Adultery, Blog Style

Mavis Herrell is a blogger. Her day job is a creative writin' course at the local university. This includes how ter write blogs fer pay. She does some surveys of blogger behavior too, fer a local media outfit:

Q. Why do sites have have high hits but low numbers of comments? A. It's like a school class of 30 people where the same 5 students raise their hands day after day.

But the stuff Mavis doan wanna read in front of her students is the meat
of her own anonymous blog. In class they done a survey--secret like--
whar' they filled in the names of they own favorite blog sites.

She was perched against the porch rail, arms crossed over her chest, one hand on her throat; body language signaling protection of the heart.

I picked a sprig of mint fer our glasses of lemonade, and offered her a cookie.

Seems that some students was "bigamist bloggers" ter quote Mavis.

"Whas' a bigamist blogger?" I ast her.

"Why ya' know--one who is livin' in mor'n one blog community. Them's plain an' simple adulterers, iffin' ya ast me," Mavis snapped.

I chewed the mint from the bottom of my lemonade glass....

"But Mavis, a blogger family can be real real special--I feels that way too--but it ain't an act of faithlessness to visit outside the cyber compound."

"Thas' the whole trouble wif' the blogosphere. They ain't no decent rules of engagement. We need ter eliminate the Blog-arounds. Blog-chasers," Mavis was close ter whinin'.

I jes' patted her shoulder...some folks is real real tender, ya' know?


butterflygirl said...

Thanks for making me smile!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Infinitesimal said...

well this is a fine post, i like it. I like the cartoons, the brevity and the short story.

But I want a link to Mavis' blog now!!

darkfoam said...

I KNEW IT! you've been blogging with someone else, a mavis woman no less...

Anonymous said...
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boneman said...

Goodness, now I'm gonna be worried on that fer the rest of the week....
When blogger said, "sure. Throw away yer blog," I tried to get it back (no doin') then tried t'start another one (they went down) dang!
So, I found another blog site and actually have ANOTHER blog out there....which (and, please don't laugh too hard,) I don't even remember how to get to. If I did know how to get to it, I've already forgotten the password (folks, it's true what they say....if y'don't use it, y'lose it) and, since the e-mail here doesn't work (still) then there's no way for me t'get connected back up with.
So, I guess, if we're goin' with Mavis' theory, my "mistress" was a stopover in Indy, a one nighter (am I allowed t'be saying this here on the front porch?) and then she was off to parts unknown.
Dang! I feel like I should buy some flowers and, I dunno, some jewelry fer the computer.
I'de never ever gone out on either wife...they both left me.
(The funny thing about it is, just recently I realized I didn't have to be afraid of new relationships...I mean, just because my two ex-wives cut out my heart and lungs....DANG! I still have PLENTY of good organs. And, somes the fun ones, too)
So, as fer what t'do with the 'puter......
I always thought the hollywood method a bit tacky. Flowers and jewelry? Like that sez, "sure, honey, I strayed with another woman (or man...heck. I ain't prejudiced against them folks who wander in that direction) but, gosh. Here's some flowers that'll die and some bling to take to the pawn shop....we're still "cool" aren't we?"


(Uh-oh. I just now noticed there are two deleted remarks over there....and, we ARE on the front porch, aren't we? Maybe I best be wanderin' off, seein' as how I could really go astray with this line of gab....)

Aunty Belle said...

Hey ya'll...well, see all those deleted comments? It ain't anything any of ya'll said, but fly-bys postin' they own naughty sites---

Guess I'se figgerin' out that iffin' ya have a naughty word (like Adultery) in yore blog title, it attracts those computer generated posts. Sorry.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey ever'body...thanky fer yore thoughts...is anyone a bigamist blogger round here?

Lemme 'fess up,: Aunty "hangs" in a few other blogger spots...one fer european writer's of euro news, one fer unabashed religious types. And onc't in a while I'se known to yak on a conservative blog or two.

Now--I'se exposed fer what I is.

darkfoam said...

maybe i shouldn't mention that i've had 3 other blogs at one time?
and i actually have another right now..
although i've deleted what i have on it. but basically the foaming / moan has always been the main blog.
i do visit a fair amount of art related blogs, some political blogs at times but i don't comment much on those.

Aunty Belle said...

Ah, Foamy, yoluse confessin' too? We still luv ya!!

Anonymous said...

shhh..Aunty Bell...don't tell but I got a friendster blog..and a Vox blog..and a sensualuxious blog and another one nobody gets to read ..and well...all them blogs...they don't know each other..he! he!

Luxie here wishing you a good day:>

Anonymous said...

Which blogs do you show yourself to?/ there R blogs for information/ news/ not same as blogger friends/

h said...

I really didn't understand this post. Post something new!

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Luxie and Artfulsub,
thanky fer ya visits...

Artfulsub, ya doan understand? Why I'se jes' makin' light of how we see our blogger selves... does we feel attached to one or more groups of bloggers? Do we have alternate identities for each group we visit?

h said...


Oh, I guess I understand, sort of. Although wildly popular, I'm new to blogging and don't belong to any "blog groups". If you know of any good ones, let me know.

There used to be a loose organization of Trolls I was loosely a part of. That was kinda fun.