Global Currency on BACK Porch

We much preferred the villages to Paris. Life seemed to move a more human pace. This heah baby sharing a sip of spring water wif her dawgy.

A manor house--still lived in by the family that came heah 330 years ago...

An abbey that engineered an inventive hydraulic system to irrigate hundreds of acres...

Food reviews and French polly ticks coming next....stay tuned!


Big Shamu said...

Hmmmmm food!!!!!!

chickory said...

lovely country side.

The Java Junkie said...

I love the photo of the statues in the window.

No interest in politics...let's hear about the food!

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Big Shamu! Hang on Darlin' the foodie review is comin'.

you would love it! lot of animals to stop adn pet on...heh--even some near churches.


Isn't that window somethinn"? Jes so village-y. Food yak next.

Anonymous said...

Loved the Abbey...actually loved them all.
Does the Abbey still use the hydraulic system for irrigating the acreage?
And why oh why do I not live where cross barrel vaulting is the norm? Clearly my delivery stork didn't have GPS!

darkfoam said...

truly lovely photos, aunty belle ..
and, i think the window photo is my favorite ..