Myrtle brought over her famous pumpkin bread this morning. It were real good, but I paid dearly fer it--ya see, she loves this time o' year and could not wait ter tell her latest ghost story. So I sat patiently fer 'bout an hour listening ter nearly eve'r ghost recounting she could dredge up.

I does not believe in ghosts...mostly I don't. I admits they's a time or two when I seen somethin' not quite normal, but I'se of a mind that there is an explanation--I jes' don't have it.

Some say a ghost is a soul that ain't finished wif' its earthly bidness...one good reason to get yore thangs in order since ya' never knows when youse the next in line.

Others thaink they's good and bad ghosts, jes' like they's good and bad folks. Some ghosts is here to hep ya'; others are meant to vex ya'.

Still others say a ghost is simply an apparition of someone who came ter tell ya somethin'...I prefer fer 'em to visit mah dreams. Uncle Aloysius is certain his daddy came to see him in a dream, onc't, but it was not a ghostly, floaty version of his daddy, just a strong sense of his daddy's presence.

Bout the only ghost I can think of is Casper--the friendly ghost. But I ain't made the acquaintance of any worrisome appartions. "Spirits" may be a whole other category, but a gossamer ghosts wif'a see through body that goes through walls an' all?

However, sweet pets, I does fer shure believe in angels, cause I have been the recipient of their hep in a crisis or two...oh they looked like regular guys, but they could NOT have been where they were, no human could.

What about ya'll? Anybody thaink they really is ghosts?


Mayden' s Voyage said...

I do believe in Angels- and all the ones I've met look like regular people too :)

I'm less sure about ghosts- I've never had an encounter with one- and I'm thankful :)
I also think there is an opposite of an Angel- but I'm not sure that the term "ghost" is what I'd call it...an evil spirit perhaps?

I do think there are times when the spirit world and ours intersect, and maybe it happens more than we know.
I'd love to hear about your Angel encounters :)
Maybe you could post that at Christmas? :)
Have a great weekend :)

Bird said...

angels - yes.
ghosts. yes.
seen 'em.
yes, how's that for rationality?

my son's best friend died at the age of 13. for quite some time after, in the stonework of our fireplace, i saw his face. then it disappeared.

that wasn't a ghost -that was me, seeing the boy i missed in the stonework of my fireplace.

but his mother, off and on to- this day (he's been dead 9 years next week - i hate this time of year)periiodically gets a whiff of his cheessy, cheap, 13-year-old boy cologne (they were all wearing it then - poured it on with buckets)in her home and hears his foots on the stairs. she's a down-to-earth, common-sense woman.

and once, long ago, my former husband and i went away for a weekend and yesiree-bob, the place we stayed at was haunted - we sensed it the first night and the second night, couldn't bear it any more. two grown ups checking out of the room at 10pm at night to drive 3 hours home. two intelligent, usually rational grown-ups.

now shiver me timbers, i have to write and think about something else, or i'll never get to sleep tonight.

Anonymous said...

There are evil sirits that are not ghosts as Mayden's voyage said.

Maybe that is what Bird encountered.

There are lots of haunted places in the united states and canada. ALmost always associated with untimely deaths.

happy (?) Halloween to all.

On My Watch said...

I believe.

Hope I don't sound insane here, but I've seen an angel before. And he appeared human-like to me.

Maybe when 'ghosts' are spotted, they're really just angels who appear in a form that you can relate to so that you don't have a heart attack.

So, I'm not sure if it's technically your 'dearly departed' or if they just take that form when they bring messages so that you will feel familiar with it and not be afraid. you know?

Maybe people who don't see anything just aren't open enough. Doesn't mean they're not there. And it doesn't mean if you've seen one, you'll see them all. I think it's only when something applies to you directly that those windows are opened.

Again, hope you don't think I'm insane. ;)

cool topic.

boneman said...

Reckon I think that sometimes souls slip out'a their bodies.
Done it m'self a couple of times. Once during a real bad accident another time when I was in surgery.
The mind is weak, sometimes, and I think it succumbs to being scared.

That's why I believe in GOD as hard as I do, and, without a doubt, the term, "fear GOD" has its roots sunk deep into me.
Just gotta hope m'faith will overcome the fear and when the time comes, go where I'm supposed to go.

boneman said...

ghosts or no, have y'been t'Percival's site lately?

Aunty Belle said...

Hey ya'll....been out swirlin' around mahself--not in ghost rags, but regular human style. Missed ya'll all.

SO most of us'uns is of a mind on angels and even ghosts--well, natcherly. What is best--it means we can let ourselves accept a sort of thang (ghost, angel) we cani't prove fer shure.

MAyden, sugar, as fer mah own angel encounter--I done waded wif mah babies out onto a "mud flat" whar the ocean receeded far'n ya can see...we's looking at live shells.

Some folks headed in after a bit and told me to go--NOW, since the water rushes in fast as a horse runs when it comes back in (only true a few times per year). But I didn't, and soon there was NOBODY out there but me a three wee ones and Lawdy, chile' the water was up to mah knees, then waist--cause I had walked out too far to get back quick. Soon I had the baby chile on mah shoulders, another could swim some, the toddler holding on to one arm and being doused every other step---and water ter mah chest now--we was about ter drown. Ain't one sole nearby--they was smarter than me.

From behind came a fella--jes' ordinary looking guy, who said, "I got the kids, mam...you swim on ashore." And when I got ashore the little ones was playin' in the sand, and no fella nowhere--he disappeard. When I ask the kids about him they didn't remember a man at all.

Bird, ya seen em'?? Love that rationality!

Sorry about yore 13 yr. old friend--and yep. you and hubby done right--iffin' evil is in the air, DEpart forthwith!

Onmywathc, I'se wif ya--iffin' folks dismisses it, they jes' ain't got yes open wide enough, baby.

Hey Boneman! Fear God...uh huh. I'se hearin' ya'. The beginin' of wisdom.
YA slipped outa ya'self? I think ya did. I thinak it happens. Mah own Mama says so--she swears she was walkin' back from the bathroom in the middle of the night and saw herself in her palce in the bed--probably doan need ter tell ya that it was at a tough spot in her life.

Well, GOd said we have angels to hep us along--and I shure need that hep.

Would like to hear ya'll angel or ghost stories.

Malinda777 said...

Auntie, there is some ghouls but mostly angels. I've seen a fright or two in my day, but they wuz a fright to teach a lesson, none too scary to listen to.

Mostly angels in my "other experiences" over the years, mostly in dreams.

The Lord, when He's tryin to tell you something you ain't wantin to listen to can be a bit frightful, but it's been my experience that if you listen to the message, it's worth hearing.

Angels rule, and kindness is always the perfect way to never see another ghost again.