C'Mon In!! Anon Boxer's Blog Block Party!

Hey all ya'll!! Especially those makin' the rounds from Anonymous Boxer's Blog Shindig.

Welcome to Aunty's Porches...jes' open the gate and c'mon round back. See that copper kettle by the tree? Look inside an' git out a raw bone fer ya' dawg.....(but not She-pup, her's got her own chair on both porches!)

Hoo-whee, I do love to meet new folks. Please make yoreself real welcome--there's a pitcher of lemonade on the Front Porch and we's even got some mint juleps fer extra merriment. Ceegars on BACK Porch, only please.

Natcherly, Uncle done brought us a wheelbarrow full of his finest Pork Rinds.. but Uncle ain't here--he's hostin' his own shin'dig...not exactly an office party, since he's gathered his crews around a couple of barrels out in a field--oh, ya know what I mean...remember how in high school how ya' went out behind the airport to the oak hammock land and build a bonfire and drink and hoot and holler, and she-and-he, but nobody could hear ya' on account of the planes??

Yeah, well, Uncle was a champ at orgnanizin' that , so when he growed up he figgered no office parties ( Anon Boxer?) fer him and his gang...nope, they got BBQ and some sorta hooch they cook up....and a blue-grass thang goin' but--ya'll doan wanna go, cause the dress code is overalls--doan look good wif' them gold sling back pumps that MOI is sportin'.

But Aunty has had her hand in the kitchen too....

Ya gotta taste mah venison chilli, top it with the jalapeno sour cream if ya need a bit of meanness to git ya' feelin' feisty (Artfulsub?)

But iffin' ya's snooty 'bout yore food, the world's best coulibiac is on the dinin' room table.

Fer ya'll wif a sweet tooth, pop one of them chocolate bourbon balls Uncle's sis makes us , or have that white choc almond bark a neighbor fella drops off each year--he is an almond farmer/rancher, so them's the best almonds I ever had.

AB!! Mind yore manners, sugar plum---Honey you can look, but doan even think about liftin' that possum paintin' that SHE done did fer me.

( Psst! All ya'll who is mah special friends...wander on upstairs--I done laid out mah most to-die-fer-shoes so ya'll can see 'em plain and doan need ter git caught sneakin' round peekin' in closets. Those grey lizard peep toe shoes is thar' fer ya' Moi.)

Iamnot, iffin' all this sashayin' around wif the the lady bloggers is wearin' on ya, jes' duck into the door first on right at top of the stairs---books aplenty and doan tell nobody how messy mah desk is--papers galore and stale crusts & coffee dregs from midnight oil sessions....workin' on that Jihad essay fer the BACK Porch.

Ya'll make some merry , ya heah? It's warm heah, no snow in Floridy, but ain't the poinsettias purty??

I'll be back directly--gotta go out up and down the Blog Block to mee t mah table mates, Zupper Zee, I seen Manuel, gotta find Gypsy, and Beth & Jerry...I'se a comin' folks...


sparringK9 said...

aunty! i love that magnolia wreath! grrrrrrrrrrrl you are crafty indeed. what shoes? what wheelbarrow of rinds? how about a photo of dashing uncle.? *ya'll i met him and he is certainly that....tad bit er, mature, for my taste but fine fine all the same* grrrherhahaha
didnt you drape some lights over them 8 point haids ise covetin? aunty, post the shoes. i want to see. cause i dont believe you wore shoes to our meetin. grrrrherhahaha. thanks for the chair on the porches. xoxoxox

Jerrster said...

I'm pleased to make your acquaintence Aunty Belle. I know you're just teasing about that corset. Unless you're hiding a Satin Bustier under your party clothes? Who wears a corset these days? (wow pretty forward of me...don't worry I'll mind my manners)

h said...

Sounds great. Do you grow Christmas Cacti too? I've managed not to kill mine 2 years in a row! Whooohoooo! Pink flowers this year. Last year purplish.

Is Uncle's soiree within walking distance? I'd like to eat my fill of vittles at yours and then check out the BBQ and MAYBE the hooch.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Hi Aunty....I just HAD to stop by and grab a handful of those bourbon chocolate balls. Yummmmmmmmmm yummmmm. You've got a nice place goin' here. Nice meetin' ya. Stop by and see me too. See ya at the party. (scoops up another handfull of chocolate balls on the way out the door)

Jenny said...

Helllooo Aunty Belle! OK, OK, I'll put down She's art.. only because I have two of them hanging in my office. She's a talented Lady, isn't she?

Hmmmm - chocolate bourbon balls - you could have saved the work and just handed me the bottle.

Look! Jerry and Gold are here! Waving to She, too. Artfulsub too.

boneman said...

well, gal, it does sound like a fine party, to be sure, but, I didn't see any steps goin' t'upstairs.
(I'de a'looked in to that there "messy room" you talk about...I swear, some boards will do wonders fer ya!)
'Course, if'n I'de a brought m'dogs with me, the pan with the bones would be their first and last stop....
Well, until someone gets a lil popped at the party and starts drippin' their food plates a bit low.
Princess Gninski will be there to be the heroine of the day. Saved more carpets of friends than I can even remember.
Most of 'em don't want me to bring m'gog, GniGni, but, when a red beet drops on the white carpet, before the hostess can sob out a curse at all, ol" Gni Gni gets the treat, likes the spot...
Better'n what's-his-name selling that oxyclean stuff on the tube!
Then they ASK for me to bring her by t'places, and I did fer a while, till folks' first guess at her name was "Sausage"

This here's a nice break from the fireworks over yonder at back porch.
The way it's set up is very warm and invitin'.

