K-9 & Rules fer Bloggers: Can We Talk?

Hey ya'll,

Can we talk? Most of ya'll knows that K9 is closing down the dog yard. We love that Rottie pup, and many of ya'll has made purty poems, sent blog bouquets...jes' a fine outporin' of affection for the pooch.

But iffin' ya been by the Yard of Sparring K-9 ya seen there's some fur flinging goin' on.

A blogger from a six months or so back was often at odds with K-9 and after a battle or two, the blogger pulled his own plug, but left a fussy "ANON" note heah and theah...

Now Pup is waving bye-bye, and lots of us'uns left a blog kiss... then along comes the ANON who is ARDLAIR from a former blog. Ardlair leaves a heap of vituperation on the Dawg's blog, and that aggravates Mayden and Aunty and Pup and I doan know who all... but here's the thang:

After the fur flies, Ardlair wants ter say it's "just a blog" ....meaning, lighten up, have a nice day, be happy, don't worry, etc.....

Whas' that mean, akshully? "Jes' a blog" --whas' that mean?

Do it mean "no rules," all is fair in blog and war?

SO I'se wonderin' if they's rules fer blog communities....

Aunty sorta thought that, shure 'nuff we are make-believe folks (some of us is make believe animals!), but that did not suspend rules of fair play--

oh now, jes' ask Bird Beauty or Rev or Sir Percival, they'll tell ya' Aunty likes a good scrappin' set-to onc't in awhile (ya' doan want Uncle to have ter deal wif it all does ya?)

But even when tempers is flared and topics is contentious, the rules of
fair dealin' still hold, or do they? (Throw a punch at the opinion, not the person)

How far can bloggers go? If blogs is fabrications and fantasy, is ALL fabrication OK? or is it understood that a fabricated persona ain't license to fabricate calumny?

What do ya'll think?


Gnomeself Be True said...

Just like everywhere else in life. We all play by whatever rules strike us and we tend to congregate with others that hold to similar rules.
Trying to play with someone that doesn't abide your rules just never works.

Helene said...

I think that blogland gives people a place to be what they want to be unlike real life. I think thats its appeal to many people!

I have been surprised to find soooo many 'real' friendships here. But I also think that its a big dark world out there (not saying that K9 was anything other than what was shown as I never really visited the site on a regular basis... so I dont have any insite there) My thought though is that if you are gonna play with the big boys you better be aware of who you are sharing what with. I havent encountered anyone at all(in a year of blogging) who has crossed the line so to speak, but I know plenty of people who have. I have been lucky, but I also keep my distance a bit more than many people here.

Interesting question... now I will have to go over and have a look at the k9's blog! lol


sparringK9 said...

/bark bark bark

well this is a remarkable time. and a very timely question. in this amazing year of blogging ive learned much about myself, the good the bad and the lame.

i can totally roll with what ardlair did on my page. it was hard to see him call me out as a bitch and then leave a link to a book on amazon that was about a lesbian who faked being a man, which implies that was my M.O.

and he did this as an "anon" on two pages that were very sweet and much treasured posts to me from two of my dearest girlies, my sisters in ether you could say.

now it was not about what was said to me that hurt, but more how it would be received by the ones i love, that it was "an experiment" as he called it. and that word experiment implies that it was not real and that's not true. at least not true in K9's case.

as kate has written in the previous post, my friendships in blogland matter to me, these are people i truly care for, people i admire and want them to do and be well.

ironically, just this week i had the discussion with my first blog dogfighter WCH, to whom i wrote my first mea culpa, that i was concerned that since i fronted myself as the rottweiler, then would that mean the sincere things i had written to bloggers i truly care for would be suspect? i hoped not, and he was gracious enough to spend some quality time discussing this very thing with me. those in my early blog history like vanille and bird and revvy will understand how amazing this is.

yes its true im not actually a rottweiler. grrhererhaha
but i stand by every word i ever wrote as that dog. and i always left the anonymous option open and was willing and able to receive any comment at all.

