Prize winners!!

Hey all ya'll!

Aunty is at her desk at home fer a little spell and catchin' up on a few thangs.

By far the most fun cyber chore I have before me is to announce the winners of the Front Porch limerick contest!!

Drum roll, please.

Here are the winning two--one lady prize,
nd one gentleman prize.

Lady Prize goes to this little ditty:

"an independent minded foam
wrote quite contently at home
she snickered alright
cause she realized tonight
that wadded up panties belonged to the right."

Ya'll know thas' from Foaming Moan. She done real well gettin'
in stuff about herself and the polly=ticks of our blog community.
BRAVO Foamy! (ya'll duly note: Aunty is even-handed--I dint penalize Foam for pokin' fun at the Right!)

Foam also sent along this one that were fine too:

"a porkrind aunty from down south
had 'nuf of sittin on her couch
she ups and wanders
fer what happens over yonders
makes good readin' fer us left on our couch."

Now fer the Gentleman prize, why this is the one that tickled me most:

"Wishd I lived closer around
So I could come visit blogger town
well, no, reckon it's over
yer fine day in the clover
so, it WAS fun, wasn't it? Now I'm down."

Thas' from Boneman, our Boney....Kudos to you!

But I really gotta mention the honorable mentions:

Pete Bogs wif this true statement:

"So I don’t follow syllable rules
Well, syllable rules is just for fools
I will not be compelled
On the rules, never dwelled
I’m a writer, not one of your tools"

Yeah, Darlin', that real good --writers rules rule the writer too much.

And SHE-dawg and Vanilla Contessa get high fives
fer their politically themed set up fer Foam's winner.

SHE wrote:

"there once was a cracker named aunty
who lived in the poark rind shanty
her veggies and flowers
gave her mystical powers
for waddin' up liberals panties."

And Contessa added,

"Pay visit to Dame Belle in Flori-da
Feasting on poark rinds rootie-beggas and jica-ma
But if panties gets to waddin'
It's them Muslims what be jihadin'
And ol' Auntie doan vote fer no Obama"

Congratulations winners, and THANKY to all ya'll who left a funny on the Porch--hoo-whee, it has been fun!

(Iffin' you winners will email Aunty Belle whar' to send yore prize I'll get them in the mail. send email to abporkrinds@yahoo.com)


Anonymous said...

How much is the rent in that shanty?

darkfoam said...

well, i'll be darn tootin'.
thanky much aunty belle. really, i also have to thank that she dawgy since she inspired me...
i just couldn't resist funnin' at politics.
i'll be emailing you i reckon.

Helene said...

Just popped in to say hello and tell you how much I enjoyed meeting you at the Bloggers Summit! Hope your trip was wonderful! I am still getting through the jetlag myself! lol

Cheers and tell Uncle Belle Happy Fathers Day!

boneman said...

This here's turnin' out t'be a fine day, indeed!

Won a contest....
Get to have my first father's day lunch at m'lovely former wife's place (that's what she makes me call her)

Though, I'm not sure how to act....
I mean, the daughter's 19 years old. What do I say?

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Kate--welcome home, sugar pie. Cain't wait ter hear all about yore sojourn. Fun meetin' ay'--we'uns oughta do it more often.

Hey Boney!! Yep, youse the man!

Congrats on seeing daughter--and jes' love her like she was nine, not nineteen--but TELL her what a fine young lady she has become.

sparringK9 said...

the announcement! the winner is foamy
and the man prize goes out to dear boney
it's pratical proof
that conserves love the truth
our aunty's non partial - no baloney

congrats to the winners! yay.

Aunty Belle said...

Aw, She Pup...golly, youse such a good sport!!