Mama's Mac 'N Go Depot

Well, sorry chillen's but Aunty is on intermission so I can see to all that needs seein' to wif' Granny Cracker--we's back to the hospital.

Last night while we spent 6 hours in the ER they wouldn't let her eat a thang. So by the time they released her at midnight- thirty she was powerful hongry. Next than I knowed she was halucinatin' 'bout a hot plate of Macaroni and Cheese.

"Whar's we gonna git some mac an' cheese when they let me outa heah?"

Well, Granny, I tole her, ain't no place open this late that sells no mac an' cheese.

"Ain't that a shame!"

After a moment she said, "Let's open us a Mac 'N Go. Think of all the folks who is hankerin' fer Mac at at Midnight."

When I 'splained how some folks hankerin' fer Mac at midnight warn't thinkin' about cheese Mac, she din't even blush. "I'se thinkin' we'd be open at the Mac 'N Go Depot only from 11pm til dawn-thirty. Sell one item: Mac an' cheese. Thas' all."

I as't her, "Ya think thar's enough folks out that time of night that would stop in fer a plate of yore special secret macaroni and cheese?"

She started tickin' off her customers:

"Well, now.....all those of us kept starvin in the ER, an the EMT folks is honry all night drivin' ambulances. Then natcherly the folks let out the drunk tank will be famished...why all the
po-licemen is big eaters. 'Course taxi drivers would line up at the take out window fer a fill-up..."

So soon as the cardiologists let her off the ER chain, look out fer Granny's Mac 'N Go Depot.


foam said...

well, i'll be ..
i just served up some mac and cheese ..

Anonymous said...

Oh NO! give Granny C our love.

how about we all submit our best mac and cheese recipe to keep your granny entertained?

Doom said...

I hope your Granny is well. With a spirit (and appetite) like that, she would have to be an enjoyable woman to know.

I do not use a recipe, for the most part, for mac and cheese. Each time I make it, I make a mood based dish. I do have some regular things though. I start with a pound of pasta (I prefer medium or larger elbow or shell pasta). When cooked, I add a half a stick of butter (I usually cook with unsalted butter, but not for this necessarily), a quarter cup of milk (or better, whole whipping cream if I have it on hand), and cheese (I prefer cheddar, but have been known to use any cheese I like and have on hand). I mix that until the cheese is melted.

Now, in that process, I might add meats (ground beef as is, ground pork I spice myself into sausage, or tuna, though I suppose ground turkey might do well for some). If I add meat, I have it cooked in advance (fresh tuna steak left-overs are great for this and tuna salad for sandwiches too).

As for spices and herbs, the sky is the limit. I have tried all sorts of things, with differing successes. Tarragon, thyme, garlic with beef, or, cayenne, ginger, and garlic, plane or with tuna, and dozens of other mixes. Oh, and sometimes, freshly chopped onion (white, yellow, or shallot, depending on mood or the larder).

Well, I am just offering as close to recipes as I get. Maybe you will see something different you, or Granny, might like?

I hope you all get back to normal soon. And maybe get some cheese mac on the table? She sounds like a reasonable sort. *grins*

moi said...

Sorry to hear your Granny is back in the hospital. All my best for a speedy recovery.

And to your query: "Ya think thar's enough folks out that time of night that would stop in fer a plate of yore special secret macaroni and cheese?" I say: YES.

SophieMae said...

Healing blessings all over Granny! If you-know-who reads this, next thing ya know, we'll be seeing McMac commercials. ϋ

Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

Floridacracker said...

Best wishes to Granny! Hope she's well soon.

fishy said...

Do tell Granny Cracker I hope she gets outta the horspital soon and you has rustled up her first customer. If your MamaCracker makes authentic SOUTHERN mac and chees like my FishyMama does...I will wait in line to get me some of that heavenly nutrition.

I'se impressed wif yore Granny, imagine 6 hours in the ER and writin a business plan! Whoeeeeeeeee!

K9 said...

it has to be the eggy kind. 3 cheeses work best i have found. i like shells. a ton of butter. way better than (w)affle house.

Aunty Belle said...

well if y'all ain't the sweetest thangs!!

Granny is weak but home and stable. I know it will cheer her mightily to see these recipes and such.

Thanky thanky fer yore kindness and prayers.

Boxer said...

I can make a pretty good mac/cheese and give Granny Cracker my best. xoxox.

Big Shamu said...

Sorry that you and Granny have to spend more time in the dreaded hospital. Where does Granny fall on the Bacon on top of her Mac and Cheese?

Gnomeself Be True said...

I'm always in deep poo poo with someone....

Hope your Granny is better. Sign me and my oldest son up for the late night Mac and Cheese.

fishy said...

Hey there Belle,
Glad to learn yore Granny is out of custody of the medics. Hope she will progress smartly cause I am sure thinking about the Mac and Go Depot!
PS) new post over to the Pond.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Boxer--
shure ya do--as a good veggie should. Thanky fer kind words.

Big Shamu,
Granny Cracker is a fan of bacon fer dawgs so I reckon it must be fittin fer humans too. I mean, whas' a little insult when youse ingestin' injury already, right?


looky, women who is ignored git real testy, iffin' ya ain't noticed. Thas' okay--I needed to know that I was borin' so ya done me a favor. But, fer some reason, I'se got a soft spot fer ya anyhoo.
How are them cute boys?

I'se on mah way over....

Thanky all y'all fer sweet notes.

foam said...

how's granny coming along, belle?
and i hope you are taking care of yourself too!

Gnomeself Be True said...

Hell Aunty...women are testy no matter how you treat them, so I don't try so hard as I used to.
Don't take it personally. I'm ignoring most everyone these days.