980s --remember NEW COKE?--the Atlanta boys decided corn high fructose syrup was cheaper --it is. But when Coke Classic was brought back it was a year or so later and nuthin much changed--jes' that yore taste fer cane syrup was wiped out since most popular beverages moved on to the corn wagon.

But down Mexico way they make the Real Thang. An' in some parts of Texas and New Mex ya' can git a Mexican bottled Coke--try it an' see what ya think. Youse gonna pay more, since they's sorta bootlegged. But boy! It is the taste of your teen years--well, not Troll's teen years. It is cleaner, an' the fizz is refreshin' wif'out that big blast of them modern corn-Cokes. Aunty says put cane in Coke leave the Corn for Jack Black.

Cain't find no Mexican underground Coke? Wait 'til next Passover an' get a yellow toped Coke--corn ain't allowed fer Kosher Passovers.

P.S. Fer cryin' out loud--them idjits at Coke is now makin' the bottles outa sugar cane!
Mercy--make the bottles outa CORN and put the CANE in the drink ya dimwits!



Gnomeself Be True said...

We get various Mexican sodas down here and I believe they are all made with cane. I like the tamarind drink best.
We used to stop on the side of the road on trips between Shreveport and New Orleans and my dad would cut a sugar cane down, split it and pass it around.
My mouth waters remembering that treat.

Floridacracker said...

That was fascinating. I knew about the corn subbing for cane, but not the yellow top thang.
I'll be ready next time.

Big Shamu said...

Being a Pepsi fan and not a Coke fan, I agree there is a difference. Right now Pepsi is selling throwback Pepsi made with cane sugar instead of fructose. Tastes different and better in my opinion. I can get Mexican coke pretty easy since they always use the tall glass bottles.
Now if Pepsi would only sell it at the throwback prices.

fishy said...

Now Belle,
Why oh why did you set me to hankerin after something I can't get? Fun reading, you'se a right entertaining lady. One time I am down to Florida again I spect I will need to stop in and meet ya, specially iffen you got some of those yellow tops.

TROLL Y2K said...

"But boy! It is the taste of your teen years--well, not Troll's teen years."


Anyhay, I don't drink Coke or Pepsi or any of that crap. Working on developing my own healthier tastier soft drink.

If I decide it needs a sweetener, it will be cane, not fructose.

It definately won't be as sickeningly sweet as Mexican soda pop.

kmwthay said...

I never even knew there was another kind of coke to be tasted! I wonder if we get it here? I don't know that I've ever seen it - but then again, I never looked for something different.

Neat-o post Aunty! Enjoy your smuggled coke! xo

SophieMae said...

make the bottles outa CORN and put the CANE in the drink ya dimwits!Hear, hear! I never did like Coke much, and I stopped drinking Pepsi a while ago. But every now & then, I'll sip a little Pepsi free. My mission this weekend is to find a Throwback... maybe stockpile a few gross. 8-]

I've been having internet issues this week, so please forgive my lack of comment response. Wish people would figure out... if it ain't broke... new and improved my great aunt fanny!

foam said...

so, that's what happened to coca cola ..
i very rarely drink a soft drink but when i do it's usually coca cola ..
i just might forego it altogether unless i find the yellow bottled cokes ..

Aunty Belle said...


Mah mouth too! Daddy used to cut us a hunk of cane --I think it was to keep us quiet on road trips...heh.


yellow top Coke--I'se on the hunt now... but cane fer bottle makin'? Waste of good cane, I thinks.

BTW, has ya heard they found a new species of snake in 2008? Itty bitty thang--doan no about poison or not.

Big Shamu!

Youse a Pepsi sorta gal? What made Pepsi start usin' cane sugar sippin' again? Interestin', huh?


why c'mon down, I'll show ya around mah washed out hail battered garden.

Troll- Man,

When was yore teen years? Not 80s was it?

Cain't wait to taste yore new drink!!

Big Shamu said...

I'm sure it was just a marketing ploy to sell more soda. Which is ok since the grocery stores have lowered the price to clear it off the shelves.

Aunty Belle said...

Kym! hey you!

IF ya find them yellow top Cokes, whistle!

Sophie Mae!

sorry for yore internet woes--we had some too round heah. Hope it is better today. Lemme know if ya found throwback drinks.


I'se wif ya! I likes Coke, but doan drink it much fer all the right reasons--but on some occasions it is jes' what the Doc ordered.

Boxer said...

yes, but do they use Mexican water to make the Mexican Coke?

Just asking....

I retired from all soft drinks, regular or diet a few years ago, but if I were partake... it would be with "The Real Thing".... the stuff from South of the Border.

K9 said...

wow! this is chock full of interesting facts. you was a pole dancer? grrherhahahaha.

didnt original coke akshully have coke -coca- in it? thats why it jacked you up -not caffiene.

i cant wait to try some mexican coke. passover you say? dag. we just missed it.

fishy said...

I am still hankering after one of them yeler top cokes. I even asked Blowfish to check for flights to Mexico. He asked what fer so I mentioned the Co-Colas there. Now Blowfish is puffing around muttering about Fishys who would fly to Mexico for a Coke. What does he know about cane sugar cokes? He grew up drinking those Nehi Orange Crushes. He's a fool of a man.
New post at the Pond .

Doom said...

Politics or culture, life or death, whatever the topic, I truly enjoy reading and, in spite of myself, commenting. You sure make me laugh, grimace, and all that, but more you add a little spice to life that I just cannot resist.

When I was a kid, carving my name (maybe my girl's name too) into a tree, under a bridge, or such, was the thing. I would like to think blogs have brought a new twist to that form of Americana. I should think trees are happy about that. I know I enjoy it. And, it actually means a bit more.

Oh, and I did not know about kosher coke. I will have to see if I can buy a years supply or something. I don't drink it that often, anymore, so it might be easy enough. Diabetes you know (and go figure). Still, a two liter twice a month would be nice.

Aunty Belle said...

Boxer Babe!

Heh...funny BB, Mex water--yep!


very funny, Aunty Pole Dancin. Ya' want see the earth tilt in shock?
I IS disappointed nobody but you picked up on the non coke part of the story. Least ya noted it.

Blowfish will go iffin' ya jes' remind him that besides Coke, MExico has Tequila!


Hey you . Thanky fer them kind words. AN' I reckon youse right , the trees appreciate the move to blogs. THar's always somethin to poke mah own mind over at DOOM's Where Whispers Linger. Always sets me to thinkin'.

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