World Cup (Soccer) Prostitution

Lawdy! I'se fannin' and rockin...agitated over the World Cup Soccer brouhaha-

Ya'll heard that Germany legalized prostitution? Well, sounds jes' so "enlightened" doan it? Uh-huh...well now "professionals" is settin' up shop in order to be of service to tourists at the World Cup matches in Berlin. They's set up little wooden huts near the games fer quick access...condoms in the colors of yore team, of course.

Yoo-nited Nations is tellin' folks that human sex traffickin' is at an all time high....an now we git reports that poor Russian and Eastern Euro girls is lured to Germany wif' promises of paid expenses to Germany for unspecified "guaranteed work in the service industry" the girl thinks she is comin' to be a waitress or a nanny or a nursing home attendant. The chile gits there an her passport is stolen, she cain't speak German and she is essentially forced into prostitution.

Claes Borgström, an official of Sweden's gubmit said Sweden declined ter go ter the games on account of this gross human rights abuse.

"The European Parliament along with the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, based in Amherst, Mass., predicts that as many as 40,000 women could be trafficked into Germany for the World Cup, where an estimated 400,000 sex workers are already employed." (http://www.womensenews.org/article.cfm?aid=2768)

US congress held hearings on this and with the UN protested to German gubmit, wif the key objection that this ain't nuthin' but state sponsored abuse of women. But they ain't concerned...ya see, pets, this "liberal" gubmint has decided ter force its own women citizens to work the streets rather than pay them unemployment benefits!
and (http://www.catwinternational.org/)

Is women "free" in Germany if they's forced into prostitution jes' cause the gubmit legalized in order ter get taxes on sin? LAWDY!

How long afore they throws little chillen into brothels?

Morals and loss of morals always ends up in politics, chickens.

Grumble...ain't shur this is fittin' fer Front Porch talk.


Bird said...

it won't do any good, but i've decided, after reading this post and checking out the links, not to watch any more world cup soccer.and no more german beer.

surely this is welfare reform run amok.

i am sick with despair and pissed as all get-out. i can only imagine - what if my daughter was unemployed and had to go interview at a whore house? i'd kick some ass, i tell you. not my baby girl. i'd be in the streets - I'd turn from bird to dog and howl and snarl and drool and dig up some yards and leave steamin' hot browns all over town. and i'd bite too - tear up flesh and draw blood right quick!

hells-bells, aunty belle - i thought germany was a civilized country. this just pisses me off no end.

any UN action - condemnation? what about that human rights committee? what's the women's movement in germany doing about this?

just goes to show, even in "civilized" western societies, women are still in subjective roles and oppressed.

you should post this on the back porch - you get more traffic back there.

Anonymous said...

You’re the son/daughter of SATIN your role is to create fear mongering so your LORD SATIN will have fertile ground for his work.

sparringK9 said...

/bark bark bark

aunty i knew you were familiar with people of the cloth but i had no idea it was satin! howl!

germany aint civilized. and the devaluation of women, hell, people is exponential. and as you would correctly note far far from God, where all are precious.

its good to be a dog today. although, it probably wont be long until i have to watch...er, my "back" after getting a gander at helly's anti-pedi site. yikes.

sick 'em boyed!


Aunty Belle said...

Bird Jewel, it's a horror. Sorry to take note of somethin' that ruffles yore feathers, but--as ya say, "hells bells!" We'uns need to ruffle lots more feathers!!

US gubmint did issue its strongest diplomatic protest, Canada sent a squishy "tsk tsk", doan know about other European nations 'cpet Poland with its negative news an Sweden...EV'RY nation should boycott these games.

Yep--reform gone amok--and ideas of "rights" gone amok too. What are we ladies gonna do ? Cain't jes' ignore such an assault on wommen.

Need to initite the same sort of German boycott that the Muslims declared against Danish products, only over cartoons!! THis heah is actual people used and abused--so ya'll doan be buyin' no german cars or beer or whatever.

Meanwhile, Bird, the shock is that right heah in USA we got wimmen who say we oughta legalize prostitution too--they want "benefits" and "health coverage".

And Fear Monger--whoever ya is, the proper spellin is "S A T A N".

Aunty Belle said...

Oh hey Dawg! Yep...thas' me in all that satin...but only silk satin will do fer Aunty B, chile.

Gag, Pup--hate ter think that soon enough the thangs gone amok might mean puppy brothels. I'se wonderin' whar the real menfolk is? How does ya'll let thangs git to this heah point? You fellas need ter restore some sanity.

My recipie would be to mark wif a brandin' iron any bloke who visted a brothel. Make a Hester Pryne outa him. Only question is, what letter do we brand 'em wif?

Bird said...

Yeah AB - where are the German men? What are they doing?

Are they content to see their nieces, sisters, mothers, wives and daughters exploited this way?

sparringK9 said...

/bark bark bark

where are the german men, boyed? ill tell you where one was: sittin at a bar a week back minding my own business, in blows a gelatianous blob looking very much like the skipper from gilligans island. first thing this blowhard does is has a sneezing attack.

i said " why dont you and your anthrax move to the end of the bar"

he said: ^$*$&$(&(*#($)(*)_(*$*#*&$(&*($*&

a conversation followed. one thing he said was that there were so many lesbians in america because american men were sackless effetes who would not make their women submit. how ya like that one bird?

my good breeding prevents me from recounting any more of this bizarre encounter in polite company.

hey aunty, how about the letters W and L? weak and lazy.


Mayden' s Voyage said...

