Happy Birthday Boxer Babe!!

Huh? I missed the invite to yore bash--reckon I was away then, but no worry, here is a cyber bouquet!!

Fer dinner, I serving ya some home grown 'maters wif mint yogurt dressin', an eggplant and pine nut couscous and a blackberry torte wif sparkly candles!

Fer a fine present(an I gits 10% of yore winnin's!), I'se sendin' ya a foal from:


Ya' can share the mint julep wif' yore sweetie when the 3 year old wins it!!

Wishin' ya every fine thang yore heart desires--love ya Boxer Babe!!

* * *

* * *



There aren't many photos around of my deal old Mama. Who is this Boxer Person who's dinner I'm going to eat?

fishy said...

Floral bouquets!
Word Bouquets too!
A gift you look in the mouth?
I'll take one of those!

Nice present of a post Aunty.
I'm up at the Pond

Boxer said...

AWWWW, thanks Aunty. XOXOX. What beautiful flowers and a wonderful meal.. just the kind I like to eat.... and, I guess I can share a little with the cute horsey.

Happy MM!

Ree said...

What lovely flowers for our friend.

pamokc said...

Sweet sweet post! Happy not so mute birthday Monday!

moi said...

Lovely, Aunty! The cake looks scrumptious but I do believe Boxer and Secretariat are going to have to share. He can have some flowers, too. Happy Mute Monday!

having my cake said...

Are those blackberries on top of that cake? It looks divine :)

CHEF TROLL said...

Is that the actual torte? Looks tasty. Happy Secretariat's Day!

kmwthay said...

Fun post, Auntie! Happy Birthday to Boxer!

K9 said...

i think both boxer and the great horse would enjoy that blackberry trifle! happy MM!

foam said...

divine looking torte ..
my mouth is watering!

Helene (the Artist Formerly Known as Kate) said...

ahhhh thats sweet!
I will pop over and say hbd to her myself too!

Happy Monday Auntie!