Bisous fer Fleurdeleo who tagged Aunty wif'  this week's Haiku frolic.

Aunty be in a whimsical mood,( all that sugar Fleur done flung at me!!)  an' figgered a leeetle twist on Haiku might fun.

This Monday please submit Haiku accordin' to the standard format of  three lines, with 5 syllables in the first and third lines, 7 syllables in the middle line (5-7-5), with a required Kigo  (seasonal reference or implication) and high marks for kireji ("cutting" word or punctuation). Remember that Haiku is a poem that tugs at emotion. The loose--very loose--theme this week is Companion.

An' the twist? Please see the visuals below--choose one for yore inspiration, then write a Haiku as a caption for the photo.   Y'all may enter two for judging, as many as ya' want fer fun.  

Please submit by midnight PDT Monday 25th.

Good luck to all y'all!!

**P.S.  Okay, Anon, I hear ya' an' now thar's a fourth option WIF' color.  Doom an' PamOKC, iffin' ya wanna delete yore Haiku an' redo wif' the forth option, feel free (tho the ones ya have is good!)





Doom said...

Gah! You are wickedly whimsical, woman type! I bet Uncle had to really watch his toes with you sometimes? Still... as you wish.

Besides, I had ten minutes to kill.

The dancing twirl, yes?
The young around the thumb go,
mom in future spring.

Spring chicken is not
if truth is only of sight-
Youthful while she sings.

The number correlates with the picture placement, of course.

Anonymous said...

gray scale photographs
elicit depression. No!
life is colorful

pamokc said...

Chick in her autumn;
life narrow and simple now;
keeps cocky comp’ny.

Hi Aunty, here's a quick one from me. Will try to get another one in before dark!

Aunty Belle said...

HA! Doom,

youse a softy. Jes' charmed by the "mom in future spring'


I bet thas' you on the no color complaint--go ahead an' color the pictures in!


LUV that "cocky company" ! But--you have until midnight MONDAY, so doan feel like ya gotta scramble-

darkfoam said...

Hmmm .. Ve shall see vat ve ken do ..

moi said...

Nice! I'll be back . . .

czar said...

Not per the rules and not for judging, but a report that strangely fits with the theme, albeit not the visuals:

"Companion ticket."
One flies free. Czarina, czar
See Fantastick spawn.

fishy said...

Unsigned in before on Blowfish's mac
Thanks for the color.

@ Czar, your son got cast!

Who is inspired by
old butts like elephant trunks?!?!?!
Uncle's companion.

czar said...

Visual 4:

Mind melds, not handhelds!
Companionship falls victim
Daily . . . to small screens.

Aunty Belle said...


Know youse gotta an idea cookin'.

Think I shoulda put a canine pic as one of the options?

Great companion report....see Czarkid perform fer half fare makes double good news.

Sigh, elephant butts? Huh?? The hope was to find some photos that might elicit a range of emotions, but not the typical images. I'se so sorry I din't post one that brought ya' some feelin' ....er, wait...feeling' yucky from these options? Yucky is an emotion, too.

czar said...

Visual 1

Silence 'n' absence.
Proper pairings -- pudding's proof --
Weather all seasons.

czar said...

Good lord, Aunty. Go to bed!

Aunty Belle said...

Heh...youse a howl-- I will if Czar will. Yore flight is today ? Give Czarkid a "break a leg" from Aunty.

darkfoam said...

I'm working on proper and demure ideas right now .. Well, after I come back from yoga, that is.

Aunty Belle said...

giggle...demure....Foamy style. Youse a Yogamama? Ok, I'se impressed.

darkfoam said...

No, not a yoga mama at all ..

Anyway, this is for the two aged children cackling away at the bottom..

Rusted, hoary glee..
Purity, slightly tainted..
Fall of Life ascends!

fishy said...

sorry about that sigh inducing haiku.
I ought never to get online once my brain has closed up for the night.

Course even in the light of day I am having a challenge in finding anything akin to my idea of "whimsical" in your images. I do appreciate the addition of color. Sadly, when I saw that image my first thought was,
"This is what we get for inspiration? Toothless Hagatha twins with their butts and their faces in the same direction?"

darkfoam said...

And this one is for #1 ..

~ What a cold, wet spring............ :\

~ Too bad we can't hang outside. :(

~ I know! Let's go spoon!! ;D

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rafael said...


Here's mine for the ditch:

Flutters on chill breeze
Little girl twirls wisp her 'round
Haunting echoes past


P.S. Hope it's ok, link is a safely filtered window into my mind's eye of picture #3.

SophieMae said...

Aint B, I checked in at the last minute afore sleep wins out. Brain cells are all already out for the night. However, I did think on you when I posted an old poem t'other day. If I can remember tomorrow, I might take a whack at yer challenge.

For now, sleep sweet! Have a blessed Sunday! ^i^

darkfoam said...

Plastic chicken with old lady, # 2:

Bloomimg roses fade
Flesh droops, memories scatter..
Life's a sublime mess

(Forgot to mention that my #2 text message haiku was just submitted for silliness. It is not in the running.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty, interesting twist this week. For #1 and #4, I enter:

Paired chairs wait empty -
lifeless - through a spring shower.
Warmth will bring color.

Mirthful girls still smile.
Friends through long years and hardships.
Age is attitude.


fishy said...