so as far as i am concerned, it can be open season on me. i fully own K9's words and actions. ive never shrunk from any dogfight brought to me and when i behaved badly i often received the classic sharp rap to the hip with a rolled paper. and any who read the K9 with any regularity knows i would not hesitate to apologize when i should....i wouldnt just shrug it off as no big deal be happy its just a blog as ardlair did. but thats a style thing, i guess.

as to the calumny (had ta look that one up aunty) no i didnt think it was fair to suggest i was a lesbian (and lesbians dont take it personal just because im not one, and dont want to be accused of being so, okay?)

the fact is i am K9. the bloggers ive met in the real will tell you i am that dog however i am physically manifested.

so over the year i have developed my own code of ethics, but this is a very fluid interactive art form, and anything can and will happen. so a charge can be leveled at me, and i can defend myself accordingly. if you know me, you'll know the truth, and if you dont know me, then the false charge could stick and theres nothing that can be done with that. in the end in the "real" the truth is what it is.

finally, aunty, you are a treasure, and you know i loves ya. and the commentary on the final K9 post is hilarious...with your contribution being just amazing. like vanille said it seemed like "old times". im not terribly bothered by how it all ended....i had hoped to surprise a few of my favorites in the real....and i guess thats not possible now.

this is a question that really needs even further exploration but this is too long a comment and so i am signing off.

now, about that speckled perch. is thar any chance uncle can catch some for when i range through for our blog summit with bogs and q?


Infinitesimal said...

Hey Puppy,

Member when you called WCH a teacup Poodle, and I had to swat you one with a rolled up Sunday Times, and point you to the Ad Hominim post on my bitch blog?

AKA the rules for blog comments

I think I will go there now, Aunt, and find the link to post fer ya.

I told you WCH was a great friend to have.

Both of you year of the dog, and as I recall, Ardlair was/is too!

Mr Q said...

Aunty, sadly, there are no rules, no good ones, no bad ones, none at all. I say sadly but not for everyone. Most of this medium of communication is, that is why is so special, it is like real life with the exception of having a choice, the simplest of them all. To be or not to be. That has different limits to everyone's tolerance levels. Individualism here is paramount, is not an option, it protects, it teaches, it scares.
Should we put rules on it?
Who are WE?
Is it a democracy?
HARDly so, especially when wackos come in the same amount or numbers as sane people do, this is a battle for the mind not the soul, yet both co-exist in this artificial place we are co-creators of. Choices is what we have here and those choices makes us or brake us. To K9, the utmost respect for always showing composure, respect, admiration and honesty. Those things WE all need more of, but I hate to ask again, who are WE?

My $.02 Aunty, and hope to see you around later, in words, letters, images or mp3s.

Infinitesimal said...

Who the Hell is Ad Hominem?

someone has censored my site!!!

links to rules and literal government cover-ups!!

Infinitesimal said...

there is ONE rule, if Big Brother don't like what's on my bitch blog, he's gonna put a big grey box over it to cover it up!!

Anonymous said...

Ard came out of hiding, eh?

my (unwritten) blog rules are that guests can't get too abusive with each other, though they can obviously criticize each other's views... what kind of host would I be if I let my guests get at each other?

they can let me have it, but if they start going overboard I'll delete it...

I need to look up "calumny," too...

sparringK9 said...

/bark bark bark

vanille: yes. you were the original dog trainer and your props are duly noted. good i threw out the ottoman and went with you instead.

Q; yours is the salient point of the year:

"that is why is so special, it is like real life with the exception of having a choice, the simplest of them all. To be or not to be."


and thank you for your friendship and kind words.
you have always been a prized commenter..some of the most unique and right on observations with the famous quordian twist....on everybody's page. the respect back at you tenfold.

bogs! darn it i was one month short of a fun surprise i planned for you.


..................... said...

dang, i don't look in on k9's blog for one day since he officially left and look what i missed.
well, let me just mosey on over and see what the ruckus is all about.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Ya'll...well, I'm learnin' from each of ya'--very good points--

I does git what Contessa Vanille is sayin' bout freedom to say wif' out big bro, and keep way from ad homninem...and iamnot, yep--congregatin' is the key--doan have no congress wif those who ain't on yore vibe about "fair."

