The Rain in Spain

YA'll Dawg done asked fer pictures of Spain, so I'se obligin....jes' fer fun!

Overlooking Barcelona's harbor:

Building a cathedral: Sagrada Familia

View from high in the Cathedral:

A carved figure on the exterior of Sagrada Familia:

A little flamenco, please:

Pilgrimage trail begins, over the mountains from France into Spain:

The friends you meet along the way:

The long long road ahead; whar do it go??


..................... said...

i've been there. your photos bring back memories.

agingwoman said...

How lovely. I have imagined those places in my dreams.

Lady Prism said...

beautiful...I think...when a person visits a different place...a different country particularly...a hidden part of herself gets revealed...I hear you sometimes find yourself in the places you go to...I sure would love to be somewhere else right now...lovely..

sparringK9 said...

/bark bark bark

aunty i loved this trip. whats that child in photo one sitting on? interesting the sagrada familia - ive seen it too, whatta mindbender. talk about the pinnacle of artistic achievement! gaudi is something else. thanks for the photo tour.


Aunty Belle said...
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Aunty Belle said...

Howdy folks---so pleased yer liked the virtual tour.

Welcome Aging Woman--delighted to have ya visit. I hopes ya gets to yore dream places on day.

Luxlucisvita, I shur nuff' did fine a piece o' myself on that pilgriamge. Left a piece o' my heart too...meaning, it's bout time ter go back!! In fact...here is a funny idea: We'uns can all agree ter meet in Spain on a date..say may 3 2007...see who shows up!! Who ee--I'se always tryin' ter get folks to go see this speacial place , Roncevalles. You'll be changed too, I'll warrant!

Why hello Dawg--that kiddie-pie is sittin' on a big ole' canon aimed out over the sea--from days gone by when threats to the port were met with canon fire.

Whar does ya'll most want to return to--someplace not in dreams but already experienced and wantin' ter get back to?

Anonymous said...

Hello Aunty Belle . . . you lucky old thing - Barcelona is wonderful. I'm looking forward to your next post, here on the front porch where things are sunny and congenial. I’ve left you a reply – on my blog - spelling out a few things – I’ll warn you I got a bit carried away – but it got a few things off my chest. I’m trying to be forgiving and understanding in my old age! I haven’t seen GN for a while . . . . take care.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Temp! Why, I'll be checkin' your newest out soon---and so so pleased ter see ya here on Front Porch!

Went to GN...nothin' new theah, off dew dancin' I s'pect.

agingwoman said...

Thank you aunty. My favorite place to be is outside in rural areas. Nature makes me feel relaxed and close to God!

Aunty Belle said...

Agingwoman, youse jes' so welcome. I think I knows ya--at least recognize yer heart--lovin' rural beauty.

Anonymous said...

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