Rain In Spain (And prize alert)

Hidy all ya'll--yep, I'se over heah jes' a workin'..... mah pore ole' foots is throbbin' since been beating the pavement--er, that is cobblestones... lady like shoes won't do an I'se wishin' I had mah granny boots. I'se up heah wif' them BAsque boys--ya'll know ya doan mess wif them, right? Spain has had its elections and there's always some to-do over it up heah in the north part--in fact, BAsque folks think they oughta be like Andorra--a whole other country.

but do get a minute heah and theah to check in on the blogs--oh my! What fine reports on the blog summit I saw over at
Bawgs (Bogs) and Mayden and that She -Dawg named K-9--fine reports. (An I hears Ardy is not in complete retirement? )

Ya'll, I is SO tickled ter find new limericks on the Porch. Yeah, Boney, while I'm heah and not theah, ya'll go on writin' til " gets back--I got a fun prize fer the funnest one. Doan fergit, that they's some limericks on the Front Porch about three posts back and they count too.

An' I'se decided there should be a man prize and a lassie prize--man prize from Spain, lady prize from Italy.

Sure wisht I coulda had all ya'll at dinner tonight!! Here's what vittles came ter the table:

A morsel of somethin' like a shrimp and artichoke pate (Madre Mia!) then sweet red peppers stuffed with goat cheese and shrimps...but wait! Then came the brochette of Iberian pork in gorgonzola sauce wif' toasted pinenuts. (WHAT else would the wife of a pork rind magnate order?) Postre (dessert ) was a cookie tulip of calatrava ice cream..uh huh. Mayden, ya ready to whip THAT menu up in mah kitchen?) Albarino ws mah vino--mighty fine too. Mayhap the next blog summit oughta be here?


darkfoam said...

i've been to basque land.
that menu sounds divine..and now you've made me starved...

and this here limerick is your fault since you started this whole business. i just now thunk it up...

frankenstein's bride thought she needed to hide
cause under her dress
she was quite a mess
those wadded up painties were hurtin her pride..

well, at least it rhymes..

darkfoam said...

panties, i meant panties..tsk

sparringK9 said...

what? no gooseneck barnacles? how about pulpo. mmmmmmmmm good.

so you didnt name a winner and i think boney thinks he will wo\in thru sheer volume!

when are you coming back and do we have time to submit more?

first the basques and then the southerners grrherhaha

stay focused aunty and knock em daid

sparringK9 said...

grrr win i meant. i cant type on this windoze keyboard. gah!

boneman said...

So, even in Spain y'all got the blues?
Done gone'n'brought the wrong pair of shoes?
Maybe somewhere between whinin
just before dinin'
That y'bought yerself new sneakers should be the news.

But, after all, they is YER feet
poundin' pavement, cobblestone or street.
So you can treat 'em real nice
or slip them into a bucket of ice
when y'get back to the hotel , while yer sittin' on yer seat

Bird said...

glad you're traveling about. i junked my summer traveling plans - decided to wait another year, save up more moola, and go for a longer stay in europe next summer perhaps.

so i shall live vicariously through various bloggers who are on the move this summer.

lemme know when the next summit is - i'll try to flap on by. learned about this past one too late in the game to make plans. and wasn't quite sure it was open to all comers.