Uncle Sends Regards to Anon Boxer's Party

Uncle is miffed that Trout the red nose dawg has a place at Anonymous Boxer's party.

So, he sends his regards. From the huntin' camp...whar' he retired after his own "office" party out in the field.

(AUNTY's Porches still open ...see below)


sparringK9 said...

THATS the shot i love. im postin it. aunty, youse the bestest.

moi said...

Mmmmm . . . Venison. Makes any green chile stew rock extra special.

And oh, yes, on the coulibiac – double mmmmm. And the sudden realization that I really need to step up my game on the savory baking side of things.

darkfoam said...

left a message at your down stairs at your other post.
the deer looks rather stoic, i'd say..:)

boneman said...

Is that deer mounted there?
Nope. He just come and punched his way through the wall and we hung the lights on him.
Here's yer sign.
Is that a piano in yer livingroom?
Nope. It's a table with buck teeth.
Here's yer sign,
Two of m'favorites from Engval humor.

Looks to be quite the merriment down that-a-ways.
Happy holidays to ya, gal.

Jenny said...

ahahah - I'm SO taking him over......

Melissaria said...

Just doing the late party rounds - liking the look of the debate site - I'll be sending my husband over to join you at some point - get him started on religious debates, and everyone's up all night. And I need my beauty sleep more than ever just now :-)

Upset Waitress said...

Tis a bitchin party AB threw. Nice ta meet you Aunty Belle :)

Jenny said...

Aunty - thanks for everything you did this weekend! You are the best.