What ya' find when ya clean yore room


Even the famous and magnificent need a good spring cleanin' on occasion.

They's  real   r  e  a  l   slow over in Rome, but none slower than the Vatican. After 500 hunnert years they's gotten 'round to cleanin' up the Borgia apartment. ( Yes, the new pope ordered the apartment of the notorious Borgia sealed on his death, as ifffin' somethin' creey might escape. T'weren't reopened fer 400 years) 

Can y'all guess what they found?? Noooo, now, play nice so Aunty doan have to pray ya' up outa purgatory.

They found....“nude men, who are decorated with feathers and seem to be dancing.”     ( No no no...it ain't what youse thinkin' an' I said,  please play nice)

One of the Borgia walls had been painted by Pinturrichio, a Resurrection scene wif' folks craning they heads toward the sky.... but the walls ain't seen soap in a few centuries.  Finally some one may have noticed the room wuz  grey wif' sludge an' draped wif' cobwebs. When it did git a scubbin', why, they found ...Indians!!  The art historians think these be the first ever images of Native Americans in Europe.

See that? Behind that curly headed fella wif' a messy beard?   The naked figures in white? One wif' a mohawk do?

Yep, afore the word even got around about what Columbus said he found in 1400 an' ninety-two, that Borgia pope, who be a Spaniard, after all, an' thus ya' can bet he knowed what Columbus reported to Isabella....whar' wuz I?  Oh, yeah, well, Borgia apparently had the artist include the New Men on his wall. 

More heah, iffin' youse doubtin' Aunty's account.  

Somehow, when I tackle the sludge 'round heah, I doan find nuthin' so riveting.



darkfoam said...

oh wow! being an artsy fartsy hippy dippy flippy edgumacator of the visual arts, i find this absolutely fascinating. and i'm stealing the link to put on fb, just so ya know .. :)

btw, i'm real glad to see you back in the blogosphere because that hopefully means you are feeling better. and it's just good to read your schtuff ...

Aunty Belle said...

Hey hey Foamy!

Ain't this an interestin' revelation? even a history teach might find it a good discussion.

had a touch of bronchitis' an' work doan stop so I'se been scarce. Hop in' to mend mah ways...and PLEASE stay tuned as I have a Mississippi post com in' soon.

Hope all yore folks is well an' content.

Doom said...

Quite an interesting find to be sure! I'll have to dig into... no pun meant... Borgia. It just seems 400-500 years is a pretty serious and long time out. Just... want to see what not to do, for sure, again.

There is a way to find a wild native in these parts, while cleaning. But I'm not springing for a full length mirror. That's all I'm saying. And painters will be shot on sight, survivors will be shot a-gain.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Doom!! How's things in yore neck o' the woods?

Hahahaha!, LOL about the wild native an' mirror. Heh.

Natcherly, I could write a whole essay on Alexander VI,
( shudder), but it cain't be on The Front Porch fer that sorta breaks the rules of " lighthearted fare." This heah is about lost art.

Must admit, mah own cleani' never turned up somethin' so momentous.

chickory said...

this is cool!! lol @ Doom.

Aunty Belle said...

Hey chick9'

Amazin' ain't it? Makes ya wonder what all else is waiting to be discovered in older paintings.

moi said...

Now, that's just amazing!

Aunty Belle said...

hey Moi,
how ya' be??