Mute Monday: "A"


fishy said...

I see I'm not the only one who enjoys a little fun! I LOVE this post, great mix, made me laugh out loud more than once.

So many great images, hard to choose a favorite...but I like the acrobats in the Solarium and loved the art too.

h said...

Really superlative. Loved the mixture of photos and others.

Happy Mute Monday!

moi said...

Cheeky squirrel. Still, one must admire the lil' forkers' flexibility! Love the Chagall, BTW. Actually, love the entire post – very creative and my fave coverage so far. Happy MM!

Pam said...

Wow! Such photos! Great choice and many diverse examples of acrobats!!!! Those aerialists on the white drapes are fabulous! Happy MM

Anonymous said...

Acrobats! Awesome Acrobats.

I've seen the top guys.

Jenny said...

I love the squirrel! Actually, they're all fabulous. It makes me want to do some stretches.


Happy MM!

The Java Junkie said...

Fabulous images, Aunty! I'm rather fond of the acrocat! Happy MM!

Bear said...

Love these... well done and Happy MM.

The Phosgene Kid said...

A very acrobatic mute monday to you AB!!!

Karen said...

Isn't it just mind blowing the contortions the human body can get itself into? Those 3 guys on the top of the high building in NYC (?) made my heart go in my mouth.

Happy Belated MM.

Big Shamu said...

Freakin' squirrel!!! Go ahead, make yourself a BIGGER TARGET!!

PS squirrel, stay out of England unless you'd like a nice hot bath in a stew pot.

boneman said...

I noticed you had several of 'the crew' on the New Yorker (say...isn't that a liberal magazine?)
Along with Pug was K-9 and my own dog, Tug. Plus my Sis in law's great friend/sister has daschhundts up the wazzoo. (and how she got them up there, I'll never know)(nor tell)

The squirrel needs some defending, I think, though.
Seems folks all over are putting up feeders for birds, complete with an array of seeds and nuts that will actually pull bears out to investigate,....and yet, whine like a bunch'a babies when a squirrel gets enough sense to check out the chow.
Heck, squirrels are hungry lil beggars, too!
They look cute, dance around in theh yards, don't potty on the sidewalk or on our cars (well, most times, anyway) and are way less vocal about not being fed.
Our birds around here raise enough racket that, the other day, a funeral procession was driving by, and the guy beat his way out of the coffin to complain about the birds!

OK, not really.

But, they are a vocal bit of business, none-the-less. Squirrels just go find something else.

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