#2 Abracadabra

10 AM: grey gloom.
Grim as Granny's chicken cell.
Spring forth! SAD Sunday.

BlazngScarlet said...

Good Sunday Morning Aunty!
What a fun little twist this week!
Here's my first (probably only) entry.

Visual 1:

Together we stand
Weathering storms of life
Heavy weight must bear

I'm thrilled to read the wonderful entries that you already have.

I want Krispee Kreme ....
right off the conveyor .... HOT!

Anonymous said...

#2 was bugging me. This one is for Fishy. I am compelled to paint color into B&W. How to explain the fake rooster in such an otherwise austere scene...

Summer solitude;
Spare, simple life, alone now.
Fake cock adds color.

;~) Serendipity

Rebecca said...

photo #1
scattered empty chairs
cold winter fingers caress
alone once again

photo #3
daddy's happy little girl
master of the puppet strings twirls
only memories left

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jenny said...

I am up with a visual:

Silent witness to
all of my joy and sorrow
No judgement, just love

Happy Haiku Monday!

Jenny said...

my inspiration was the chicken. :-)

Aunty Belle said...

OH Migoodness! y'all is clever folk. Them "grey" photos is pulling in good stuff.

I thought B&W was "arty" not depressin...so toosed int he color at bottom fer Fishy, now she thinks them wimmen-chiles is "Hagatha twins"!!

ZThar's some very fine lines--love the look into yore emotions wif' this round.

"rusted hoary glee"

"haunted echoes past"

"flesh droops, memories scatter"

"mirthful girls..."

"summer solitude"

"no judgment, just love"

"master of the puppet strings"

wunnerful stuff-- keep /em coming. If you have submitted more'n two please leave a note which two ya want to be judged.

SophieMae, c'mon, git on in heah.... clock stops at midnight PDT.
"Weathering storms"

Aunty Belle said...

y'all , meant to reply to these teriffic entries sooner--but,we had us a tornado yesterday--very serious bidness.

Uncle an' AB were out in the buggy, when the demented gale flung around 300 year ole oaks; the slamming rain slid us off onto a shoulder of the road to wait out the five minute fury. Then we could not git home--every road leadin' to our end of the country had trees and live wires down...finally, fearfully, we parked the buggy an' walked--eerie air, metallic smell, an terror that a tree done plunged through our roof--two neighbors have trees in their kitchens. Merciful Lord, all be well--the house an' our ancient oaks.

Take nuthin' fer granted, Sweet thangs...nuthin'.

James Taylor said...

Aunty Belle--

Blessings that all is well!!

Retreading an old song:

Winter, spring, summer
Or fall. I'll be there yeah, yeah
'Cause you've got a FREIND


Doom said...

That's one thing I was happy to leave behind, Aunty. We don't get tornadoes, or even high winds, here in the dragons maw. Of course, that means we don't get real thunderstorms either. That part of it I miss. Glad it turned out. Regrets for your neighbors. Of course, even with the inconvenience and deductible, I might be up for a kitchen renovation, for my part. :p

I did think to write another but... I'm not sure how I wrote the first two? I tried and tried, but... You got what you got.

darkfoam said...

Ahhhhhh, good heavens! Glad you are okay! Now to find out of my kinfolk in your neck of the woods is fine...

Jenny said...

Aunty! so glad to hear you are ok.

BlazngScarlet said...

I'm glad you-n-Uncle and the Front Porch are fine.
Stay safe!

chickory said...

silent cockerel
witness to 40 summers
38 happy

glad all you crackers survived the tornado! hoping all is well in your neighborhood soon. xo

Anonymous said...

From the newscast it looks like it got pretty dicey around there! Glad you skated through safely.


Karl said...

Good evening Aunty Belle,

Good to hear that you and the tornado managed to avoid becoming companions. A very impressive turnout.

Lamenting cold night,
vow to Dashboards Paradise.
End my time with you!

Understood silence
Couples communication
Partners throughout time

Thirty foot friendship.
Their best their provider then...
Food runs out, now prey.

But fortunately I only saw the topic. And not the visuals, this last is for the third picture.

With a twirl it starts.
A daughter's life dance begins.
Find the one. Bye Dad.

chickory said...

nice chicken haiku, Karl

fishy said...

Wow! Great turnout Aunty. Lots of good haiku. So glad to read all the porches are standing tall. Tornados are devil storms, glad you were spared that misery.

Aunty Belle said...

Everybody, specially Karl, pls be sure to lemme now which two fer the judge!

What a great turn out!!y'all is dear souls.

fishy said...


Remember Maurice?
"Thank Heaven For Little Girls"
Paris! In Springtime.

pamokc said...

Dashboard Paradise!!!! HAHAHAHAHA. I know a girl who conceived a baby to that song. While parking with a fella at the cemetery. True story.

darkfoam said...

The only one of mine not to judge is the one about te chairs, #1. You got your work cut out for you. Great haiku here!

Aunty Belle said...

Amazin'! Folks, ya out did yoreselfs. Now , the hard work....pls check back Wednesday fer a "photo finish".

Karl said...

Good evening Aunty Belle,

My apologies for the slow reply. Please judge the second and third. Unless of course, you think one of the other two was brilliant and will give me the win, in which case, use that one.

Karl said...

@ Pam: Hope she and the fella had a better outcome, than the two kids in the song.

Anonymous said...
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