Blog Therapy

I done roamed around to see other blog sites I doan much go ter, regular-like. Then I clicked the blogs of blogs--Lawdy! Ya can shure land in some
S T R A N G E places. Amazin'.

I read some funny--deep chuckle stuff...and no one else did it seems.

I read stuff that had me yellin' a the screen, I'se so aggravated...but no one else was it seems.

I read stuff that made me teary...but no one else seemed to have same response.

An' the funny thang is, folks jes' blog on--week after week, wif' very little response. Months even.

Ya'll, they's a whole lot o' bloggin going on, whar no one responds. Mercy. At first, I'se thainkin', "poor thangs" this is a lil' bit sad.

Then I decided, huh? Well, maybe road rage is down on account of this. I mean, if folks can use bloggin' to express they emotions, cuss out they boss, why, maybe we's found a new form of therapy.

Some snippits from mah cyber travel:
* * * *

"Today I lifted some bananas from a five-star hotel. And, a bag load of other fruit and pastries. And, the linen napkins."

"Men are like spray paint. One squeeze and they're all over you. whales. They lie around most of the time, then surface briefly to spout off ..."

"Dear Disgusting Neighbor, I don't mind that you are fat. I don't mind that you are ugly ... I could do not to vomit. Ugh... In summation, Neighbor; I somehow got my tomatoes in the ground so... "

"What I've learned over the last 2 weeks...
1. Living in Lincoln Park is a blast. I'm VERY happy to be back in the outpatient world! There is a midget bar in Chicago."

"Then they talked about midget bashing... which is wrong on so many levels... "

(what is it wif' midgets this week?)

"I don´t know if it was the fact I hadn´t shaved in weeks, looked haggard from being sick for a few days or if it was the wild look in my eyes from straddling the bus toilet for 15 minutes which in Central America reminded me of the mechanical bull I rode at a bar in Hollywood, "

"Holy cow! I woke up this morning and cleaned my house, right, got it all spiffy, ... happy halloween pumpkins look deformed. lol. well I guess I will quit going on and on now."

"Wanted to strangle my boss today because he took a situation and was making it into a confrontational one. My co-worker understood where I was coming from, I'm not a confrontational person unless..."

"What is it with the children and their stuff? The four year old has amassed mountains of objects all loaded with personal attachment. The standard baby blanket (think Linus) has turned into a collection of five. They are not just blankets—they’ve become proper nouns: Pink Blanky, Blue Blanky, Green Blanky, Purple Blanky, Dora Blanky"

"OMGRSH! I have got the ebola sars west nile bird flu virus!! I am totally cereal!! My lymph nodes are so swollen u can see them from across the room!"

"Sorry for the crap posts as of late, but work has been (as Fonzie would say) nutso ... lay the smack down on those Iranians. You get one warning, Ayatollah Assahollah."

"Everyone knows my biggest fear is being alone. Men seem to like me for about a minute, but within a few weeks are looking for any excuse to bail ... *constantly* and am prone to bouts of whiny insecurity, self-absorption and road rage. Not appealing."

"So last week, I had a wonderful week... Right? I think I gave myself bad luck for writing on here about it.. ... ... My boss is crazy... I think he is Bi-Polar and needs to be on some serious medication."

"Black Friday Six feet under buried in dirt."

"First offense: A hefty fine, maybe $500-$1000, and of course anger management or whatever courses suitable for road ragers! I will give someone ... that is it! This person should not be allowed on the road again. Swearing in your car is one thing.."

"I have been a sickly princess today."

"My name is Candace - I’m a senior Environmental Science major, with a concentration in Biodiversity & Conservation Biology ... to experience field research for the first time. I looked at the relationship between arboreal howler monkeys... "

"Yes, I Gas Dogs and Cats for a Living. I'm an Animal Control officer in a very small town "

"So I haven't felt the need to blog in a few days, and I think thats pretty good, cause it means I am talking to real people instead of myself ... my fat face."

"This morning I got the call from my brother, telling me that we should go into dad's safety deposit box and find the Power of Attorney. I told him fine, I would do that. He said we should all go together. "All" being him, my witch-in-law, and me. "

"I'm standing in front of my oven with the door half way down warming my hands ... thinking how it made me a little upset to find out that I wasn't dying. Weird, I know."

"She spent about 2 hours curling and spraying my hair and I ended up looking like a poodle. Wow, what a good looking girl! e Those glasses, the powder blue dress, and don't forget the poodle doo."

"Guys underestimate the allure of nice. Not charming, debonair, witty, just nice."

