Stress Relief !!!!

Hey, ya'll see that new Fed Ex commercial wif the cave men...see, they wasn't no dern job security even back then. Seems real funny to me to think that there is only different stress, not no stress in any period of human existence. Lawdy!! So I guess, I'd as soon face my modern dragons as the face the terror of overweight dinos or saber toothed tigresses.

An' I gots plenty o' stress to go around, and ya''ll know mah Contessa Infinitessima has headaches and her doc done tole her to get rid of some stress. Ya'll got it too--'fess up.

Sigh...so, pets, iffin' we gonna have stress no matter what, let's us share some ways to de-stress. So here's some o' my best de- stressers and I expect ya'll to share your'n best ones too.

* * * * * * * * *

A look at a long horizon---sittin' on the porch in the mountains is good, look long out over the prairie, at the beach too--just take a look out at the long view--a tall cool libation is a plus when looking out longways....

But it always reminds me that when I shift my view to the foreground, why, dangit, they's a spot o' mold on the rose leaves by the porch rail....tsk...ain't life like that? Sometimes we ought not look so minutely that we forget that long view---in the main, life is pretty near fine, but it's those immediate glitches in the foreground that tempt us to forget the overall beauty. Look at the long view.

Remember, you ain't the one that has to fix ever'thing--this ole world is OLD and managing to hang on even if we doan do ever'thing right. The world will go on--it has its own secrets and it doan depend on me.

Do somethin' wif a chile--they's still full of wonderment! Some of it will rub off on ya'.

Go see somethin' funny. (funnier than you!)

Take a long hike--by yourself, so yer can have a good jaw with your own innards.

Indulge in an unexpected DE-light!

Hoppin' mad at the world? Cool off fer a spell.

Grow a garden. They's pests in the garden (as in life) But they's fresh tomatoes too. Mebbe even a punkin'. Ya' see, growin' thangs needs yer hep, but it teaches patience too, 'cause ya' jes' hafta let thangs go through the process....but patience is rewarded with good stuff. Same for our lives, huh? We'uns jes' gotta go through the process, sometimes. Shortcuts doan ususally work in the long run, do they?

'Course, one of mah favorite stress relief on the cheap is feed some birds.

Well, now, ain't we got us'uns a good start of ditchin' that distressing stress monster?

But...now ya'll knows what's THE best relief in Aunty Belle's estimation, right?


sparringK9 said...

/bark bark bark

aunty belle!

you stayed up late 'cause i kept looking for this ABL (aunty belle lite) post and finally gave up and got in that ol' dogbed 'cause i was dogasstired! (don't hit me with that rolled up sentinel for cussin' AB!)

wonderful photo-essay! and i agree with you about that long view; in life, in love, in politics. It's a kind of discipline. you are right to notice that often folks can slip into a way of being where the focus is on the little things that arent going their way, the little irritations.... dogs too....but all the while the greater whole is a true gift. jus' like those gorgeous roses might have a few leaves with a spot.

aunty you dont have spots on your rose bushes do you? scandalous! in the front yard???

this the best aunty:

...."Remember, you ain't the one that has to fix ever'thing--this ole world is OLD and managing to hang on even if we doan do ever'thing right. The world will go on--it has its own secrets and it doan depend on me....."

and now you've given us an assignement! I'll have to
*cogitate* on dat honey chile. and i will come around for some fried fish next time i came to crackerville - Q and bogs too!


Anonymous said...

I already talked about a great source of stress relief, but I won't carry it over here... suffice it to say, it is quite "natural"

Mr Q said...

I will add my favorite.
Try to catch longer naps in between.
And do visit your state parks may be you will learn something new.
Aunty, one of these days that amber light will have three colors, then we will now that is time to move.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Bawgs I been misin' you sugar. Yep, I seems to recall one o'yore de-stresors and Aunty would agree, providin'--a' course--that they' hitched all proper like. So glad to see you agin'!

Mr. Q --yeah! when we gets the red and green its time ter move on down the trail...ya knows, the big rancher folks sold out jes' recently and they's takin' they cash and buying up East Texas for ten cents on the Fla land boom dollar--Lawdy!

Now I'm a transplant from Hog Town Creek (ya know where that be?) but I been here long long...and hate to see the loss of cracker life.

Funny, ain't it --we may have actually said "howdy -do?" as we passed each other on the road..'

Mr Q said...

Poor Aunty, Hogtown Creek is next on the list of this madness, they can not fill the glades down there in 'dale so like a bad gas, it goes up. I am hoping that the big ole ranchers don't get too greedy and leave some pastures for the turkeys and hogs. East Texas? Some already are hoggin' OK too. I pray to lawdy that they don't break that opening behind the big toho into my still lovely stc. More of those chemistry experiments mentioned earlier come from behind big toho. Oh Lanamercy!

I'll have to get me some Bonnie Lee's tomorrow night, too late for snacks now. No mo stress.

Infinitesimal said...


Thanks for the prayers!

They worked!! And I agree, the last is the best way to go for stress relief. Chile, I loves to catch me some healing light.

Grace is a gift.

Check my satchel later today for an update.
I am going back to bed right now, done have another headache...

Bird said...


yes! feed the birds!

i have to remember that i can't do everything at once - to take things one step at a time. when i'm overstressed from teaching and worrying about my students, i have to remember that i am not the first teacher they've ever had, nor the last. that long view thing - perspective.

but when i'm most stressed, i make myself sit down with a glass of water, drink slowly, and start counting my blessings. they are small, my blessings, but they are so many, i can't count them all. that makes me smile. and smiles are wonderful de-stressers.

Aunty Belle said...

Hello Bird Beauty!!

Yep, they's so many blessin's we cain'ty count them all---some day I'd like to see yore smile...

Today there is an antique boat show on a lake...the weather is gorgeous
--embarrassingly perfect day in Crackerville...so I'm headin' off with little ones in tow to "waste" a day lookin and...well, jes' Being. Human Being today, not a Human Doing.

Anonymous said...

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