Himmicane Alberto

We'uns had our first "tropical storm" and it was right fine--jes' dumped much needed rain on ua, but Alberto was mannerly enough not to get too wound up, so no real damage.

We'uns have ter keep water and matches ready anyhow--next one may not be so mannerly.

Drought and fires over fer the momment. I cain't keep the mornin' glories watered--Lawdy.

So we git a report on the local TV notin' that weather patterns ain't new--global warmin' not makin' hurricanes or himmicanes. Weather man said iif we could warm the earth, we could surely make it rain so we would not have fires. Oh.

I doan know--or much worry about it. I'se more concerned to make sure the aluminum sulfate is enough ter make the hydrangeas blue.


sparringK9 said...

/bark bark bark

aunty belle im home! yeah, i drove right through the very first of baby Al on my way to georgia. yes by all means aunty doan let dem hydra go pink!!!!


butterflygirl said...

Keep safe!

Anonymous said...

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