Mute Monday: X, Y or Z: "Z"


Gypsy said...

WOW....these are incredible Aunty. I love them all but I think my favourites are the exploding zeppelins and the one flying over the pyramid.

Well done. Happy Mute Monday.

moi said...

These photos look like something from a science fiction movie! Very cool. Happy Mute Monday to you!

Big Shamu said...

Beautiful pictures Aunty. Every time I think of a zeppelin I think of Randy getting one in the Christmas Story thinking it was way cooler than a bb gun.
Happy Mute Monday.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Gypsy Romany!

I love that pyramid shopt too--doan ya know them stunned Eygptian fellas thought they's seen the end of the age?

Moi, Dahlink,

it is weird how some of these photos look scifi, but then --wow, zepps are sorta scifi even still.

Big Shamu, Sugar

I love that movie--can Christmas come wif'out that movie? Definitely cooler than a BBgun.

Happy MM ya'll.

TROLL said...

Oh, the humanity! Someone had to say it. Wonderful old visuals!

Happy Mute Monday

fishy said...

Interesting as always Aunty Belle.
I find the grainy photographs very engaging but as much as the images I found myself thinking, "where were the photographers?" who took those arial shots? No doubt in jeopardy!

Also found the US postage stamp interesting at 65 cents ?

Boxer said...

I get dizzy looking at pictures of the Zeppelin - can you imagine traveling in one? NOT ME. But it was beautiful and tragic and I'm glad you picked this as your Mute.

Happy MM!

having my cake said...

LOL... I was thinking exactly what Gypsy said... as usual :) Happy MM x

Ree said...

Wonderful images!

Happy Mute Monday.

fishy said...

Happy Mute Monday, I'm up at the Pond...sort of.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Happy MM. remember, no smoking on the zep.

Bunny said...

Great pics!!

My husband thinks the zeppelin was a great form of transportation and should still be in use. He has all kinds of arguments in the zeppelins' favor.

Happy MM!

K9 said...

i loved this! what a great collection of images and i am a bit sad that i dont see zepplins in the sky. way cool MM! all thats missing is the led.