Ancient Text of Ireland

Jes' for fun, sweet pets, here's a link to ancient texts, including this one that St. Patrick wrote--

See what fun those early Irishmen had??



ardlair said...

jeeeeeez aunty belle
it sure is quiet here!

guess y'all round the back porch, throwin them little darts at my picture again!

see y'all soon!

sparringK9 said...

/bark bark bark

you know, tonight i am just going to avoid anything that looks even remotely like studying. my mind is occupied with thoughts of speckled perch and grits.
that's something; not nothing alright.


Aunty Belle said...

Ya'll c'mon back to the FRONT Porch tonight...I gots some fun fer ya in the makin'! Aunty B ain't all work and no play, you know--come an see!

Dawgy Pup, perch and grits? Man, youse mah kinda dawg, fer shur. That menu will be waitin' fer ya whenever you wanna c'mon by next visit to yore mama, ifin' you doan mind Crackerville .

Anonymous said...

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