Excuse me, Isn’t there supposed to be a little season called FALL?? Freezing my tits off and this isn’t fun. I’m not amused. I knew it was going to be cold here, but seriously, SOMEone come take my dog out please?

"About a month ago I bought a pair of brown peep toe sling back wedge sandals. They give me a total of 4 inchs in height and ... blisters, corns, bunions."

"A small brief history of My ballroom Career. I was tired of people asking me so I just ... "

"Yeeee HA! My boss is gone today. So I can finally get to updating my blog."

"i think it must be part of every person's life to go through their mother's menopause. i really just wish menopause was a day and got the hell over with, so the house would be destroyed in a day, and we would be ok for the rest of our lives. "

"Right now I am working on my daughter's jog a thon......I figured I would appeal to you "

"Psychology Today analyzes the role of humor in the sexes. It states typically women seek out men who make them laugh, where as men seek out women to laugh at their jokes. It continues emphasizing humor as an indication of sexual interest. "

"After fitting all the pieces together he was nothing but a lying, cheating, mental case that had issues. I'm putting it out there cause its very theraputic. "


Bird said...


lots of stuff out there, eh aunty belle?

some people do not want an audience, a readership, and are just blogging off at the mouth.

some are doing their own therapy.

it's fascinating though, isn't it?

i didn't read all the snippets you provided -skimmed and scanned - and will probably come to checkout more.

imagine the ethnographic and antropological study blogging will make. hey- you already started an ethnographic study.

time for a ph.d.?

Anonymous said...

(shudder) that poodle is scary! right in time for Halloween, too...

yes, some people indeed continue to blog even if no one's reading... it may be, as has been suggested, a form of therapy for them... my own blog didn't have many readers until it had been up and running six months... you've got to keep at it and "work the floor" (other blogs) a little...

..................... said...

Some bloggers don't seem to care about receiving comments or about leaving comments when they read other blogs. I know at least one blogger like this.
You do know that they might all end up at your blog if they have a statcounter or if a search brings up your blog as well as their's...:)

Frankly, I was surprised when folks started to leave comments on my site. Never quite expected it...
but I do appreciate everybody who does.

butterflygirl said...

time to time I scan blogger world too...can be therapuetic

Aunty Belle said...

Yeah Bird Beauty, folks is jes' hilarious--I thaink some oof 'em feel "hidden" and so they jes' rattle on...and it is FUNNY! Yep, a fine study could be sone on this...

He Bawgs, sugar pie. The poodle is scary!! EEEK! I mean, the thangs folks will put on a blog!

Schaumi, Youse right--some folks is oblivious to responses--er, that is, lack of response...and thas' why I'se wonderin' iffin' the whole point is a means of therapy, an outlet fer them pent up feelings, frustrations...and also the creative journal aspect.

But ya'll...c'mon! What was the ones ya' thought was the funniest??

Aunty Belle said...

Why Butterfly darlin!! Hey there.
Does ya scan a regluar group of blogs, or does ya' wind up sometimes way out on a blog limb? I found tha when I kept clickin' links on links I would find myself in utterly new territory.

IN fact, ya'll, it occurs to Aunty Belle that some folks is regluars in a number of blog communities. I supppose fer isntance, they's a place for rabid nascar devotees, or cooking blogs, and gossip blogs...Aunty admits to dippin' mah toe on Euro blogs...

Aunty Belle said...

Why Butterfly darlin!! Hey there.
Does ya scan a regluar group of blogs, or does ya' wind up sometimes way out on a blog limb? I found tha when I kept clickin' links on links I would find myself in utterly new territory.

IN fact, ya'll, it occurs to Aunty Belle that some folks is regluars in a number of blog communities. I supppose fer isntance, they's a place for rabid nascar devotees, or cooking blogs, and gossip blogs...Aunty admits to dippin' mah toe on Euro blogs...

Anonymous said...

The bunions! Gads, that is scary. Where in Chicago is that midget bar?

Aunty Belle said...

Jes read this:

Like any hen-pecked husband, Japanese office worker Kazuma considered the time-honoured solutions to domestic hell - more work, the golf course or the comfort of the local bar. Unlike most, he opted to pound out his frustrations on his home computer and put the results online.

Six years and three million hits later, in oni-yome nikki ("demon wife diaries") Kazuma has created one of the most famous characters in Japan's blogland, and the monster he spawned has been turned into a best-selling book, a TV series, a video-game, and now a movie.