Welcome Kate,as in life, if ya run wif big dogs (grrrhahaha) then be prepared.

SO Q and Bawgs, as usual is takin' all in wif a grain of salt-- they's voices of experiences--and mebbe they ain't go no high expectations

Schaumi, youse catchin' up wif' what's goin' down--so now ya see, now ya know....

And Pup, looky dawg, Aunty is admirin' ya for keepin' cool--and I'se real sorry that now Bawgs' surprise is spoilt, but only part -way, as we know (hoo-whee!)

But Aunty is goin' ter tell the truth, Dawg, and youse too kind to do it--Ardlair had an ill intent. He's been poutin' 'bout ya fer a long time, and he done deliberately engaged in character assassination, fer mah money. He intended harm. He underestimated yore being-ness, even in blog terms.

An' takin' Q's cue, if the thang about blog-dom is that we choose to be --or not be--,then Pup, I sure thanky fer being who ya chose to be--feisty, but noble, playful yet serious when need be (As Sweet Shoat noted on SK9) Ya's been gentle wif' the tenderhearted, but took a hunk outa the interlopers.....a dawg fer all seasons.

Ain't this why so many of us'uns love ya wif'out one jealous bone ter pick? (er, mayhap Percival) No matter if ya's a Lady or the Tramp--what matters is that the Dawg was true--and true to all.

Now fer settin' some records straight: Ardlair flung out all sorts of darts trying to see what would hit a mark-- a speculation that is fair enough when limited to gender of an avatar. Yep, that far, was fair.

But the link to a distasteful site as an image of Ard's speculation bout the Dawg was untrue, intend to harm, and motivated by pure pique.
(note to ARD, Pride goeth afore the Fall)

Q noted right--this ain't a democracy--but Aunty would like ter think that the folks who trade quips and jabs, polly-ticks and sweet hellos and "how's ya doin" is folks who *set for theyselves* a certain baseline of personal integrity.

Early on, when Aunty was a new born blogger, Bawgs tole me that they all looked after one another-- so even whar' they's polar opposites on sides of an issue,most of you folks is not out to harm nobody. Debate? Oh yeah-- but not intent to harm. For this, Aunty loves ya all!!

Jes' one last thang--Aunty ain't no fella, despite Ardlair's tangled feverish imagination. (Why iffin' he'd read the prior post he'd have knowed --I ask ya' would that episode wif the ladder come from a man???)

This is way long--jes' doan want the Dawg ter have its send-off overshadowed. Happy trails, Pup.

Infinitesimal said...

OK, but to be devil's advocate here:

K9 started in bloggaville by saying that he hated the commentary that everyone left that was like:

"Oh your blog is soooooo goood and I am sooo impressed with all you have to say, have a great day!"

like on WCH's yard

He said he wanted his blog to be a sparring yard

"Sparring" K9....

and provoke comments that would provoke comments that would invoke debate.

When I said the last post reminded me of the good old times, I mean, remember when, we all would get heated (in good fun) and just DEBATE an issue??

I can just imagine Ardlair, with his fingers up to his head as little horns, snickering.... devilishly bringing those days back.

You have to admit, the fire , the latin, the excorcism!!!! It was all a lot more fun and inspiring than:

OMG, I wuv my wittle puppy wuppy, o yes I do, Oh yes I DO!!!

I am just saying... made me think of the good ole' days.

I think Ardy was a readin' K9 all along, and was sad to see him go, and wanted to give him a goodbye as well, but just could not bring himself to make the same sweet comments as everyone else.

He wanted one last tussle, perhaps.
With Man's best friend.

sparringK9 said...

/bark bark bark

vanille: you are missing the point. sparring's good. dogfighting's fun, i understand what ya meant by old times. i like it too. K9's not looking for lovey dovey praise. i wouldnt mind a tribute of porterhouse though. (can your date set that up for us? howl!)

but this particular issue was about implying a falsehood that could possibly invalidate, or taint poems and artistic homages to people that mattered to me

so it is NOT analagous to what you are writing vanille. you know full well i enjoyed dogfighting with ardlair and "shiny happy people" still stands on SK9 as testimony to that fact.

and as to your other statement: growlf . no way vanille! i have the archives. i never wrote that...i harrassed wch on content. but the sentance you wrote ...it's not mine. but i already wrote in cheneys sock puppets first post about that...almost a year ago my apology to wch and you know it. grrrrrrr! thanks little devil! howwwwwwwwwwwl grrherhhaha

but im done now anyway so no matter. i hope ardlair comes to see YOU though vanille cause i know you miss him. and i know pink would like to see him too.
so ardy if ya's lurkin.....


