Laughin' ain't what it used ter be

Q. What do you get when you cross an insomniac with a dyslexic agnostic?
A. Someone who lies awake wondering if there really is a Dog.

Mah friend sent that ter me fer fun.

An' I did laugh.


She noted how ya' couldn't make no fun any more of injuns, polacks, crackers (well, I doan mind akshully) dagos, darkies, fat folks, skinny folks or short folks. Comedy routines is on hard times.

Wait! There is God---ya' can still make fun o' God.

An' thas' the last laugh I had yesterday.

Cause next, another lady comes ter book club wif nervous twittery laugh an' a clippin' from a a northeast newspaper what ran a review of a movie called Zoo...er, a ducmentary "the culture of zoophiles, people with an erotic attraction to animals." Time magazine coos, "it is more atmospheric than graphic, more romantic than journalistic." An' the director "avoids judging the men in his film, depicting them as regular guys who hold down regular jobs and attend regular parties."

"Is this a joke do ya' think?" she asked?

None of us were laughin'. We's in stunned mute horror.

Whar' is PETA when ya need 'em? Whar's their outrage?

This duckumentary was based on the real life story of some demented fella in Washington state who died despite his buddies rushin' him to the hospital after somehtin' "atmospheric and romantic" happened wif' a horse and the man's colon was perforated. The horror here ain't the demented man, but Time and other media bigwigs whose shameless prostitution for a buck means they'd smirk over such a movie and describe it as "romantic."

When the Wahabbi's bomb Sundance I'se gonna cheer.

An if ya' ain't had yore fill of gruesome insanity,
and yore belly ain't full of somethin' unpleasant to upchuck,
then rent Last King of Scotland...see Forest Whitaker play a masterful Idi Amin..the butcher of Uganda. See what a real dictator does..jes' by way of knowin' truth from hyperbole in the American press.

Well...as I say, laughin' ain't what it used to be.


sparringK9 said...

hail naw aunty. you caint judge a buggerer of creatures! but SUV drivers? may they be damned into eee-ternal suffering amongst their evil brethren in the burning lake of fire!

darkfoam said...

i have read where these folks get prosecuted for animal cruelty.

Gnomeself Be True said...

For people haters, accepting animal "lovers" is probably pretty easy.

Gnomeself Be True said...

For people haters, accepting animal "lovers" is probably pretty easy.

boneman said...

Every man is cruel
and every man is a fool.
That we beat the darkness down inside
till we're sure it's gone forever to hide

even with closed eyes we ends up seeing
others hating, biting, not human beings....

All men are cruel
and men are fools

and before y'think the last was spoken
don't ferget this other lil token
"man" is mankind
and some women also find

How fun it is to be a fool
how fun it is to be so cruel

THANKFULLY, though (and this IS good t'know)
mankind ain't the last judge in this terrible show

It be the CREATOR with the CREATOR's plans
and there ain't no nevermind about all them cruel mans.