In his blog, "Kazuma" - a pseudonym: the author still lives in anonymity - is victimised by a pitiless shrew who forces him to eat his daughter's leftovers, sleep in a separate room when he falls ill, and hunt for her favourite radish in a storm. "She said I was wet anyway so I might as well just keep looking," he told The Independent on Sunday. "I suppose she had a point."

Now that they's rich offa his bloggin', they's enjoyin' domestic bliss...hooWhee!

Lady Prism said...

goodness!...hee!hee!...lotsa' bloggies...people blog for all reasons I guess...I love reading htem coz' coz' it gives me a sense of oneness with the world...

It's me Aunty..Luxie..with a new home...


Thank you for your insightful comment in my bloggy'

Mayden' s Voyage said...

I enjoyed most of these :) But the one about menopause was pretty funny :)
Maybe I'll opt to have my "parts" removed before that happens? LOL- I'm not looking forward to it!

Aunty Belle said...

LAdy Lux, so pleased ter see ya'. These blogs does make ya' see yoreself, doan it?

Hey Mayden!! Chile' you have a bit ter go afore menopause...Iwas amazed at how open folks were on them blogs--and the new one from Japan?@ Thas' a rib tickler.

But still, what stumps me is how many folks blog on when it seems few is respondin'/ So, I wonder, would all of us keep on if we had so little feedbck? I mean, some is lookin' fer company and like spirits, others lookin' fer politcal ajwin', some need a soap box, some is curious about reachin' out ter see what ya find.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Aunty- to be serious for a moment- I would really like to hear your feedback on this~

When I started blogging it was just another outlet for me to write. I have a journal, as well as seven or eight writing projects I'm working on. The blog, however, was different- and when people started reading it and responding- I was stunned and thrilled.
What I've found is that the people who read me, and the ones I read- are people that I connect with on a different level than the folks I interact with on a daily basis.

We have to deal and interact with the people in our local community- I don't have a choice in that. I spend time with people I can relate to - or care for, but what has really surprised me is how much closer my blog friends are to the "core" of me...and how much I've learned from them. There does seem to be more "give and take" in blog land- where in day to day life it seems I just give- alot.

Anyway- I just wondered what you thought of this. I have made some truly lovely friends in the blogging world.
I also have great friends in "meatspace"- but they've never read Milton, or like to go to the Art museum...or talk politics.
It's wonderful to be in a place where I can talk about Screwtape and someone not immediately think I am referring to construcion material for a job site! :)

sparringK9 said...

/bark bark bark

aunty, i could have lived my entire life without a gander at those feet! yick. blogging, yeah ive slacked off myself. i dont have a damn thing to say. but i could roll with some fish and creamed corn again!!!


Aunty Belle said...

Hey Mayden,yes, puddin' I does see yore thought--an' it seems true. Folks can choose they blog friends based on affinity--interest in same tpoics, or willingness to explore different views.

Often, the folks in our families or work or school...why they is the ones we love so much , but maybe were not the ones we would have chosen on our own. Ain;t it fine when a family member or an associate is ALSO someone ya' loves to git wif fer jawin' and figgurin' stuff out?

Course, blog world is not quite real--Bird would say this too--so we cannot be sure that iffin' we had to actually live with our blog friends we would choose to!

But bloggin' is a fine outlet for expressin' lots of thangs we often don't risk in "polite company."

Dawg!! Gracious, them is dreadful
bunions ..but dawgs doan git em, do they? Saw your mama had been ter yer yard,,,uh huh.

Bird said...

flapping by ...
yeah, ab, that's right - that is what i say - the blog world is not totally real.

i like mayden's point though and agree in part.

i think it's also easier to disgree in the blog world. we can spout off, then leave. come back another time. i suspect that's easier to do with the distance between us all (space and screen) than if, say, we had to work with each other.

another point - i am a persona here in the blogworld. my persona, i think, is pretty true to who i really am, but just the act of blogging and the anonymity of blogging puts a bit of distance between who i am in the blog and who i am in the real world. i am a bit fictionalized here in the blog world - i am true, but not real. if that makes sense.

like mayden, i find i am attached to many of the bloggers i visit and whom visit me - and miss them when they are not posting or commenting.

so surprise of surprises - though i so often disagree with you - i wonder why you've not posted anything new of late to ruffle my feathers?

like k9 - perhaps you haven't much to say right now. i'm feeling a bit of the same - can't seem to say much on my own blog, but am sure running my mouth off on others.


Mayden' s Voyage said...

