Ya'll, Aunty Belle is facin' facts:
I gots a passle o' work I gotta git done.

Love ya'll so...but I gotta go...fer awhile. A blogabattical. I may sneak in a visit or two ter see what'cha's all up to. But the Front Porch will be quiet fer a spell.

Take good care of each other and keep the blog fires burnin'.

Aunty Belle


..................... said...

just read your rant on the testosterone problem. LOL. we've been doing organic milk products for years.
sometimes we do need to take a break. bloggin takes a good bit of time.
get things done and we'll be looking forward to more.

butterflygirl said...

Love the porch picture!!! Take care and enjoy!!!

Gnomeself Be True said...

Take care and come back soon.

sparringK9 said...

/bark bark bark

aunty! you work hard now. enjoyed the porch photo.


Lady Prism said...

wow..nice pic..but sniff!..where you going Aunty?!..I sure do miss yah!..Take care.


Mayden' s Voyage said...

Hmmm- the organic milk thing is something I hadn't heard of- but well worth looking into.

Enjoy your time away- and it will give me a chance to read up on some back issues of your blog :)
Take good care Aunty :)

Anonymous said...

Aw shucks, is the porch closed then? Leave out the lemonade, please.

Bird said...

now don't stay away too long. who else can stir up the pot?


sparringK9 said...

fodographie of pellagrina is correct. varwell voor nu aunty i missing you already.

Anonymous said...

Tu es una peregrina?! Que ano?

Hellpig said...

Happy thanksgiving to you and yours

Lady Prism said...

yhuuu Aunty!!...How's everything?..Just thinking of you :>

Bird said...


really - this is quite enough of a sabbatical, now doncha think?

your presence is missed.

and besides, i have two new posts that i think you would enjoy (nonpolitical).

Bird said...

ab -thanks for dropping by my roost- it was a pleasure to see you.

hope you are not working so hard you don't have time to "rejoice."

your comment on my advent post made me smile - i have a wooden angel ornament that hangs on my front door this time of year - the angel has one word emblazoned on her chest: REJOICE.