Diet cheaters alert

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Think ya's tempted to cheat on yore post Christmas diet?

Here's the cure-- a "quadruple by-pass burger---it's a full 10 on the gagitron scale.

Bet'cha cain't watch this video wif'out gaggin.' The Heart Attack Grill

Somewhar' in mah junque pile did I see a treadmill?


fishy said...

I am not eating what they are serving!

Boxer said...

That picture is symbolic of everything wrong in this country.

But at least she's wearing gloves when handling food.

Big Shamu said...

I can't tell, is there bacon on that?

foam said...

unpleasant rumbling from my tummy when i look at it ..

the walking man said...

I wasn't able to see ashtrays in there...but I did notice that a quadruple sells for $13.

maicher said...

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