Thanks Aunty and Bird~
I agree too that Blog world does allow us to be a "persona"- though most of the people I've met or spoken to are very close to what I expected- at least as far as personality goes.
I am a better writer than I am a speaker- or shall I say that I like how I come across in word/text more than I like how I come across in conversation.
I wish I was better at holding my tongue! With the blog I'm less aggressive than I am in "meatspace" :)

I enjoyed reading your responses to my "ponderings"- thank you :)
Hope you both have a great weekend!

Aunty Belle said...

Bird Beauty, flap on heah honey...I'll prop the door open--doan want ya' ter think this is no aviary--youse free as a bird-ho ho...

Youse hittin' it on the haid, Sweet Bird of Parasise--the blog world ain't totally real some of us is personas an' yore take that youse "true but not real"--uh huh, thas' it!

Ain't been postin' too much fer this week as I'se , ahem, w o r k i n' on real writin'...see, I'se givin' myself away a bit.

But sweet potato, iffin' ya want ruffled feathers, I'se yore woman--ho! Akshully, Bird Beauty, I gots friends jes' like ya'--yep, we's hollerin' (lady-like of course) over pollyticks one minute and laughing over lunch the next.

But I have noticed other folks ain't postin' as much...is we in a malaise? Hardly see mah dear Contessa anymore--onc't in awhile--know she's battling headaches. Maybe we's out enjoyin' the lovely fall weather...

Mayden Miss, darlin' youse got insight into the blog psychology. I think lots o' folks can express better in writin' than speakin'. Less fearsome for some.

As fer the personas...this is touchy...I does think most times folks is like Bird notes, true but not real...but I fear theys some who is not true, but devious and dangeous. We all knows the internet is free game, open territory and the wise person never forgits it...(Thas' why Uncle insited on fetchin' K9 Dawg when that rotty came ter town--an BOY did Uncle git a shock--that dawg is true true true...but surprisin')

SO I thaink we'uns oughta enjoy our time together and explore our ideas and perceptions, feelings and worries...git stuff off our chests, but iffin' a blogger wants to git "real" wif' ya, proceed wif' all due care.

I gotta new post comin' soon--please c'mon back, ya'll.

boneman said...

Yeah, the blogs are interesting enough, eh?
I went to one site where there was a gal who did more commentin' than her own bloggin'. She had some 200 or 300 comments on her post which had been made several months earlier.

(dang! Din't wanna gop on and on, but, 'pears I am...)

Anyway, since seein' her blog, if I get to a site that hasn't posted within the last couple'a months, I sometimes won't even read it.
"They din't come back, why should I?" sort of thinkin', y'know.

On the other hand, so many mothers should be happy their children learnt the lesson well enough, too.
If y'don't have somethin' nice t'say, don't say it at all.
Only, some seem t'take that just a bit farther down the road.
Kind'a, just never say anything 'tall.

Oh well.
Then there's folks who'll just go on and on and on about....
that'de be like me, eh?

Still, it is a great place to go visit whether or not you be reading something that was posted in the last hour or way back in 1992, and for all the world of copy-cats and stuff....I still come away with something new everytime!

But, t'tell ya the truth...sometimes questioons do arrise that definately fear t'be answered.
Fer example....
Was that YOU holding the chihuahua?
K9 won't say.

GOD Bless you fer bringing these interesting quotes and such to us, gal.

Lady Prism said...

Hello there Aunty..just thinking of you.

And yes.... blogging has changed my life..and a lot of my point of views as well..And has made me a wee bit wiser I should say.

Some people blog as their real selves..and those people connect..some people have a pesrona and they connect as well..some people however are outright vicious and devious..totally pretending to be someone....giving outright lies in hopes of gaining readers..gaining attention..there are dangerous bloggers lurking...everyone..most especially the ladies should be careful...

Blogging can also turn a person inwards..preferring the confines of an online community and slowly..slowly withdrawing from the everyday realities of life...this is dangerous as well...kinda' akin to kids who lose themselves inside online reality games...

There is also the danger of being indiscreet..of saying things about someone that can be slanderous....And lastly..sometimes when ladies ( like me) post pic..we have to be careful..the pics can be ripped and end up beside someone who can claim to have met you for real..

Aunty Belle said...

Howdy Boneman..so nice ter see ya'. Iffin' ya roam around lookin' why, the thangs folks will say on a blog is amazin'! A whole new area fer psychological study, huh puddin'?

LAdy Lux, welcome--the new you. Oh yes, sugar pie, gotta be extra careful---thand is, some of us is pretty solid, but we goota know that others is movin' into their blog personas and the line betweee real and pretend is blurry fer them...so be careful.

I'se havin' trouble wif' BLOGGER--soemtimes it times out, ain't up...whas' happin'?

Aunty Belle said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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