Infinitesimal said...


maybe it was ARDLAIR who said that about commentary then, sorry if'n I got you two dogs confused.

And yes, I have confirmation that there will be porterhouses and baked potatos in the big Apple!!

Infinitesimal said...


Magically, the blogpost has become "uncensored"

Mayden' s Voyage said...

I'm sorry I missed this yesterday- but I'm here now... :)

I cried when I found out that k9 was ending the blog...I had been given a personal "heads up"- and for that I was thankful...and still- even now, I get tears in the dang corners of my eyes as I watch the gate swing closed on k9's pen~

K9 never said what he or she was- and when I asked- I was told..."I just want to be your dog"- and I honestly thought that was one of the most beautiful things I had heard a blogger say.

I've been asked all kinds of things- by all kinds of people in this blog world...and few ever brought the kind of integrity that K9 did- and I respected that. I was touched by that-

When "Anon" began trying to "Out" the pup...I fell for it in one way-I hate the term "bitch"- you will never hear me say it- and it angered me that someone would describe my beloved pooch in such a way.
I was never "in-love" with the dog...but yes- I loved K9 in every sense of the word...man, woman, dog or cat. I would defend his/her honor no matter what.
In that light- we were "soul mates"- but in a better way than I could have ever imagined...more like "litter mates"? :)

If I had known that K9 was a woman- would I have done things differently? I don't know. I don't think I would have sent her so much chocolate at Christmas time...Lord help a woman with that much sugar on her hands! (me included!) But in the end...honestly- I need a "sister" more than I need a boyfriend- and one that can bare her teeth in a debate, or a duel- is a sister I long to have...a sister much like myself.

Ardlair's flaw, as I see it, is that he projected "his" character- his personality onto K9. He thought that I would be horrified that my beloved dog was a chick- and in reality- I find it to be one of the sweeter blessings in my life. This person...K9 is loved by every member of my family- hubby included...because of the love and beauty and humor- and joy she has added to my life.

K9 asked me to only think of her as a dog- and I paid her the compliment of doing what she asked.
My tributes to K9, my love of the pooch, every smooch and rub behind the ears was genuine. I wouldn't change a single thing...

Over and over- K9's light drove out the darkness. Love and light never fail- people in the dark simply can not understand this. And when they set their traps- they are usually stunned when they don't work.
Those of us in the light can see where we're stepping!

I can laugh at the "Fairy Tail" we've been immersed in...
But above all...K9 has always been a friend- and that has never wavered.

I am the luckiest person in the world to have such a friend...and
well, you guys are pretty lucky too! :)

Aunty- I sincerely thank you for creating this post and giving me a chance to weigh in on it.
Ardlair's scheme backfired...
the truth always sets us free-

I have been blessed way beyond what I deserve~ nothing will diminish that :)

Hugs and love to you- and thank you...really :)
-Cora/Mayden :)

Bird said...

oh heavens.

well and well...

haven't read the anon comments in question but ...

we all throw unfair punches periodically (hellpig is a master at attacking the blogger not the idea) and ab, you and i often mix it up and sometimes cross the line witth each other (being relatively sane folk, we seem to disregard our differences and speak like good neighbors to each other though - perhaps we are "civilized" - though i know quite well we vex each other so.

we act as a community - sometimes we rise to defend the blogger attacked, sometimes we let it ride. k9 and i met via an "attack" of sorts on another blog - it all turned out well.

the thing is - the rules are are tacit and fluid - just like the space.

but we are story/narrative/drama driven beings - so the scraps between us are often what drive our readership and spark comments.

a bizarre place indeed. but not more bizarre than the "real" world.

i'llhave to go check out the ardlair thing back at the dog's. but not i understand more fully a comment on antoher blog about k9 being called out as a girl.

couldn't quite wrap my head around that. can't imagine the dog as a girl - lesbian or straight.

but .. who knows? remember ab - ardlair once said you were a gay man - hahahaha!

i think such discussion is merely a way of making a point.

off to check outteh dog's blog. i love that it's still up regardless.