Aunty Bell...I worry that you won't find my comment if I leave it on the back porch :)
Thanks for your visit at MV.
1) No german anything for me from here on...except my maiden name is German, not much I can do about that!
2) On the Back porch you posted a wonderful bit of lit from a man named Eric Metaxas...and I was so impressed by his understanding of Screwtape that I sent him an email...and he emailed me back! I didn't expect to hear from him- but it was a very nice surprise and I thought you should know about it :) Thank you for blogging that particular post :)

3)At MV I have written a fair bit about the Korean war. My original intentions of writing about land mines have "plum wandered off" right into the fringes of the Iraq war.
I would love any feedback you are bound to have on the subject...same to you K9! :)

I don't visit you often enough- but when I do, I am here for quite a spell-- You have so much to say, and in such a profound way. The Pledge post was wonderful...
My visits here are always enlightening :) Bless you! :)

Hellpig said...

prostitution is legal in Nevada has been for decades

Aunty Belle said...

Bird Jewel of the Air--that is the question, ain't it? When menfolks doan stand for such it is curbed.

Yep Dawg....I seen that guy onc't or a hundred times...they clones theyselves.

Pretty Mayden, I'se real pleased ter see ya!! In fact I did read on the K war--thought youse pretty lucid onit to.

So Eric wrote ya back?? Thas' so fine! He's a good one, that fella.

Iffin' uya' likes CS Lewis, youse gonna be in heaven wif GK Chesterton. tgry his Orthodoxy---but first, did'ja read Lewis' Abolition of Man ?

MAyden Lass, I been reaadin' yore blog --you is a good writer chile' --insightful. Hope ya follows yore talent.

Sweet Shoat!! Nevada huh? What does ya think of that, Hail -Pig?

..................... said...

well aunty belle,

right now i am watching the usa play against the italians in kaiserslautern, germany. incidentally i grew up there. Prostitution has been legal in germany for a long time. when i was growing up in k-town, as american soldiers refer to it, there was a street known as 20 DM street. you can figure out who stood along the side of that street. i also knew where brothels were. heck, they weren't even in the worst part of town necessarily. i would walk by them going to visit a friend's house. i never much paid attention to them. they blended into the background. holland also has legalized prostition.]
i am not saying i condone prostitution. this is just how it was when i was growing up there. i hate hearing though that extra whore houses and the necessary workers are being set up to accomodate the influx of tourists. i really had not paid any attention to that. i hate that women are still exploited that way wether it is legal or not.

Aunty Belle said...

Howdy do, Schaumi, welcome to the Front Porch.

Ya know...it is not that there is prostitution that I'se so vexed 'bout--iit is that Germany is FORCING
women into brothels--iffin' ya followed the links I put there, ya'll see that now if a woman loses her job --say as a teacher---and doan find a new job within a short time, the gubmint of Germany cuts off they unemployment lessen they take brothel work--on the suppostion that if it is legal ya ought to do it.

Add ter that the nightmare of young , gullible girls lured from poor nations...this a reprehensible, I'se tellin' ya.

..................... said...

aunty belle,
i'm going to have to follow those links. this doesn't sound like the germany i grew up in. i have several relatives there and will give them a call.

Aunty Belle said...

Schaumi, Sugar pie, would ya let us know what'cha find out from yore folks...real curious and shur hope it ain't what is reported, but the evidence is pilin' up.

INSTRAW (UNited Nations organization) reports:

" The majority
of women believed to be trafficked into Germany for the sex trade are from Central and Eastern European nations, the report said."

From World Peace Herald:

"Criticism from all over the world has rained down on Berlin for officially sanctioning the sex industry, which may fuel sex trafficking during the month-long tournament played in 12 German cities.

"Berlin vows forced prostitution will be vehemently fought, but women's-rights advocates say the German government must do more than just promise to uphold current law, arguing border checks should be boosted. "

Here is another recent report:

Worldcupweb.com described the scene in Berlin, one of Germany's World Cup host cities, thusly, "Berlin's largest legal brothel, the four-story Artemis near the Olympic stadium, is ready for the hordes of mostly male soccer fans from around the world who are flooding the city. ... Miniature soccer balls decorate the reception area, where each guest pays a 70-euro charge, or about $90, for access to the women, whirlpools, restaurants and bars. The 50 or so prostitutes have been outfitted with thong bikinis with a soccer ball motif. The movie theater will interrupt its usual pornographic features to show live games."

Here are some more links


Women, I'se anxious all our voices is heard on this--let yore own US Rep and Senator know ya wants US to protest in a MEANINGFUL manner.

suzisword said...

When we South Africans want to take out a wholesome family movie we can't allow the kids to go with us in the shop as the soft porn is being displayed openly, with women in sexual positions and very grafic visuals on the front cover. now get this, it is right next to the kiddies section. we as a people are so veiled and we need the light of GOD to unveil us. oh about the video shops im comming against them and they are getting it. the sad part is the children before me seeing the visuals and the parents that are sweeping it under the rug. deep darkness is covering the earth because of people sweeping things under the rug and not shining the light,there can be no darkness if the light is shining on it.yes aunty belle thank you for exposing the darkness.

Lady Prism said...

I have no words eloquent enough to utter the sadness that these women, who are forced to sell themselves, probably feel...It's a sad thing...for the whole world...

..................... said...


i haven't forgotten about checking things out on women's prostitution in Deutschland. I've checked out a few german sources. still need to call the folks over there. things are just so darn busy with this moving stuff, that i haven't felt like writing much, just reading other folkses blogs.

Anonymous said...

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