Winner's Circle!

 The Haiku Monday results be in, folks!

We'uns has us a new player this week, welcome aboard, Doom. 

SophieMae wuz tempted, an' we hope she'll take the plunge next week.  

An' though some regulars is missin' from this round --we missed y'all!--the turn out gave us a good run, din't it? 

I hope y'all din't find the game less engagin' fer Aunty offerin' the visuals--though clearly Fishy din't cuddle up to the black an' white, demandin' some color relief.

True confessions, Aunty punted. 

I gave Uncle  the bare rules: ( 5-7-5), a seasonal reference an' the whole emotion thang. Then I  left him to it. But, know this: Uncle is a softie! He leans toward the wistful, the sweet stuff.  Reckon he doan have much heart-space fer "companion" what's not delightful company.  Now y'all know whar' this be goin', doan'cha?

Whar' Fishy wants color, Uncle wants  joy, happy happy thoughts, an' laughter fer when the topic is  "companion."

Uncle ain't much charmed by emotion what's inward, reflective or even a recollection a good memory that now brings a sense of loss. 

Furthermore, Uncle doan care much fer no ambiguity, he rejected mah  idea that folks doin' Haiku this week would "bring yore own insight to the picture, an' no two emotions would match a given photo."  

When I suggested some types of photos (see below) might pull opposite emotions from viewers, the man jes' guffawed, "Aw, fiddle, Aunty. Who is interested in a picture ya' gotta wonder what the story is?  Ain't the phrase, "A picture is worth a thousand words?"  Well, then, gimme a clear feelin'. I has enough see-sawin' in real life, I doan think it is entertainin' to look at DIY emotional junk--is it is, or,  is it ain't? 

Jes' tell it plain."   

He doan like paintings that ain't  somethin' he knows an recognizes--all them splashy, textured, dabbed, modern art, Uncle rejects: "Whar's the beef"?"

 If I suggest some photos an' art pieces-- like the above-- reflect the disjointed nature of the culture or the artist's own emotions, he say, "What's the point? We all KNOW life is disjointed; what we need is a vision of ORDER! "  


"But Uncle," Aunty clucks," Doan ya' see how the artist is expressin' the frustration, the angst, the alienation, the conditionality of life?   Or the photographer is catchin' a moment  of emotion we all recognize?


Or, sometimes the irony of life?  The unexpected? Or the exhilaration? "


"Yeah?" he said, "Okay, but the theme heah is companion. Right?"

"Right," I agreed. "But all companion moments ain't slappy happy, ya' know?"

"Belle, how'd ya git to be yore age an' not unnerstan' that NOBODY wants  angst or alienation or conditionality in a companion?   Ya' know what they want?"

 "Well, I know what Aloysius wants."

Uncle, "Well, shure!  'Cause if all youse bringin' to companion-ness is pile up of compost, jes' leave me to mahself,

 or, mebbe a dawg."

In fact, a companion photo that doan show a clear an' definite smiley face emotion, ain't of no interest to the fella.

Well, I tried. An' lost.  This man  be entrenched in his idea of emotion proper to the theme of  "companion."

Wif'out any further kvetchin' about the judge, heah be this week's winner, as per Uncle's philosophy.

 Third Place, wif' photo number 2 goes to:

 Chick in her autumn;
life narrow and simple now;
keeps cocky comp’ny.

Uncle rewards this upbeat interpretation of a necessarily narrowed life... an'the use of " chick" as an attractive lassie to echo the chicken companion in the photo, she keeps her attitude snappy.

  Hooray for PamOKC!

Runner-up is awarded fer happy memories of  winsome companions in a happy season:

 Remember Maurice?
"Thank Heaven For Little Girls"
Paris! In Springtime.

Congratulations Fishy!!

  An', Ta-DA!!!!  The Grand Winner, fer a lighthearted, twirling joy of the moment plus a look forward wif' the hope of passin' on the joy of generations is:

 The dancing twirl, yes?
The young around the thumb go,
mom in future spring

Way to go Doom!!   Ya' tapped into Uncle's  own feelin' when lookin' at this photo--an' now, HOORAY!
Youse the host for Haiku Monday, April 1 (April Fools Day??) !  Congratulations !!

Thanky so much to all who played! Aunty enjoyed yore Haikus an' a peek into your own hearts.


darkfoam said...

Very good write up with excellent visuals, Aunty! Congratulations to the 3 chosen and especially to doom!
I'm looking forward to his theme.

Jenny said...

Great write up and thank you to Uncle. BIG congrats to Doom! First time winner? I look forward to the next theme.

chickory said...

yes my heart sank with each scroll down, i knew unca would reject mine fo sho. COngratulations to DOOM! really enjoyed the write up Aunty.

czar said...

"Mom in future spring" deserved it from the get-go. Props to Aloysius.

I also enjoyed seeing Aunty trot out "kvetching."

fishy said...

"... is it is or is it ain't ?"
I need to drive to Crackerville to shake
Allou...aloyi ... Aloysius's hand.

Thank you Aunty for a great way to play this game. I must tell you we need to have another go round with the picture of the man, the stogie and his dog, the man the cows and the cats, the man alone in that awesome art nouveau restaurant and you and uncle shadow dancing. Fabulous photographs ... no color needed. (Although I do appreciate that beautiful, colorful school of cheerful fish)!

Congratulations to Doom, what a beginning ...no luck, all smarts.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo DOOM! Great job. AND for Uncle, what a challenge you got dumped in your lap. Wonderfully done, and I think you were right on track.


Anonymous said...

conditionality of life


Doom said...

Aunty, that was quite an interesting and detailed story of how you nailed Doom. I was sprinting to the conclusion toward the end, but couldn't skip! A picture story too! Ussen slow types need that sometimes. Thanks Uncle. Thanks a lot. :p If I am pleased that you enjoyed the poem.

Yes, this is my first win. I am... terribly humbled by it, actually. There were so many fine poems. And, see, the thing is, I had forgotten this was a contest. Still, I will be setting up for Friday.

Oh what spiders are on us when we weave, even if deception isn't a sought reprieve? Yeah, okay, memory and how I think things really are seem to confuse. But I'll be clearer Friday, minus spiders.

Anonymous said...
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SophieMae said...

Congratulations to the deserving winners!

Aint B, you's a pip! On this, I must sidle up 'long Uncle. I find SOME abstractness fairly pleasant eye candy, but you'll never see any in my house.

I WAS tempted, but, wouldn't ya know, my ISP decided to play havoc with my connection those crucial days. Still ain't right, but better. They'll pay overtime all week to keep from admittin' the trouble's on their end. :eyeroll:

BlazngScarlet said...

Fantastic job Aunty!
The original concept, the write-ups and back-story and of course, the visuals.
All amazing!
Uncle did a fine job.

Doom, congrats on your first win, I can't wait to see what you come up with!


Anonymous said...
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Karl said...

Good evening Aunty Belle and Uncle,

I enjoyed every word of the write-up. All along hearing uncle saying " Belle, why did you get me into this?"

Congratulations Doom! Don't let the spiders get you. You deserve to win and will be a fine host.

Anonymous said...
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