Yes, very nice.
Espaecially that wreath.

Gnomeself Be True said...

The big magnolia tree in my parent's front yard is about all I miss of Louisiana.
Just stopping by to say hi for the event.

Aunty Belle said...

SHE! UH-OH...oh-oooh! Now ya done it! Looky She-pup, ya's gonna lose them porch chairs iffin' Uncle reads what ya wrote --he doan know he ain't still 27. Thas' why he act so funny, like a long necked goose.

Ha--ya wanna see mah shoes? Think jes' cause Aunty runs about bar-foot that I ain't never done no prancin'? ain't had no zapatos? heh heh...yeah, I had me some lookers--the bronze snakeskin stilts wif' tiny gold chains at the sling back heel...oh honey, does thay make somethin' that purty anymore?

But, fer the sake of the new fella, this heah JERRSTER, I'se gonna fish out a dear little camisole from Reine des Fees...eat yore hearts out young ladies. (comin' next, I promise)

Artfulsub!! ha! Uncle would love to have yore ever lovin gator soul show up in his back 40 fer some sippin. Git yore lies and tall tales ready, cause they blue up the air wif they loud mouth boastin--but, din't figger ya fer overalls!! Orange and blue overalls???

Well Hidy-do Golden Silver Val--I enjoyed my visit wif ya! Thanky fer comin' by...have another julep and sit a spell.

Psst! Anonymous Boxer I finagled somethin' amazin' outa that She pup---early work she trashes--so I got me a stash now. hee haw!!! The bottle of the good bourbon is in Uncle's hip pocket, chile--you'll have to run him down. Lovin' yore party, darlin'!

Hey Boney!! Yeah Sugar, c'mon on in whar' it ain't no gnawing goin' on--so glad ya can come to the merriment side of this abode. But dawgs ain't no problem fer the carpets--cause dawgs stay out in the yard--thas' why we got them bones--keep the pooches happy so ya can sit a spell.

Ya like that wreath Boney?? Magnolias--a Southern Christmas round heah.

Aunty Belle said...

ooops--missed ya in passin' Iamnot!

Did ya bring some of that Parmesan???
I still love Louisiana....

Leaking Moonlight said...

Isn't this blog party fun? Got to give kudos and hugs to Anonymous Boxer.

Seems like we're not seated at the same table, but we are back to back. I'll turn around and give you a holler, like from the screen door, Southern style.

And happy holidays to you from Dallas!

Karen said...

Mmmmmm chocolate bourbon balls....YUM. AB's right, we both could have saved you some trouble. Pass the bourbon to Boxer and bring that ol chocolate on over here. Nice place you have here Aunty....mind if I sit a spell and soak up some Southern hospitality? You're too sweet....

Mr. DNA said...

I'm definitely a front porcher. Not much for mixing it up these days. I have enough frustration without making new enemies, or friends for that matter. AB throws a good party, huh?

I reckon I'l be back.

Michele said...

My father is from O.K. pork rinds where as common in our house as sushi rolls.

Love the wreath, soooo pretty.

Happy Holidays.

See you at AB's

soapbox girl said...

Love your place, Aunty Belle. The porch is my favorite place to be, though I think I'll stay on the front porch, since I don't like cigars too much.

BTW I have all of Flannery O'Connor's short stories. She's great!

Aunty Belle said...

HEy Mr DNA!! No problem--we'uns have a fine time on the FRONT Porch! Tell us some stories, a joke, discuss movies, books and dufus bosses....whatever is on yore mind as long is it is in a tone and vocab that woan bother mah delicate ears (giggle!)

Jet Pass !! Whoo-whata name--glad Pork Rinds is Okay wif' ya...some folkjs is too uppity to eat 'em! Ain't this a swell party??

Soap Box Girl--hey hey!! Oh I'se real excited to have a Flannery friend--mercy, but that wuz one wise woman. Please come often--mebbe we oughta start a Flannery thread.

BlazngScarlet said...


Another Florida gal!
I sure do loves the vittles you got laid out .... mind if I set a spell and clear out the cobwebs?

Thanks a bunch.

Happy Holidays Aunty Belle!

moi said...

Howdy Aunty. Just dropping by for some Southern hospitality. I'll hang on the front porch for a while – pork rinds and bourbon balls? Be still Moi's heart. Then I'll head out back for a quick cigar.

Enjoy the party!

Elle said...

I'm in a bit of a quandary. I'm highly impressed with the wreath, but find pork rinds to be the work of the devil. and there is something inheritly wrong with a poinsettia growing all year long. Aren't they supposed to die by the time you get them to the car?

darkfoam said...

i luv venison chili...
anything with jalapenos..
blue grass..
no overalls though..
no sling back pumps though either..

can't stand pork rinds ...
except you do wear them mightly nicely, belle..

Aunty Belle said...

Blasingfire, welcome, puddin'! Shure thang--sit a spell, enjoy this lovely Floridy evening...and doan be shy in the kitche--git a bowl of that venison chilli....

Hey thar' Elle! Ain't ya a purty thang, wif that red hair and impsih grin???
Doan need to eat nuthin' ya doan like-jes skip the porkrinds and have some that salmon coulibiac, or go fer the bourbon balls... thanky fer sayin' nice thangs about that magnolia wreath--it is purty, ain't it?

MOI!! Honey---did ya git upstairs yet? See what I laid out fer ya??

Foamy LAdy...aw, Baby Doll, ya KNOW AUnty ain't wearin' no overalls--so ya doan have to either! Uncle's crews do, though..porkrind bidness is rough.

HAve some chilli and a tall mint julep to cool yore mouth back down.