OH yeah, Baby!!!!

( double play: Gators win NAtional Championship!!! an' Aunty gits new modem thangy and is connected once again--stand by, new post comin' soon as I tend to that other life today.)


moi said...

Congrats! Now, let's see more junque :o).

NYD said...

Um, Hurrah!?! Everythings blue!

I had this incredibly sarcastic comment ready for publication I think I'l just bite my tongue.
Glad, really glad your boys won.


sparringK9 said...

happy day aunty

Jenny said...

it's a good day for the South.

R.Powers said...

Sorry I missed the junque sale. I had it on my list of things to do ...

Big Shamu said...

I had a feeling your computer would get an upgrade just for this post.

Pam said...

***SIGH***** But our defense stayed as strong as I've seen them and did their part for sure. It was a good defensive game and I love to see lots of heart in a football game. Congrats to your team. Congrats to mine for at least showing up to play, they don't always do that in a bowl game!!! Meow.

Anonymous said...

You need to take a drive over to that little College up the road in Gainesville and tell Tebow, Harvin, Ingraham, Spikes and Cunningham to stick around.

I invented football, btw.

Aunty Belle said...

Aw, y'all is the sweetest folks!

Well, thanky one an' all!

Yep, very excitin' day fer those of us wif' orange blood.

Now, keep in mind that Uncle an' me grew up in Gainesville an' he sold Cokes in the stadium as a jr. jigh kid, then we growed up went on to school at "13th street college" (UF) an' lived in "married student housin'" (army barracks wif' paper board walls that had been pulled onto campus) an walked to the games from our front door, an' danced in our kitchen, cause the new SAE house was right behind us, an on game nights they always had the BEST band of all!!


....uh-huh, more junque on the way\
( I know I know--gotta cough up that Christmas sweater)


you? "incredibly sarcastic"? No! Uh oh, Sugar, I see blood runnin' out the side of your mouth--you can quit bitin' your tongue now.


indeed it is --the menfolks round heah--well ya' can imagine--an' we has one young ClanMan who had tickets an' was thar' fer all the hoopla!!!


Howdy--hee hee, happy days fer the SEC! woo hoo!


honey ain't yore neck of the woods throbbin' wif Gator stompin' feet??

An' looky, thar's still time to do the junk clearance--I'se loadin' up some more show and tell tomorry. How's yore own clan??

Big Shamu.

aw Pumpkin, would ya believe I spent all mornin' trying to make the new modem work--no avail. Made the Zibillionth call to tech support, the little girl chile is more drawly that even Aunty is, mercy, an smart to boot. She figgered this and that away but the thing would not let me on the cyber way. Finally she asked,

"did ya change yore password to an alphanumeric code last month?"


"Well, thas' the trouble. When may company bought yore former provider, we gave everbody 30 days to reset passwords to alphanumeric versions"

Huh? Reckon I missed that memo. Anyhoo--they DID refund me the cost of the modem an' said I could keep it fer all the trouble I had.
What worries me is what it cost:
Aunty spent 7 non-productive hours in aggregate on the phone wif' 4 different techs, 3 days wif' no connectivity. Service provider paid 7 hours worth of tech help, an sent out a modem that the customer will now not be paying for--all this lost time and revenue because SOME body din't ask the most basic update question:
"did you change yore password?"
WHAT is the country comin' to ?


oh darlin' youse a good good sport! An ' yore boys is a fine team, and the QB is amazin! He has the most accurate hurlin' arm I'se seen. truth is, at 14 - 14 I snapped of the TV in panic, turned it back on after 10 minutes but it
upset me I can tell ya!.


heh. Well, the worrisome thang is that next year Florida doan have a very impressive schedule. TT and team might not wanna hang around courtin' injuries fer a football lite season.

Please check in tomorry round noonish. I'se tackin' up all mah tacky stuff. You can too iffin' ya's jes' gettin' around to it.

darkfoam said...

well .. that's good then .. :)

Big Shamu said...

Aunty, two words. Job security. How do you think all those tech supporters keep their jobs? Glad to see you're back up and running. And junking.