Bird said...

one more thing

k9 is k9, period. i am bird. period. mayden is mayden.

if we discover sy, that mayden is not the picture she posts and is, well, a 82 year old man - she is still mayden.

if it turns out that in reality k9 is a poodle - doesn't matter - k9 is still k9 the rott.

if bogs turns out to be a 55 year old woman who is balding - irrelevant - bogs is stil bogs.

see what i mean - as you read bloggers - their posts and comments,yu can see a pattern of behavior - they are who they are on the blog, period.

and, i think, when you meet a blogger in person - they are no longer really the blogger - they are someone else. the elements and essence of the blogger may be present -but the very fact of meeting them in person changes who they are. you interact with folks different in person than on a blog -you have tone of voice, body language to work with.

just ramblin - better stop.

thanks for your indulgence.

Aunty Belle said...

Bird Beauty, uh huh....I'm hearin' ya on this point:

"See what i mean - as you read bloggers - their posts and comments,yu can see a pattern of behavior - they are who they are on the blog, period."

Agreed. What is good about this is that it makes for a certain "reality" despite the truth that the bogosphere is based somewhat on everybody's fantasy.

You'll see soon--the dog is the DOG, every bit as you imagine, personality wise.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

I'm definitely not an 82 year old man!!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

ello' Aunty Bell!!..I'm supposed to prep dinner but I need to say something please...

I think bloggy' people and animals should speak to each other the same way they would if they met the person face to face..with courtesy...but then of course unless your "satan" or something such like that...then I'd just stay clear....

And bloggy' is fantasy...in one area or another..What I mean is..Luxie can only be found in me' bloggy home...nowhere else can you look up Luxie but i cyber..nope..no luxie in phone book...no Luxie address...but she does reflect the thoughts of the creator of Luxie...It's the same way with other bloggy' people and animals and such...and that's what makes a bloggy a bloggy'...

BUT....reality or life outside cyber is that people..bloggy' people ( some) may NoT be able to handle bloggy personalities..I mean seperate cyber from meatspace...become so affected and demanding even...and this is where the uh' oh'..begins..

some bloggy' people are even straight certified wackos....( scaaary..) and can be dangerous...

Luxie luvs her bloggy' friends and likes sitting here in zee' porch...where dogs..birds...aliens..and just about anything is real....

Those who can't handle bloggy' reality...and would like to cyber attack bloggy' should..um'...oh'...just watch TV I suppose...

ps: luv zee' cyber pie

Neoma said...

haha, personally it all just makes me laugh. The reason, I have said for a year now, bloggers get way to wrapped up in their own need for attention. That is what blogging is, gratification and comments. They live for them, they wait for them, they cry over them, they get mad over them,they love them, and they HATE over them. To me, IT IS a form of expression, much like sticking out ones tongue. I do not take any of this seriously, because I know that people say and do things here that in no way reflect their real life. In other words they LIE. I have said it before and I will say it again, If you live your life in blog land, you need a real life. Imagine FALLING in love, with blog friends.........it might be real, but most are fantasy. Even the pictures are not REAL. I knew one guy who made his eyes more blue in photoshop........now that made me laugh. I have known several people here who are NOT what they seem.......so when you think you know someone because you have followed them around for a year......well, think again. Often people don't even know their own spouse until they have been married 20 years. How much you going to know about someone in a year on blogger.??

Neoma said...

Mayden, you could be posting pictures of your daughter, and you might be an 82 year old women. Who would know? Not saying you are, but I knew a man who was pretending to be a woman, and wanting to talk girl talk all the time, I told him, I am onto you.....Women do NOT sit around and talk about their sexual conquests like guys do. If we are smart, anyway, nothing is more inviting than someone who is TAKEN.