Roamin' on Home

Hey Ya'll.

I'se back heah on the porches now--fer about a day.
Gotta give Uncle Aloysius some time now--ya know? SO we'uns is off fer a few days. Some place whar' he can hold up and I cain't get to no internet.
Thas' a hunter fer ya---corral that game so they cain't get away. He bein' barely over mah namin' him Aloysius on this blog.

But I had a good run over in Spain

an' Italy.

There were a nother lady along--she's a writer of TV stuff, an' stayed miffed cause I doan watch much TV an' never knew who and what all she was talkin' about. (All she could think about was what was happenin' wif' some Soprano peoples I ain't never heered of. ) So we couldn't gossip much. Still, we made a good team--she is from a bitty little ole' place in the South, but wish't she was a member of the Sally Fowler Rat Pack, if ya' knows what I mean?

But after a day or so she and me settled on down to "we's jes' a couple of gals from the South, out fer a look at what them northeast elites get such a charge from." Not from anything us'uns really care fer.

We went to some of the most beautiful holes-in-the-wall villages ya ever did see--research fer our separate work.

Ya'll know what--they's a mayor of an Italian town who offers ladies 10,000 euros to have a second baby--an' I ain't foolin' ya'll none. Course, the G8 was at it, and Italy and Spain is still wonderin' what the new French pres is gonna mean....

I got a heap of pictures fer ya'll--but it'll have ter wait till I can get back heah.

Ya'll hold the fort, and We'll have us a good jaw when Aunty gets back.

An...yep...I'll be announcin' the winner of the limerick contest!


Anonymous said...
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boneman said...

haven't been having the best'o'luck
gettin m'youtube onto m'blog stuck
I'm a dinosaur, it seems
with old dinosaur dreams
but, now I sound like an old hen, "cluck, cluck, cluck"

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Dear Aunty-
Rest up- take a nice break :) I feel like I've been running since the end of May, but it's all been good. Here at the coast with my kids for a few days, then home until the end of June, and back to the coast (my in-laws live here) for the whole week of July 4th.

I do believe it would be cheaper in the long run if I just moved here! :)

Hope all is well with you~

Helene said...

Hope the R & R was just what the doctor ordered! (although from where I sit any time in Italy and Spain counts for R&R even if it is work! =])