Summit du jour

Well, Chickens, we done met up at the Blog Summit--hoo-whee, ya'll all was missed.

We had a mighty fine time, an I'se here to tell ya' that Pete Bogs, Mayden, She-K-9 and Kate are all fine folks--they are real, and real fun too.

I knows ya'll will hear plenty for the others in the next few days--so I ain't gonna bend yore ear too much now. But one thang fer shure--we gotta widen the summit so more of ya'll will come!

Folks, Aunty is going AWOL fer another little spell--got check the rain in Spain on the plain...mosey over to Rome again fer a day or so.

Ya'll hold the fort---and iffin' I can I might check in on ya'...


Lady Prism said...

Oh'..I soo envy all of you...I wish someday I could at least meet one or two...

But it would be nice reading about everything...

Take care Aunty...Have fun too!...I'll be thinking of you!

Infinitesimal said...

well, i left yee another limerick.

and do check out my green vanilla bitch blog, you may find it of some interest.

bon voyage world traveler.

goes back to Rome "for a day or two"

what are you, some kind of pope consultant?

boneman said...

Are y'travelin' the world without any ties?
Have you a ship, or does ya flies?
Well, fare thee well, m'lass
and don't fall on yer ass.
And, until y'name a winner, just leaves more time fer tries?

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Hugs Aunty-
What a great pleasure it was to meet you...and I hope that one day I'll get to spend some time with you in your kitchen :) (I'll cook!)

Have a safe trip- you are and will be in my thoughts and prayers as you go~
I'm so glad you could make it to the summit :)

darkfoam said...

bon voyage..

darkfoam said...

a porkrind aunty from down south
had 'nuf of sittin on her couch
she ups and wanders
fer what happens over yonders
makes good readin' fer us left on our couch...

boneman said...

I s'pose as long as yer obeyin the law
Y'll can travel the world in yer magic rickshaw
but from behind the old tree
is a complainer, y'see
"Hows about taking me along next time," sez HeeHaw.