Where Has all the Testosterone Gone?

Where are the Real Men goin'?

Gracious!! Accordin' ter a medical report fellas in the USA is hurtin' in the testosterone department.(Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism)

Medical gurus shur doan know why, but they note that levels of the male giddy-up-and-go hormones have fallen in the general population since 1980-about 15%.

I'se real sorry to hear that. Mayhap this accounts fer why we have so many fellas like John Kerry.

Any-hoo, kids, they's no scientific reasons given, no idea if the drop in testosterone will continue....but Aunty Belle has her own ideas.

Long while back I done had cause ter study up on some similar problems reported in Scandanavian countires, whar male fertility was plummeting. Long jaw short, them folks was puttin' a boat load of estrogen in their cows ter make 'em give more milk--but little baby boys doan need ter be drinkin' estrogen laced milk---

Thang is, oddly enough, that the same thang happen ter the gators in Florida lake--the farms round the lake spray estrogen in the air to neuter the boy bugs and save the crops from the grasshoppers...but the run-off got in the lake and shur 'nuff, in a few years, they's only lady gators in the lake...

Fellas, gitcha self some ORGANIC milk, not that garbage filled wif' hormones. And mamas, doan feed no estrogen milk and cheese ter yore babies.

The whole thang is a plot by the femi-nazis.


(Better than Swim Suits on the BACK Porch)


Gnomeself Be True said...

And here I thought it was just the general societal devaluation and emasculation of men that was driving this....

BTW, there is no reasonable explaination for John Kerry.

Anonymous said...

Sock it to them Aunty! What the world needs now is male men.

Anonymous said...

Kerry had the testosterone (balls) to go to 'Nam without being asked... Bush, Cheney and pals didn't... call Kerry boring, but don't call him a wimp... it's just more of the unsubstantiated static that sadly replaces real political dialogue in this country... basically, the whole Rove oeuvre...

Anonymous said...

there are hormones in a lot of foods and drinks... we need to reexamine that practice, and soon... sure, you get a fatter chicken, but if there are no humans around to eat them (humans besides me, I mean, who don't eat dead things) because of falling testosterone levels, what have we gained?

personally, I still have plenty of git up and go - knock on wood (pun fully intended)

Hellpig said...

Bogs Kerry is a fraud and liar he manipulated documents to get the silver star and purple heart and when he returned from Nam he went traitor the same anti-troop traitor we see before us today,and if I am not mistaken Bush has served more years in the Military then John(coward)Kerry,Bush spent the last 6 years as commander and chief of the United States Armed Forces,I for one am not lacking in the testosterone area...I believe the lack of is induced by Liberalism which is more then just a mental disorder it's a testosterone robbing disease which creates whimps and metrosexuals

sparringK9 said...

/bark bark bark

grrrherherhaha aunty! feminist plot! i believe it! then they really WILL wear the pants. grrherherhaha

i agree with hell on JK. he went to VN to use as capital for now, his political street cred so to speak. most military i know dont respect him. but he is repulsive for other reasons we dont even need this latest or anything having to do with his service.


Bird said...

that's a hoot - bush serving in the military. my ass (my apologies, AB).

being commander and chief doesn't count as serving in the military. bush is not a military man; he has never seen combat because he finagled a way to avoid it. he may have plenty of testosterone (who knows), but he has no courage and no brains. bush is chicken-shit.

now, ab, femi-nazi? what the heck is that? do i have to put my boots on and stomp about? hahahaha!

but it's not just little babies and the male of our species that should avoid extra estrogen - too much isn't good for women either.

Aunty Belle said...

Ho, whee, ya'll...funnin' time...but looky--hairy kerry aside--what does ya' llt thiank on the loss of testosterone--really, now this is serious. What about youse who's parents- I'se worrit fer our li'l ones.

Course, Hail Pig, mah Sweet Shoat is definately a shoat and not a barrow...I mean, could he be right?? it is liberalism that makes a fella lose his high level of testosterone?

Truly, we need ter put heat on gubmint ter figger out if the use of hormones in food is the problem.

An Bird is right, even we ladies oughta leave of the hormone seasoned foods.

Aunty Belle said...

Iamnot, mebbe youse got the answer! IT is devaluation of emasculation! MAyhap that emotional state triggers brain to stop the production....

I'se the mama of two boys (jes' fine in the testosterone department since they didn't have no souped up cow milk)an' I doan appreciate the way the current culture feels and acts toward males---fer Maud's sake, let a man be a man.

BTW, OUR pork rinds is all natural--not a whiff of pig estrogen in 'em.

sparringK9 said...

/bark bark bark

who the hell is maud?


Bird said...

the government has already figured it out, as have many others. that's why you can buy milk now that doesn't have hormones - why it's advertised.

the trick is in getting healthy food to be the norm and to bring the costs down.

i forget where i read it, but it costs quite a bit more to eat healthfully than otherwise. shouldn't be that way - should be easy and affordable to eat healthy food.

i wonder about our food supply. we seem to be woprried about oil and water, but a safe and secure food supply - that's at issue as well.

worrisome - the world is worrisome. we have already arrived at hell in a hand basket.

Aunty Belle said...

yep Bird Beauty, thas' a fact. I thought I done a post while back on the food thang--but it bears examinin'--you got mah vote--we need ter pay close attention to the safety/ health of our food supply.

I said it afore, but ya'll now really--do ya'self a favor and git aholt of "Another Turn of the Crank" by the poet Wendell Berry--real short, and real good on why to eat and buy locla stuff, support local caftsfolk, local farmers & ranchers, local artists (thas' fer the K9!)

Looky--it ain't enough to be livin' in a community: ya' gotta PARTICIPATE and contribute to it too. If ya gotta go to a big box store, I ain't gonna squawk, but try not to--try to see the local hardware folks, the local auto shop, local folks will appreciate ya more, and the community will be yores, ya neighbors and their mom and pop bidnesses--not some faceless homogenized one-size-fits-all impersonal schlock.

Oh dear...I'se runnin' mah mouf.

sparringK9 said...

/bark bark bark

one of the best books ever. (ATotC)
aunty. getcha a cow ta keep ol hew haw compney!
you gots the room fer another critter.
thanks for the shout out to support ya local artists!
youse a good 'un


sparringK9 said...

hallo aunty

i look at the cinema of father. is profound story of love.
i wndering too about men for standing tall. there are still some. looking homeward who is strongest is lady Ayaan Hirsi Ali

varwell voor nu

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